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110 races with racename like scurry cup, country= UK, and class=4 or better
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
ARENA RACING COMPANY SCURRY GOLD CUP FINAL 2023Perry Barr28 OCT 202310GR OR2.275 / 301Quarteira16.15
ARENA RACING COMPANY SCURRY GOLD CUP 1ST SEMI FINAPerry Barr21 OCT 20235GR OR2.275 / 301Crossfield Larry16.31
ARENA RACING COMPANY SCURRY GOLD CUP 2ND SEMI FINAPerry Barr21 OCT 20236GR OR2.275 / 301Quarteira16.10
ARENA RACING COMPANY SCURRY GOLD CUP HEAT 1Perry Barr14 OCT 20234GR OR2.275 / 301Quarteira16.04
ARENA RACING COMPANY SCURRY GOLD CUP HEAT 2Perry Barr14 OCT 20236GR OR2.275 / 301Bombout Bullet16.07
ARENA RACING COMPANY SCURRY GOLD CUP HEAT 3Perry Barr14 OCT 20238GR OR2.275 / 301Farneys Trend16.19
ARENA RACING COMPANY SCURRY GOLD CUP HEAT 4Perry Barr14 OCT 202310GR OR2.275 / 301Crossfield Larry16.34
ARENA RACING COMPANY SCURRY GOLD CUP FINALPerry Barr28 OCT 20219GROUP2275 / 301Crossfield Dusty16.26
BGBF BRITISH BRED SCURRY FINALHarlow14 OCT 20207GROUP2415 / 454Dundee June26.88
BAPP GROUP OF COMPANIES SCURRY CUP FINAL HT 7Bellevue21 OCT 20177GROUP2260 / 284Roxholme Hat14.82
GRA SCURRY CUP FINALBellevue20 OCT 20119GROUP2260 / 284Drumcove Lad14.96
SHOWSEC SECURITY SCURRY CUP FINALBellevue9 JUN 20099OPEN260 / 284Centaur Allstar15.10
THE STANJAMESUK.COM SCURRY GOLD CUP FINALPerry Barr19 JUN 20089GROUP1275 / 301Boherbradda Mac15.95
THE totesport LONDON SCURRY FINALWalthamstow20 NOV 20075GROUP2430 / 470Legal Major26.00
THE BETFAIR SCURRY GOLD CUP FINALPerry Barr31 MAY 20079GROUP1275 / 301Horseshoe Ping16.19
THE totesport LONDON SCURRY FINALWalthamstow14 NOV 20065GROUP2430 / 470Westdale Blue26.01
The Betfair Scurry Gold Cup FinalPerry Barr22 AUG 20069GROUP1275 / 301Ballymac Rooster16.08
totesport.com LONDON SCURRY FINALWalthamstow29 NOV 20057OPEN430 / 470Wheres Yer Man26.48
SCURRY GOLD CUP FINAL 2005Perry Barr2 AUG 20059OPEN275 / 301Laser Beam16.06
totesport LONDON SCURRY FINALWalthamstow16 NOV 20045OPEN435 / 476Clonown Woods26.46
Scurry Cup Final 2002Catford22 JUN 200211OPEN385 / 421Letter Slippy *23.73
Scurry Cup Final 2001Catford23 JUN 200110FEATURE385 / 421Kalooki Jet23.90
Scurry Cup 00 UKCatford24 JUN 200050GROUP3385 / 421El Boss23.65
Scurry Cup 99 UKCatford6 JUL 199950GROUP3385 / 421Lissenair Luke23.49
Scurry Cup 98 UKCatford11 JUL 199850GROUP3385 / 421Im Frankie24.40
Scurry Cup 97 UKCatford1 JUL 199750GROUP3385 / 421Shoreham Beach23.78
Scurry Cup 96 UKCatford1 JUL 19960GROUP3385 / 421Come On Royal23.58
Scurry Cup 95 UKCatford1 JUL 199550GROUP3385 / 421Demesne Bear23.68
Scurry Cup 94 UKCatford1 JUL 199450GROUP3385 / 421Rabatino23.57
Scurry Cup 93 UKCatford1 JUL 199350GROUP3385 / 421Kind of Magic23.82
Scurry Cup 92 UKCatford1 JUL 199250GROUP3385 / 421Glengar Desire23.96
Scurry Cup 91 UKCatford1 JUL 199150GROUP3385 / 421Portrun Flier23.43
Scurry Cup 90 UKCatford1 JUL 199050GROUP3385 / 421Ready Rubbed23.76
Scurry Cup 89 UKCatford1 JUL 198950GROUP3385 / 421Nans Brute23.59
Scurry Cup 88 UKCatford1 JUL 198850GROUP3385 / 421Farncombe Black23.56
Scurry Cup 87 UKCatford1 JUL 198750GROUP3385 / 421Rapid Mover23.62
Scurry Cup 86 UKSlough1 JUL 19860GROUP3442 / 483Mollifrend Lucky26.62
Scurry Gold Cup FinalSlough13 JUL 19850GROUP3442 / 483Daleys Gold27.23
Scurry Cup Semi-FinalSlough6 JUL 19851GROUP2442 / 483Daleys Gold26.88
Scurry Cup Semi-FinalSlough6 JUL 19852GROUP2442 / 483Rodeen Jet26.92
Scurry Gold Cup 2nd RoundSlough2 JUL 19851GROUP2442 / 483Skelligs Tiger26.96
Scurry Gold Cup 2nd RoundSlough2 JUL 19852GROUP2442 / 483Glamour Hobo26.89
Scurry Gold Cup 2nd RoundSlough2 JUL 19853GROUP2442 / 483Daleys Gold26.79
Scurry Gold Cup 2nd RoundSlough2 JUL 19854GROUP2442 / 483Rodeen Jet26.80
Scurry Gold Cup 1st RoundSlough29 JUN 19851GROUP2442 / 483Rodeen Jet26.62
Scurry Gold Cup 1st RoundSlough29 JUN 19852GROUP2442 / 483Flush of Dawn27.25
Scurry Gold Cup 1st RoundSlough29 JUN 19853GROUP2442 / 483Moat House Flyer26.85
Scurry Gold Cup 1st RoundSlough29 JUN 19854GROUP2442 / 483Daleys Gold26.75
Scurry Gold Cup 1st RoundSlough29 JUN 19855GROUP2442 / 483Top Prince26.99
Scurry Gold Cup 1st RoundSlough29 JUN 19856GROUP2442 / 483Glamour Hobo26.76
Scurry Gold Cup 1st RoundSlough29 JUN 19857GROUP2442 / 483On the Sea27.25
Scurry Gold Cup 1st RoundSlough29 JUN 19858GROUP2442 / 483Ballintubber One26.54
Scurry Cup 84 UKSlough1 JUL 19840GROUP3442 / 483Yankee Express27.03
Scurry Gold Cup Round 1Slough30 JUN 19841GROUP2442 / 483Barbaran27.01
Scurry Gold Cup Round 1Slough30 JUN 19842GROUP2442 / 483Karina's Pal26.88
Scurry Gold Cup Round 1Slough30 JUN 19843GROUP2442 / 483Upton Rocket27.06
Scurry Gold Cup Round 1Slough30 JUN 19844GROUP2442 / 483Decoy Star27.05
Scurry Gold Cup Round 1Slough30 JUN 19846GROUP2442 / 483Clever Poker27.19
Scurry Gold Cup 1st RoundSlough30 JUN 19847GROUP2442 / 483Fifth Column27.15
Scurry Gold Cup 1st RoundSlough30 JUN 19848GROUP2442 / 483Yankee Express27.18
Scurry Cup 83 UKSlough1 JUL 19830GROUP3442 / 483Yankee Express26.84
Scurry Cup 82 UKSlough1 JUL 198250GROUP3442 / 483Yankee Express27.19
Scurry Cup 81 UKSlough1 JUL 198150GROUP3442 / 483Longcross Smokey27.17
Scurry Cup 80 UKSlough1 JUL 198050GROUP3442 / 483Willing Slave27.11
Scurry Cup 79 UKSlough1 JUL 197950GROUP3442 / 483Northway Point27.20
The Scurry Gold Cup Final 78 UKSlough1 JUL 19788GROUP3434 / 475Greenfield Fox27.00
Scurry Cup 77 UKSlough1 JUL 197750GROUP3434 / 475Wired to Moon26.63
Scurry Cup 76 UKSlough1 JUL 197650GROUP3434 / 475Xmas Holiday26.67
Scurry Cup 75 UKSlough15 APR 19750GROUP3434 / 475Longnor Lad26.77
Scurry Cup 74 UKSlough1 JUL 197450GROUP3366 / 400Westmead Valley26.24
Scurry Cup 73 UKClapton1 JUL 197350GROUP3366 / 400Casa Miel22.83
Scurry Cup 72 UKClapton1 JUL 197250GROUP3366 / 400Cricket Bunny22.77
Scurry Cup 71 UKClapton1 JUL 197150GROUP3366 / 400Don't Gambol22.73
Scurry Cup 70 UKClapton1 JUL 197050GROUP3366 / 400Don't Gambol22.48
Scurry Cup 69 UKClapton1 JUL 196950GROUP3366 / 400Ace of Trumps22.85
Scurry Cup 68 UKClapton13 JUL 19680GROUP3366 / 400Foyle Tonic22.59
Scurry Cup 67 UKClapton1 JUL 196750GROUP3366 / 400Carry On Oregon22.62
Scurry Cup 65 UKClapton1 JUL 196550GROUP3366 / 400After You22.47
Scurry Cup 64 UKClapton1 JUL 196450GROUP3366 / 400Salthill Sand22.72
Scurry Cup 63 UKClapton1 JUL 196350GROUP3366 / 400Lucky Joan22.70
Scurry Cup 62 UKClapton1 JUL 196250GROUP3366 / 400Hi Darkie22.95
Scurry Cup 61 UKClapton1 JUL 196150GROUP3366 / 400Palms Printer22.63
Scurry Cup 60 UKClapton1 JUL 196050GROUP3366 / 400Gorey Airways22.48
Scurry Cup 59 UKClapton1 JUL 195950GROUP3366 / 400Gorey Airways22.95
Scurry Cup 58 UKClapton1 JUL 195850GROUP3366 / 400Beware Champ22.71
Scurry Cup 57 UKClapton1 JUL 195750GROUP3366 / 400Lisbrook Chieftain23.09
Scurry Cup 56 UKClapton1 JUL 195650GROUP3366 / 400Belingas Customer22.92
SCurry Gold CupClapton1 JUL 19550GROUP3366 / 400Chance Me Paddy22.85
Scurry Cup 54 UKClapton1 JUL 195450GROUP3366 / 400Demon King22.84
Scurry Cup 53 UKClapton1 JUL 195350GROUP3366 / 400Rolling Mike22.77
Scurry Cup 52 UKClapton1 JUL 195250GROUP3366 / 400Monachdy Girlie23.08
Scurry Cup 51 UKClapton1 JUL 195150GROUP3366 / 400Defence Leader22.99
Scurry Cup 50 UKClapton1 JUL 195050GROUP3366 / 400Gortnagory23.47
Scurry Cup 49 UKClapton1 JUL 194950GROUP3366 / 400Burndennet Brook23.48
Scurry Cup 48 UKClapton1 JUL 194850GROUP3366 / 400Local Interprize23.04
Scurry Cup 47 UKClapton1 JUL 194750GROUP3366 / 400Rimmells Black23.48
Scurry Cup 46 UKClapton1 JUL 194650GROUP3366 / 400Mischievous Manhattan23.40
Scurry Cup 45 UKClapton1 JUL 194550GROUP3366 / 400Country Life23.50
Scurry Cup 39 UKClapton1 JUL 193950GROUP3366 / 400Silver Wire23.53
Scurry Cup 38 UKClapton1 JUL 193850GROUP3366 / 400Orlucks Best23.24
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