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52 races with racename like regal puppy derby, country= UK, and class=4 or better

Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
THE REGAL STAYERS TROPHY FINALSunderland21 JAN 20030GROUP3640 / 700Bite the Bullet39.93
THE REGAL 640Sunderland21 JAN 20030OPEN640 / 700Forza Sonia39.93
THE REGAL BITCHES STAKESSunderland21 JAN 20032OPEN450 / 492Unreal27.69
THE REGAL SPRINTSunderland21 JAN 20033OPEN261 / 285Baliff Princess16.21
THE REGAL STAKESSunderland21 JAN 20034OPEN450 / 492Swift Star27.29
THE REGAL PUPPY TROPHY FINALSunderland21 JAN 20036OPEN450 / 492Moral Prince27.57
THE REGAL MARATHON TROPHY FINALSunderland21 JAN 20037OPEN828 / 906Baliff Queen53.24
THE REGAL GOLD CUP FINALSunderland21 JAN 20039OPEN450 / 492Cool Scenario27.24
THE REGAL PUPPY DERBY FINAL Last EverSunderland16 NOV 200210OPEN450 / 492Lodgeview Blue27.21
THE 2002 REGAL ST MUNGO CUP FINALShawfield2 NOV 20029OPEN480 / 525Baliff King29.48
The Regal SprintNewcastle (Brough Park)17 SEP 20023OPEN290 / 317Hollinwood Chief16.86
The Regal Puppy StakesNewcastle (Brough Park)17 SEP 20024OPEN480 / 525Baggio28.55
The Regal Standard StakesNewcastle (Brough Park)17 SEP 20025OPEN480 / 525Droopys Platini28.53
The Regal Stayers StakesNewcastle (Brough Park)17 SEP 20026OPEN640 / 700Bite the Bullet39.27
The Regal 500m StakesNewcastle (Brough Park)17 SEP 20027OPEN500 / 547Potto Knows30.03
The Regal Marathon StakesNewcastle (Brough Park)17 SEP 20028OPEN825 / 902Her Damsel52.11
The Regal All England Cup 02Newcastle (Brough Park)17 SEP 20029OPEN480 / 525Let It Slip28.57
THE REGAL 670Shawfield13 APR 20022OPEN670 / 733Knockaun Joker40.71
THE REGAL PUPPY 480Shawfield13 APR 20024OPEN480 / 525Frisby Forte29.55
THE REGAL 480Shawfield13 APR 20025OPEN480 / 525Autumn Gorgeous29.42
THE REGAL 500Shawfield13 APR 20026OPEN500 / 547Pilot Alert30.38
THE REGAL HURDLESShawfield13 APR 20027OPEN480 / 525Blonde Avenger30.20
THE REGAL MARATHONShawfield13 APR 20028GROUP3882 / 965Lucky Mollie56.55
THE 2002 REGAL SCOTTISH DERBY FINALShawfield13 APR 20029GROUP1480 / 525Priceless Rebel29.08
THE REGAL SPRINT FINALSunderland19 FEB 20022OPEN261 / 285Harsu Prince16.08
THE REGAL 640Sunderland19 FEB 20023OPEN640 / 700Seskin Robert39.67
The Regal StakesSunderland19 FEB 20024OPEN450 / 492Harsu Heather27.66
THE REGAL BITCHES STAKESSunderland19 FEB 20025OPEN450 / 492Pond Imogen27.86
THE REGAL PUPPY TROPHY FINALSunderland19 FEB 20026OPEN450 / 492Farloe Forty27.74
THE REGAL STAYERS FINALSunderland19 FEB 20027OPEN640 / 700Droopys Rhys40.12
THE REGAL MARATHON FINALSunderland19 FEB 20028OPEN828 / 906Let Us Know52.76
THE REGAL GOLD CUP FINALSunderland19 FEB 20029OPEN450 / 492El Ronan27.47
Regal Puppy Derby 01 FinSunderland17 NOV 20010OPEN450 / 492Farloe Chief27.36
The REGAL STAYERS 2001 TROPHY FINALSunderland28 APR 20019FEATURE640 / 700Elmcrown Mint39.82
The Regal Puppy 480Shawfield21 APR 20012FEATURE480 / 525Pond Leontes30.19
The Regal Gold Cup 01 FINALSunderland20 JAN 20010GROUP3450 / 492Deerfield Felix27.38
Regal Puppy Derby 2000Sunderland18 NOV 20000GROUP2450 / 492Harsu Super27.51
Regal Stayers 2000 Trophy FNLSunderland29 APR 20000OPEN640 / 700Palace Issue39.72
The Regal Marthon 2000Shawfield APR 20000OPEN882 / 965Omega Jet56.63
Regal Puppy Derby 99 UKSunderland20 NOV 199950GROUP2450 / 492Knockeevan Star27.53
Regal Puppy Cup 99Sunderland25 JAN 199950GROUP2450 / 492Harsu Sonny0.00
Regal Puppy Derby 98 UKSunderland21 NOV 199850GROUP2450 / 492Tracys Glory27.13
Regal Puppy Derby 97 UKSunderland1 NOV 199750GROUP2450 / 492Knockeevan Dan27.54
Regal Puppy Cup 97Sunderland25 OCT 199750GROUP2450 / 492Knockeevan Dan27.54
Regal Puppy Derby 96 UKSunderland1 NOV 199650GROUP2450 / 492El Premier27.34
Regal Gold Cup FinalSunderland24 JAN 19961GROUP1450 / 492Live Lioness28.22
Regal Puppy Derby 95 UKSunderland1 NOV 199550GROUP2450 / 492Droopys Aldo27.36
Regal Puppy Derby 94 UKSunderland1 NOV 199450GROUP2450 / 492Justright Melody27.47
Regal Puppy Derby 93 UKSunderland1 NOV 199350GROUP2450 / 492Farloe Bid27.82
Regal Puppy Derby 92 UKSunderland1 NOV 199250GROUP2450 / 492Listen to Dan27.55
Regal Puppy Derby 91 UKSunderland1 NOV 199150GROUP2450 / 492Right Move27.61
Regal Puppy Derby 90 UKSunderland1 NOV 199050GROUP2450 / 492Seafield Quest27.38