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109 races with racename like scottish derby, country= UK, and class=4 or better
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
Racing Post Greyhound TV Scottish Derby Final HT 8Shawfield4 MAY 20198GROUP1480 / 525Braveheart Bobby28.88
Racing Post Greyhound TV Scottish Derby Final HT 1Shawfield14 APR 201810GROUP1480 / 525The Other Reg28.87
Racing Post Greyhound TV Scottish Derby Final HT 8Shawfield6 MAY 20178GROUP1480 / 525Dorotas Woo Hoo28.77
Racing Post Greyhound TV Scottish Derby Final HT 8Shawfield9 APR 20167OPEN480 / 525Hot Pipe29.09
Racing Post Greyhound TV Scottish Derby FinalShawfield25 APR 20158OPEN480 / 525Swift Hoffman28.98
Ladbrokes Scottish Derby Final 2014Shawfield12 APR 20147GROUP1480 / 525Holdem Spy28.87
Ladbrokes Scottish Derby Final 2013Shawfield4 MAY 20138OPEN480 / 525Ballymac Eske28.75
Bettor.com Scottish Derby Final 2012Shawfield13 APR 201211GROUP1480 / 525Barefoot Allstar28.76
Bettor.com Scottish Derby Final 2011Shawfield16 APR 201111GROUP1480 / 525Taylors Cruise29.26
Bettor.com Scottish Derby 2010 FinalShawfield17 APR 201010GROUP1480 / 525Nambisco28.98
The ibetX.com Scottish Derby Final 2009Shawfield11 APR 200910GROUP1480 / 525Cabra Cool28.83
IbetX Scottish Derby Final 2008Shawfield12 APR 200810GROUP1480 / 525Tyrur Kieran29.02
The Scottish Derby Final 2007Shawfield14 APR 200710GROUP1480 / 525Fear Haribo28.76
The Scottish Greyhound Derby FinalShawfield8 APR 200610GROUP1480 / 525Fear Me29.21
The Scottish Greyhound Derby Semi 2.Shawfield4 APR 20066FEATURE480 / 525Fear Me29.08
The Scottish Greyhound Derby Semi 1Shawfield4 APR 20068FEATURE480 / 525Teds Anchor29.10
The Scottish Greyhound Derby Quarter 4Shawfield1 APR 20064FEATURE480 / 525Teds Anchor29.35
The Scottish Greyhound Derby Quarter 2Shawfield1 APR 20066FEATURE480 / 525Local Call29.07
The Scottish Greyhound Derby Quarter 1Shawfield1 APR 20068FEATURE480 / 525Ballymac Niloc28.96
The Scottish Greyhound Derby Quarter 3Shawfield1 APR 200610FEATURE480 / 525Fear Me29.42
The totesport Scottish Derby Final 2005Shawfield2 APR 200510GROUP1480 / 525Droopys Marco29.05
The 2004 totesport Scottish Derby FINALShawfield3 APR 20049FEATURE480 / 525Farloe Verdict28.79
The 2004 Totesport Scottish Derby First Semi FinalShawfield30 MAR 20046OPEN480 / 525Farloe Verdict29.01
The 2004 Totesport Scottish Derby Second SemiFinalShawfield30 MAR 20047OPEN480 / 525Legal Moment29.01
Scottish Derby 03 UKShawfield5 APR 20030GROUP1480 / 525Micks Mystic29.07
THE 2002 REGAL SCOTTISH DERBY FINALShawfield13 APR 20029GROUP1480 / 525Priceless Rebel29.08
Scottish Derby 01 UKShawfield21 APR 200110GROUP1480 / 525Sonic Flight29.19
Scottish Derby 00 UKShawfield15 APR 20000GROUP1480 / 525Knockeevan Star29.19
Scottish Derby 00 UK Semi2Shawfield11 APR 20000FEATURE480 / 525Fat Boy Slim29.28
Scottish Derby 00 UK Semi1Shawfield11 APR 200050FEATURE480 / 525Knockanroe Rover29.17
Scottish Derby 99 UKShawfield1 MAY 19990GROUP1480 / 525Chart King28.98
Scottish Derby 98 UKShawfield18 APR 19980GROUP1480 / 525Larkhill Jo29.01
Scottish Derby 97 UKShawfield26 APR 19970GROUP1480 / 525Some Picture29.20
Scottish Derby 96 UKShawfield27 APR 19960GROUP1480 / 525Burnpark Lord29.32
Scottish Derby 95 UKShawfield20 MAY 199550GROUP1480 / 525Solar Symphony28.97
Scottish Derby 94 UKShawfield21 MAY 19940GROUP1500 / 547Droopys Sandy *29.39
Scottish Derby 93 UKShawfield13 MAY 199350GROUP1500 / 547New Level30.22
Scottish Television Marathon 1992Shawfield21 MAY 19920GROUP2730 / 798Poor Sue99.00
Scottish Derby 91 UKShawfield11 MAY 199150GROUP1500 / 547Phantom Flash29.77
Scottish Derby 90 UKShawfield1 MAY 19900GROUP1500 / 547Westmead Harry29.62
Scottish Derby 89 UKShawfield1 MAY 198950GROUP1500 / 547Airmount Grand30.03
Scottish Derby 88 UKPowderhall1 MAY 198850GROUP1465 / 509Killouragh Chris28.75
Scottish Derby 87 UKPowderhall1 MAY 19870GROUP1465 / 509Princes Pal27.58
Scottish Derby 86 UK not runShawfield1 MAY 198650GROUP1500 / 5470.00
Scottish St. Leger HeatPowderhall4 JUL 19850GROUP2650 / 711My Tootsie40.57
Scottish St. Leger HeatPowderhall4 JUL 19852GROUP2650 / 711Skidrow Black40.34
Scottish St. Leger HeatPowderhall4 JUL 19853GROUP2650 / 711You Know Sam40.77
Scottish Derby 85 UKShawfield1 MAY 198550GROUP1500 / 547Smokey Pete30.29
Scottish Derby Final 1984Shawfield11 AUG 19840GROUP2500 / 547Lively Jack99.99
Scottish Derby 84 UK not runShawfield1 MAY 198450GROUP1500 / 5470.00
Scottish Derby 83 UKShawfield1 MAY 198350GROUP1500 / 547On Spec30.50
Scottish Derby 82 UKShawfield1 MAY 198250GROUP1500 / 547Special Account29.99
Scottish Derby 81 UKShawfield1 MAY 19810GROUP1500 / 547Marbella Sky30.66
Scottish Derby 80 UKShawfield1 MAY 19800GROUP1500 / 547Decoy Sovereign30.68
Scottish Derby 79 UKShawfield1 MAY 19790GROUP1500 / 547Greenville Boy30.49
Scottish St. Leger HeatPowderhall21 SEP 19781GROUP2650 / 711Sheskburn Mint40.57
Scottish St. Leger HeatPowderhall21 SEP 19782GROUP2650 / 711Colums Corner40.26
Scottish Derby 78 UKShawfield1 MAY 197850GROUP1500 / 547Pat Seamur30.52
Scottish Derby 77 UKShawfield1 MAY 197750GROUP1480 / 525Amber Sky29.08
Scottish Derby 76 UKShawfield1 MAY 197650GROUP1505 / 552Flip Your Top30.56
Scottish Derby 75 UKShawfield1 MAY 197550GROUP1485 / 530Dromlara Master29.30
Scottish Derby 74 UKShawfield1 MAY 197450GROUP1480 / 525Cosha Orchis29.20
Scottish Derby 73 UKShawfield1 MAY 197350GROUP1480 / 525Dashalong Chief29.60
Scottish Derby 72 UKShawfield29 JUL 19720GROUP1480 / 525Patricias Hope29.22
Scottish Derby 71 UK not runCarntyne1 MAY 197150GROUP1480 / 5250.00
Scottish Derby 70 UKCarntyne1 MAY 197050GROUP1480 / 525Brilane Clipper29.46
Scottish Derby 68 UKCarntyne1 MAY 196850GROUP1480 / 525Lisamote Precept28.93
Scottish Derby 67 UKCarntyne2 SEP 19670GROUP1480 / 525Hi Ho Silver28.90
Scottish Derby 67 UKCarntyne29 AUG 19670GROUP1480 / 525Hi Ho Silver28.93
Scottish Derby 67 UKCarntyne26 AUG 19670GROUP1480 / 525Hi Ho Silver29.01
Scottish Derby 66 UKCarntyne1 MAY 196650GROUP1480 / 525Dusty Trail28.54
Scottish Derby 65 UKCarntyne1 MAY 196550GROUP1480 / 525Clonmannon Flash29.00
Scottish Derby 64 UKCarntyne1 MAY 196450GROUP1480 / 525Hi Imperial29.13
Scottish Derby 63UKCarntyne1 MAY 196350GROUP1480 / 525We'll See29.91
Scottish Derby 62UKCarntyne1 MAY 196250GROUP1480 / 525Dromin Glory29.08
Scottish Derby 61 UKCarntyne1 MAY 196150GROUP1480 / 525Hey There Merry29.11
Scottish Derby 60 UKCarntyne1 MAY 196050GROUP1480 / 525Rostown Genius *28.92
Scottish Derby 59 UKCarntyne1 MAY 195950GROUP1480 / 525Mile Bush Pride29.41
Scottish Derby 58 UKCarntyne1 MAY 195850GROUP1480 / 525Just Fame29.36
Scottish Derby 57 UKCarntyne1 MAY 195750GROUP1480 / 525Ballypatrick29.53
Scottish Derby 56 UKCarntyne1 MAY 195650GROUP1480 / 525Quick Surprise29.44
Scottish Derby 55 UK not runCarntyne1 MAY 195550GROUP1480 / 5250.00
Scottish Derby 54 UKCarntyne1 MAY 195450GROUP1480 / 525Rushton Mac29.20
Scottish Derby 53 UK not runCarntyne1 MAY 195350GROUP1480 / 5250.00
Scottish Derby 52 UK not runCarntyne1 MAY 195250GROUP1480 / 5250.00
Scottish Derby 51 UKCarntyne1 MAY 195150GROUP1480 / 525Rushton Smutty29.08
Scottish Derby 50 UKCarntyne1 MAY 195050GROUP1480 / 525Behattans Choice29.35
Scottish Derby 49 UK not runCarntyne1 MAY 194950GROUP1480 / 5250.00
Scottish Derby 48 UKCarntyne1 MAY 194850GROUP1480 / 525Western Post*29.45
Scottish Derby 47 UKCarntyne1 MAY 194750GROUP1480 / 525Trev's Perfection29.25
Scottish Derby 46 UKCarntyne1 MAY 194650GROUP1480 / 525Lattin Pearl29.53
Scottish Derby 45 UKCarntyne1 MAY 194550GROUP1480 / 525Mondays Son29.19
Scottish Derby 44 UKCarntyne1 MAY 194450GROUP1480 / 525Gladstone Brigadier29.55
Scottish Derby 43 UKCarntyne1 MAY 194350GROUP1480 / 525Bilting Hawk29.25
Scottish Derby 42 UKCarntyne1 MAY 194250GROUP1480 / 525Ballycurreen Soldier29.94
Scottish Derby 41 UKCarntyne1 MAY 194150GROUP1480 / 525Lights O'London29.75
Scottish Derby 40 UKCarntyne1 MAY 194050GROUP1480 / 525Ballycurreen Soldier29.65
Scottish Derby 39 UKCarntyne1 MAY 193950GROUP1480 / 525Misty Law II29.60
Scottish Derby 38 UKCarntyne1 MAY 193850GROUP1480 / 525Roeside Scottie29.53
Scottish Derby 37 UKCarntyne1 MAY 193750GROUP1480 / 525Jesmond Cutlet29.83
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