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261 races with racename like the arc, country= UK, and class=4 or better
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
The ARC Grand Prix 2024 FinalSunderland19 APR 20248GR OR1640 / 700Farneys Willie39.33
The ARC Grand Prix - Semi Final 1Sunderland12 APR 20245GR OR1640 / 700Agile Ange39.67
The ARC Grand Prix - Semi Final 2Sunderland12 APR 20246GR OR1640 / 700Farneys Willie39.75
The ARC Grand Prix - Semi Final 3Sunderland12 APR 20247GR OR1640 / 700Savana Heross39.39
ARC Sprint Trophy - FinalNottingham8 APR 20244GR OR3305 / 334Swift Office18.05
The ARC Grand Prix - Heat 1Sunderland5 APR 20243GR OR1640 / 700Savana Shay39.99
The ARC Grand Prix - Heat 2Sunderland5 APR 20244GR OR1640 / 700Savana Heross39.88
The ARC Grand Prix - Heat 3Sunderland5 APR 20245GR OR1640 / 700Savana Jazz39.91
The ARC Grand Prix - Heat 4Sunderland5 APR 20246GR OR1640 / 700Greenwell Ange39.34
The ARC Grand Prix - Heat 5Sunderland5 APR 20247GR OR1640 / 700Coonough Crow39.26
The ARC Grand Prix - Heat 6Sunderland5 APR 20248GR OR1640 / 700Innfield Charm39.50
ARC Standard TrophyNottingham1 APR 20245OPEN500 / 547Bitumen30.16
ARC Stayers TrophyNottingham1 APR 20247OPEN680 / 744Droopys Flotilla41.21
ARC Sprint Trophy - Heat 1Nottingham1 APR 20249GR OR3305 / 334Monbeg Lucy18.02
ARC Sprint Trophy - Heat 2Nottingham1 APR 202410GR OR3305 / 334Bramble Linton17.67
ARC Maiden TrophyCentral Park30 MAR 20247GR OR3491 / 537Franco Jessica30.23
ARC Standard TrophyCentral Park30 MAR 20248GR OR3491 / 537Asbo Lenny29.55
ARC Novice Stayers TrophyCentral Park23 MAR 20245OPEN664 / 726Swift Teetotaler41.04
ARC Maiden TrophyCentral Park16 MAR 20243OPEN491 / 537Wonderful Abi29.82
ARC Novice Stayers TrophyCentral Park16 MAR 20244OPEN664 / 726Heathlawn Willow41.67
ARC Kent Plate Trial Stakes 1st DivisionCentral Park9 MAR 20245OPEN491 / 537King Memphis28.98
ARC Kent Plate Trial Stakes 2nd DivisionCentral Park9 MAR 20247OPEN491 / 537King Capaldi29.17
ARC Sprint TrophyCentral Park9 MAR 20248OPEN277 / 303Quarteira16.33
ARC Kent Plate Trial Stakes 3rd DivisionCentral Park9 MAR 20249OPEN491 / 537Queen Joni29.24
ARC Stayers TrophyCentral Park9 MAR 202410OPEN664 / 726Coonough Crow40.38
ARC Kent Plate Trial Stakes 4th DivisionCentral Park9 MAR 202411OPEN491 / 537Queen Shakira29.20
ARC Kent Plate Trial Stakes 5th DivisionCentral Park9 MAR 202412OPEN491 / 537Queen Georgia29.29
ARC MAIDEN SPRINT TROPHYCentral Park2 MAR 20244OPEN277 / 303Moving Places16.53
ARC MAIDEN TROPHY (DuplicatedCentral Park2 MAR 20245OPEN491 / 537Barnora Kelly29.69
ARC NOVICE STAYERS TROPHYCentral Park2 MAR 20246OPEN664 / 726Swift Delta41.39
ARC KENT PLATE TRIAL STAKES (Duplicated)Central Park2 MAR 20248OPEN491 / 537Droopys Reserve29.01
ARC MAIDEN TROPHY (Duplicated)Central Park2 MAR 20249OPEN491 / 537Mind the Ball29.52
ARC KENT PLATE TRIAL STAKES (Duplicated)Central Park2 MAR 202412OPEN491 / 537Lostrigg Joel29.54
Arc Maiden TrophyCentral Park24 FEB 20245OPEN491 / 537Heathlawn Willow29.60
ARC Maiden Sprint Trophy DuplicatedCentral Park17 FEB 20242OPEN277 / 303Cinderella Tell16.44
ARC Maiden TrophyCentral Park17 FEB 20243OPEN491 / 537Princess Athena29.70
ARC Maiden Sprint Trophy DuplicatedCentral Park17 FEB 20244OPEN277 / 303Extra Place16.75
ARC Sprint Trophy - FinalNottingham12 FEB 20248GR OR3.305 / 334Always Along18.14
ARC Maiden TrophyCentral Park10 FEB 20242OPEN491 / 537Barnora Blazer29.79
ARC Maiden Sprint Trophy DuplicatedCentral Park10 FEB 20245OPEN277 / 303Coolavanny Olly16.56
ARC Maiden Sprint Trophy DuplicatedCentral Park10 FEB 20248OPEN277 / 303Killuran Bella16.53
ARC Standard TrophyNottingham5 FEB 20244OPEN500 / 547Decoy Lulu30.22
ARC Sprint Trophy - Heat 1Nottingham5 FEB 20248GR OR3.305 / 334Starcash Best18.17
ARC Sprint Trophy - Heat 2Nottingham5 FEB 20249GR OR3.305 / 334Wee Fat Mac17.79
ARC Standard TrophyNottingham5 FEB 202411OPEN500 / 547One Day Tom29.99
ARC Maiden Sprint Trophy DuplicatedCentral Park3 FEB 20242OPEN277 / 303Rosstemple Davey16.63
ARC Maiden Sprint Trophy DuplicatedCentral Park3 FEB 20246OPEN277 / 303Without Justice16.37
ARC Maiden Standard TrophyNottingham22 JAN 20243OPEN500 / 547Crafty Kaboom30.30
ARC Standard Trophy - FinalNottingham15 JAN 20246GR OR3.500 / 547Sambar Kian29.63
ARC Sprint TrophyNottingham8 JAN 20245OPEN305 / 334Starcash Best18.24
ARC Standard Trophy - Heat 1Nottingham8 JAN 20249GR OR3.500 / 547Coppice Rocket30.25
ARC Standard Trophy - Heat 2Nottingham8 JAN 202410GR OR3.500 / 547Velvet Madrid30.30
ARC British Bred Standard TrophyNottingham8 JAN 202412OPEN500 / 547Coppice Gracie30.58
ARC Maiden 480m Trophy - FinalNottingham20 NOV 20234GR OR3.480 / 525Druids All Go28.74
The ARC Classic FinalSunderland17 NOV 202310GR OR1.450 / 492Jonny Whiskers26.82
ARC Maiden 480m Trophy - Heat 1Nottingham13 NOV 202311GR OR3.480 / 525Double Yourmoney29.26
ARC Maiden 480m Trophy - Heat 2Nottingham13 NOV 202312GR OR3.480 / 525Druids All Go29.16
The ARC Classic - Semi Final 1Sunderland10 NOV 20237GR OR1.450 / 492Keefill George27.01
The ARC Classic - Semi Final 2Sunderland10 NOV 20238GR OR1.450 / 492Links Dasher27.11
The ARC Classic - Semi Final 3Sunderland10 NOV 20239GR OR1.450 / 492Jonny Whiskers26.67
ARC Maiden Sprint Trophy Trophy - FinalNottingham6 NOV 20235GR OR3.305 / 334Stonepark Jim18.05
ARC Maiden 480m Trophy - FinalNottingham6 NOV 20236GR OR3.480 / 525Maizies Smile29.13
The ARC Classic - Heat 1Sunderland3 NOV 20233GR OR1.450 / 492Swift Iconic26.70
The ARC Classic - Heat 2Sunderland3 NOV 20234GR OR1.450 / 492Magical Rubble26.98
The ARC Classic - Heat 4Sunderland3 NOV 20236GR OR1.450 / 492Jonny Whiskers26.76
The ARC Classic - Heat 5Sunderland3 NOV 20237GR OR1.450 / 492Witton Venus26.92
The ARC Classic - Heat 6Sunderland3 NOV 20238GR OR1.450 / 492Stormy News26.96
ARC Maiden Sprint Trophy - Heat 1Nottingham30 OCT 20235GR OR3.305 / 334Plaza Matty18.18
ARC Maiden Sprint Trophy - Heat 2Nottingham30 OCT 20236GR OR3.305 / 334Longacres Baboo18.13
ARC Stayers TrophyNottingham30 OCT 20239OPEN680 / 744Lightfoot Clark42.40
ARC Maiden 480m Trophy - Heat 1Nottingham30 OCT 202311GR OR3.480 / 525Havana Meanie29.53
The ARC Classic Trial StakesSunderland27 OCT 20234OPEN450 / 492Witton Supremo26.98
The ARC Classic Trial StakesSunderland27 OCT 20235OPEN450 / 492Watchhall Sid27.24
ARC Maiden Standard Trophy - FinalNottingham23 OCT 20232GR OR3.500 / 547Sambar Kian29.93
ARC Dash TrophyNottingham16 OCT 20236OPEN255 / 279Time Counts15.10
ARC Maiden Standard Trophy - Heat 1Nottingham16 OCT 20237GR OR3.500 / 547Sambar Kian29.97
ARC Maiden Standard Trophy - Heat 2Nottingham16 OCT 20238GR OR3.500 / 547Kilara Volcano30.21
ARC Super Stayers TrophyNottingham16 OCT 20239OPEN730 / 798Tory Bellatrix45.14
ARC Maiden Stayers TrophyNottingham16 OCT 202311OPEN680 / 744Pomba Jake41.68
ARC Gents Standard TrophyNottingham16 OCT 202312OPEN500 / 547Droopys By Amile29.92
ARC 480m Trophy - FinalNottingham9 OCT 20237GR OR3.480 / 525Lightfoot Doak28.91
ARC Super Stayers Trophy - FinalNottingham9 OCT 20239GR OR3.730 / 798Millridge Tanic45.41
ARC Maiden Sprint TrophyCentral Park8 OCT 20236OPEN277 / 303Zoomey Senan16.60
ARC Maiden TrophyCentral Park8 OCT 202310OPEN491 / 537Storys Cashout30.02
ARC Standard TrophyNottingham2 OCT 20233OPEN500 / 547Avongate Ross30.22
ARC Super Stayers Trophy - Heat 1Nottingham2 OCT 20234GR OR3.730 / 798Roaring Lion45.71
ARC Super Stayers Trophy - Heat 2Nottingham2 OCT 20235GR OR3.730 / 798Sweet Daffodil45.27
ARC Sprint TrophyNottingham2 OCT 20236OPEN305 / 334Whisky Sallagh18.01
ARC Sprint TrophyNottingham2 OCT 20239OPEN305 / 334Hopes Knight17.74
ARC Maiden Standard TrophyNottingham2 OCT 202310OPEN500 / 547Haka Carlo29.93
ARC 480m Trophy - Heat 1Nottingham2 OCT 202311GR OR3.480 / 525Clonearls Best29.54
ARC 480m Trophy - Heat 2Nottingham2 OCT 202312GR OR3.480 / 525Lightfoot Doak29.01
ARC Four Bend Dual Distance Trophy - FinalNottingham25 SEP 202312GR OR3.500 / 547Sambar Seamus29.71
ARC Standard TrophyCentral Park24 SEP 202312OPEN491 / 537Bluejig Baron29.13
ARC Maiden Standard TrophyNottingham18 SEP 20235OPEN500 / 547Blythe Blaze30.29
ARC Sprint TrophyNottingham18 SEP 20237OPEN305 / 334Headford Sonny18.18
ARC Maiden Standard TrophyNottingham18 SEP 20238OPEN500 / 547Millview Over29.82
ARC Sprint TrophyNottingham18 SEP 20239OPEN305 / 334De Bumblebee17.95
ARC Four Bend Dual Distance Trophy - Heat 1Nottingham18 SEP 202310GR OR3.480 / 525Bit View Mikey29.14
ARC Four Bend Dual Distance Trophy - Heat 2Nottingham18 SEP 202311GR OR3.480 / 525Blackboy Lizzy28.53
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