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903 races with racename like puppy classic, country= UK, and class=4 or better
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
HOVE PUPPY CUP - HEAT 1Hove & Brighton20 APR 20242GR OR2500 / 547Droopys Dialogue29.77
HOVE PUPPY CUP - HEAT 2Hove & Brighton20 APR 20243GR OR2500 / 547Untold Dollar29.18
HOVE PUPPY CUP - HEAT 3Hove & Brighton20 APR 20244GR OR2500 / 547Getup Me Champ29.59
Owlerton Stadium Puppy SprintSheffield14 APR 20246OPEN280 / 306Easy Mcgregor16.30
bet365 PUPPY TROPHYOxford12 APR 20245OPEN450 / 492Union Rebel27.07
HOVE PUPPY CUP TRIAL STAKESHove & Brighton6 APR 20242OPEN500 / 547Droopys Dialogue29.84
DONCASTER 450 PUPPYDoncaster30 MAR 20245OPEN450 / 492Keefill Goose27.64
LADBROKES.COM 480 PUPPY (DIVISON 1)Monmore30 MAR 20247OPEN480 / 525Gary The Arb28.42
LADBROKES.COM 480 PUPPY (DIVISON 2)Monmore30 MAR 20248OPEN480 / 525Vixons Filofax28.04
PREMIER GREYHOUND RACING- PUPPY DERBY FINAL 2024Monmore30 MAR 20249GROUP1480 / 525Untold Dollar28.21
OXFORD PUPPYOxford29 MAR 20244OPEN450 / 492Union Blizzard27.28
The Blunsdon PuppySwindon28 MAR 20245OPEN476 / 521Droopys Suprstar27.95
DONCASTER 450 PUPPYDoncaster23 MAR 20242OPEN450 / 492Redbrick Tulip27.58
PGR Puppy Derby 2024 - Semi Final 1Monmore23 MAR 20247GR OR1480 / 525Omuircheartaigh28.41
PGR Puppy Derby 2024 - Semi Final 2Monmore23 MAR 20249GR OR1480 / 525Untold Dollar28.27
PGR Puppy Derby 2024 - Semi Final 3Monmore23 MAR 202411GR OR1480 / 525Barntick Bear28.29
OXFORD PUPPY TROPHYOxford23 MAR 20242OPEN450 / 492Southfield Daisy26.68
THE SATURDAYS ARE BACK PUPPY STANDARDYarmouth23 MAR 20242OPEN462 / 505Bonjurno Boy27.89
Arena Racing Company PuppyNewcastle (Brough Park)21 MAR 20244OPEN480 / 525Greenwell Coe28.58
The Blunsdon PuppySwindon21 MAR 20245OPEN476 / 521Baggios Intent28.00
PGR Puppy Derby 2024 - Heat 1Monmore16 MAR 20247GR OR1480 / 525Droopys Supply28.69
PGR Puppy Derby 2024 - Heat 2Monmore16 MAR 20248GR OR1480 / 525Union Rebel28.37
PGR Puppy Derby 2024 - Heat 3Monmore16 MAR 20249GR OR1480 / 525Vixons Filofax28.37
PGR Puppy Derby 2024 - Heat 5Monmore16 MAR 202411GR OR1480 / 525Omuircheartaigh28.16
PGR Puppy Derby 2024 - Heat 6Monmore16 MAR 202412GR OR1480 / 525Ballymac Zari28.47
OXFORD PUPPY TROPHYOxford16 MAR 20241OPEN450 / 492Alwayspotterless27.14
LADBROKES.COM PUPPY Division AMonmore9 MAR 20248OPEN480 / 525Greenwell Ovett28.31
LADBROKES.COM PUPPY Division BMonmore9 MAR 20249OPEN480 / 525Clona Kody28.61
LADBROKES.COM PUPPY Division CMonmore9 MAR 202410OPEN480 / 525Deelish Nora28.60
LADBROKES.COM PUPPY Division DMonmore9 MAR 202411OPEN480 / 525Ballymac Zari28.57
LADBROKES.COM PUPPY Division EMonmore9 MAR 202412OPEN480 / 525Cor Blimey28.66
ARENA RACING COMPANY MARCH PUPPYPerry Barr9 MAR 20241OPEN480 / 525Whisky Boy28.90
OXFORD PUPPYOxford8 MAR 20242OPEN450 / 492Bit View Philly27.36
LADBROKES.COM 480 PUPPY - DIVISION CMonmore2 MAR 20247OPEN480 / 525Deelish Nora28.64
LADBROKES.COM 480 PUPPY - DIVISION FMonmore2 MAR 20248OPEN480 / 525Signet Ernie28.88
LADBROKES.COM 480 PUPPY - DIVISION DMonmore2 MAR 20249OPEN480 / 525Greenwell Ovett28.37
LADBROKES.COM 480 PUPPY - DIVISION AMonmore2 MAR 202410OPEN480 / 525Droopys Display28.67
LADBROKES.COM 480 PUPPY - DIVISION BMonmore2 MAR 202411OPEN480 / 525Droopys Eunice28.55
LADBROKES.COM 480 PUPPY - DIVISION EMonmore2 MAR 202412OPEN480 / 525Keefill Rocky28.61
The Suffolk Puppy Maiden Trophy - FinalSuffolk Downs29 FEB 20243GR OR3388 / 424Not So Slow24.39
The Blunsdon PuppySwindon29 FEB 20246OPEN476 / 521Southfield Petal28.68
Sheffield Puppy StandardSheffield25 FEB 20249OPEN500 / 547Havana Meanie29.14
Doncaster 450 PuppyDoncaster24 FEB 20248OPEN450 / 492Omuircheartaigh27.90
LADBROKES.COM 480 PUPPY (DIV A)Monmore24 FEB 202410OPEN480 / 525Droopys Display28.30
LADBROKES.COM 480 PUPPY (DIV B)Monmore24 FEB 202411OPEN480 / 525Salacres Tipster28.66
LADBROKES.COM 480 PUPPY (DIV C)Monmore24 FEB 202412OPEN480 / 525Vixons Filofax28.63
LADBROKES.COM PUPPY (DIV A)Monmore17 FEB 20247OPEN480 / 525Vis a Vis28.53
LADBROKES.COM 480 PUPPY (DIV B)Monmore17 FEB 20248OPEN480 / 525Gary The Arb28.18
Arena Racing Company Puppy Division 1Newcastle (Brough Park)15 FEB 20243OPEN480 / 525Great Redemption28.61
Arena Racing Company Puppy Division 2Newcastle (Brough Park)15 FEB 20246OPEN480 / 525Kit Man28.88
The Arena Racing Company Northern Puppy Derby FinaNewcastle (Brough Park)15 FEB 20248GR OR1.480 / 525Clona Curly28.23
The Blunsdon PuppySwindon15 FEB 20245OPEN476 / 521Baggios Intent28.40
ARENA RACING COMPANY FEBRUARY PUPPY MAIDENPerry Barr10 FEB 20241OPEN480 / 525Darley Diglake28.46
Arena Racing Company Northern Puppy Derby First SeNewcastle (Brough Park)8 FEB 20244GR OR1.480 / 525Omuircheartaigh28.54
Arena Racing Company Northern Puppy Derby Second SNewcastle (Brough Park)8 FEB 20245GR OR1.480 / 525Droopys Display28.60
Arena Racing Company Northern Puppy Derby Third SeNewcastle (Brough Park)8 FEB 20246GR OR1.480 / 525Coppice Saphire28.79
LADBROKES.COM 480 PUPPYMonmore3 FEB 20243OPEN480 / 525El Tornillo28.76
Arena Racing Company Northern Puppy Derby - Heat ONewcastle (Brough Park)1 FEB 20243GR OR1.480 / 525Omuircheartaigh29.02
Arena Racing Company Northern Puppy Derby - Heat TNewcastle (Brough Park)1 FEB 20244GR OR1.480 / 525Colliers Brynner28.86
Arena Racing Company Northern Puppy Derby - Heat TNewcastle (Brough Park)1 FEB 20245GR OR1.480 / 525Velvet Violet28.68
Arena Racing Company Northern Puppy Derby - Heat FNewcastle (Brough Park)1 FEB 20246GR OR1.480 / 525Droopys Eunice28.71
Arena Racing Company Northern Puppy Derby - Heat FNewcastle (Brough Park)1 FEB 20247GR OR1.480 / 525Droopys Display28.93
Arena Racing Company Northern Puppy Derby - Heat SNewcastle (Brough Park)1 FEB 20248GR OR1.480 / 525Greenwell Ovett28.71
Suffolk Maiden PuppySuffolk Downs1 FEB 202410OPEN388 / 424Yahoo Anna23.89
Arena Racing Company Puppy 480m TrophyNottingham29 JAN 20247OPEN480 / 525Lucky Chloe28.93
Arena Racing Company Northern Puppy Derby Trial StNewcastle (Brough Park)25 JAN 20242OPEN480 / 525Havana Meanie28.74
Arena Racing Company Northern Puppy Derby Trial StNewcastle (Brough Park)25 JAN 20243OPEN480 / 525Ballymac Lineout29.13
LADBROKES.COM 480 PUPPYMonmore20 JAN 20246OPEN480 / 525Droopys Vivacity28.57
BGBF BRITISH BRED PUPPY CUP FINALOxford20 JAN 20247GROUP1450 / 492Romeo Cypher26.47
Arena Racing Company Northern Puppy Derby Trial StNewcastle (Brough Park)18 JAN 20242OPEN480 / 525Coppice Saphire29.10
Arena Racing Company Northern Puppy Derby Trial StNewcastle (Brough Park)18 JAN 20243OPEN480 / 525Aero Bono29.13
Doncaster 483 PuppyDoncaster13 JAN 20246OPEN483 / 528Brick Baron30.12
BGBF BRITISH BRED PUPPY CUP SEMI FINAL 1Oxford13 JAN 20246GR OR1.450 / 492Keefill Maverick26.60
BGBF BRITISH BRED PUPPY CUP HEAT 2Oxford13 JAN 20247OPEN450 / 492Romeo Cypher26.70
OXFORD PUPPYOxford13 JAN 20248OPEN450 / 492Distant Danno27.03
BGBF BRITISH BRED PUPPY CUP HEAT 1Oxford6 JAN 20248GR OR1450 / 492Union Blizzard27.11
BGBF BRITISH BRED PUPPY CUP HEAT 2Oxford6 JAN 20249GR OR1.450 / 492Dreamin Bea27.42
BGBF BRITISH BRED PUPPY CUP HEAT 3Oxford6 JAN 202410GR OR1.450 / 492Coppice Ella27.02
Arena Racing Company PuppyNewcastle (Brough Park)28 DEC 20231OPEN480 / 525Skywalker Pele28.88
Arena Racing Company Puppy FinalNewcastle (Brough Park)28 DEC 20233GR OR3.480 / 525Swift Josh29.09
Boxing Day Puppy Standard TrophyNottingham26 DEC 20237OPEN500 / 547Noelles Milano30.23
OXFORD STADIUM PUPPYOxford22 DEC 20233OPEN450 / 492Long Fellow26.81
Arena Racing Company Puppy - Heat OneNewcastle (Brough Park)21 DEC 20231GR OR3.480 / 525Droopys Niece28.93
Arena Racing Company Puppy - Heat TwoNewcastle (Brough Park)21 DEC 20233GR OR3.480 / 525Swift Josh29.30
bet365 PUPPY OAKS FINALTowcester17 DEC 20237FEATURE500 / 547Queen Dusty29.75
Arena Racing Company PuppyNewcastle (Brough Park)14 DEC 20232OPEN480 / 525Swift Josh28.93
bet365 ENGLISH PUPPY OAKS - 1st SEMI FINALTowcester10 DEC 20232GR OR1.500 / 547La Gitana29.53
bet365 ENGLISH PUPPY OAKS - 2nd SEMI FINALTowcester10 DEC 20233GR OR1.500 / 547Deelish Nora29.50
bet365 ENGLISH PUPPY OAKS - 3rd SEMI FINALTowcester10 DEC 20234GR OR1.500 / 547Fabulous Terra29.37
BET365 ENGLISH PUPPY OAKS - Heat 3Towcester3 DEC 20233GR OR1.500 / 547Fabulous Terra29.26
BET365 ENGLISH PUPPY OAKS - Heat 4Towcester3 DEC 20234GR OR1.500 / 547March on Kit29.43
The Blunsdon PuppySwindon30 NOV 20238OPEN476 / 521Ballymac Rocky28.32
bet365 English Puppy Oaks Trial StakeTowcester26 NOV 20233OPEN500 / 547Crafty Pardiso29.90
RPGTV ENGLISH PUPPY DERBY FINALTowcester26 NOV 20237GR OR1.500 / 547King Memphis28.82
The Blunsdon PuppySwindon23 NOV 20234OPEN476 / 521Ballymac Rocky28.34
RPGTV ENGLISH PUPPY DERBY - 1st Semi-FinalTowcester19 NOV 20232FEATURE500 / 547King Capaldi29.07
RPGTV ENGLISH PUPPY DERBY - 2nd Semi-FinalTowcester19 NOV 20234FEATURE500 / 547King Memphis28.66
LADBROKES NOVEMBER PUPPY SPRINTCrayford18 NOV 202310OPEN380 / 416Miss Syd23.16
The Arena Racing Company PuppySunderland17 NOV 20232OPEN450 / 492Kopa27.20
The Blunsdon PuppySwindon16 NOV 20236OPEN476 / 521El Tornillo28.04
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