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71 races with racename like paddy byrne memorial, any country, and class=4 or better

Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
Paddy Byrne Memorial Sweepstake FinalTralee3 AUG 20129GROUP2480 / 525Local Opinion28.62
The Paddy Sharkey & Track Supporters FinalEnniscorthy5 MAR 20125OPEN480 / 525Rally On Diva29.23
The Paddy Glennon Memorial A4 525 FinalLongford23 SEP 20117GR A4480 / 525Princess Mo29.14
Paddy O Sullivan Race of Champions FinalTralee17 JUN 20119GROUP1503 / 550Deerfield Music29.52
Paddy Sharkey & Track Supporters Club FinalEnniscorthy25 APR 20115FEATURE480 / 525Forest Hero29.39
Paddy OSullivan Race of Champions FinalTralee18 JUN 20109GROUP1503 / 550Beaming Dilemma29.66
THE PADDY O'GORMAN GRAND PRIX 575 FinalGalway17 DEC 20098GROUP1526 / 575Broadacres Turbo31.48
2009 Paddy Byrne Memorial FinalTralee21 AUG 20099GROUP2480 / 525Cashen Zig28.91
The Paddy Power.com Irish Greyhound Derby Trial StNottingham13 JUL 200913OPEN500 / 547Droopys Taffy29.96
Lynch Family Paddy O'Sullivan Race of ChampionsTralee26 JUN 20098GROUP1503 / 550Cash Dream30.49
The Paddy Sharkey Sprint FinalEnniscorthy23 OCT 20085FEATURE320 / 350Marlfield Lucy19.07
PADDY POWER IRISH DERBY TRIAL STAKESWimbledon12 JUL 20087FEATURE480 / 525Kilkenny Lonjack28.96
The Paddy Sharkey Sprint FinalEnniscorthy8 NOV 20074FEATURE320 / 350Kilgraney Poet18.81
The Paddy Sharkey Unraced Stake FinalEnniscorthy8 NOV 20076FEATURE480 / 525Give Ita Chance29.52
Paddy Power Dial-a-Bet 1800 721 821 Open 350Shelbourne Park7 SEP 20072FEATURE320 / 350Roxholme Ryan18.50
E 10,500 Paddy Byrne Memorial Sweepstake FinalTralee17 AUG 20079FEATURE480 / 525Melodys Pat28.72
PADDY DUNNE MEMORIAL PUPPY CUP FINALHenlow17 MAY 20078OPEN460 / 503Westmead Lord27.72
Paddy Sharkey Open Sprint FinalEnniscorthy14 DEC 20066OPEN320 / 350Joannesown Reg19.01
Paddy Power Dial-a-Bet Open 350Shelbourne Park9 SEP 20062OPEN320 / 350Mulcair Jo18.91
Paddy Power Dial-a-Bet OPEN 575Shelbourne Park9 SEP 200612GROUP3526 / 575Winetavern Oscar31.33
10,765 PADDY BYRNE MEMORIAL STAKE 550 FINALTralee11 AUG 20068GROUP2503 / 550Jeffs Star30.09
THE PADDY GLENNON MEMORIAL FINALLongford7 AUG 20067OPEN480 / 525Oran Diamond28.89
PADDY POWER IRISH DERBY TRIAL STAKESWalthamstow22 JUL 20068OPEN475 / 519Raging Jack28.87
PADDY POWER DERBY TRIAL STAKESWimbledon21 JUL 20065OPEN480 / 525Noirs Ted28.60
PADDY SHANAHAN CAR SALES & SERVICE STAKES.Cork20 JUL 20067OPEN480 / 525Belindas Honcho28.76
THE PADDY DALY/TOTE RETENTION A3 FINALLongford3 FEB 20066GR A3480 / 525Equity Rose28.79
The Paddy Power A4 570Harolds Cross26 NOV 200510GR A4521 / 570Shes a Dreamer31.56
PADDY POWER INTERNATIONAL HURDLEShelbourne Park17 SEP 20051OPEN480 / 525Druids Mickey Jo29.15
PADDY POWER DIAL-A-BET OPEN PUPPYShelbourne Park17 SEP 20052OPEN480 / 525Skywalker Magic28.84
PADDY POWER CASINO OPENShelbourne Park17 SEP 20053OPEN686 / 750Heart Rumble *42.35
PADDY POWER OPEN BITCHShelbourne Park17 SEP 20054OPEN480 / 525Droopys Gwen28.91
PADDY POWER POKER 850Shelbourne Park17 SEP 20055OPEN777 / 850Drominboy Jet47.82
PADDY POWER OPEN 525Shelbourne Park17 SEP 20056OPEN480 / 525Superhods Hero28.86
PADDY POWER DERBY CONSOLATION FINALShelbourne Park17 SEP 20057GROUP2503 / 550Group Rooster *29.91
PADDY POWER MOBILE OPENShelbourne Park17 SEP 20058OPEN503 / 550Geldrops Touch *29.93
PADDY POWER POKER OPEN 575Shelbourne Park17 SEP 200510OPEN526 / 575Coolavanny Beck31.40
PADDY POWER IRISH DERBY SEMI FINAL 1Shelbourne Park10 SEP 20058OPEN503 / 550Droopys Marco29.73
PADDY POWER IRISH DERBY SEMI FINAL 2Shelbourne Park10 SEP 20059GROUP3503 / 550Droopys Maldini29.47
PADDY POWER IRISH DERBY QUARTER 1Shelbourne Park3 SEP 20057FEATURE503 / 550Droopys Marco29.70
PADDY POWER IRISH DERBY QUARTER 2Shelbourne Park3 SEP 20058FEATURE503 / 550Westmead Hawk29.66
PADDY POWER IRISH DERBY QUARTER 3Shelbourne Park3 SEP 20059FEATURE503 / 550Digital29.65
PADDY POWER IRISH DERBY QUARTER 4Shelbourne Park3 SEP 200510FEATURE503 / 550Droopys Maldini29.57
PADDY POWER IRISH DERBY RND 3 HT 1Shelbourne Park27 AUG 20053FEATURE503 / 550Manx Charlie30.45
PADDY POWER IRISH DERBY RND 3 HT 2Shelbourne Park27 AUG 20054FEATURE503 / 550Droopys Marco29.80
PADDY POWER IRISH DERBY RND 3 HT 3Shelbourne Park27 AUG 20055FEATURE503 / 550Annies Lamb29.66
PADDY POWER IRISH DERBY RND 3 HT 4Shelbourne Park27 AUG 20056FEATURE503 / 550Geldrops Touch *29.85
PADDY POWER IRISH DERBY RND 3 HT 5Shelbourne Park27 AUG 20057FEATURE503 / 550Digital29.88
PADDY POWER IRISH DERBY RND 3 HT 6Shelbourne Park27 AUG 20058FEATURE503 / 550Droopys Maldini29.52
PADDY POWER IRISH DERBY RND 3 HT 7Shelbourne Park27 AUG 20059FEATURE503 / 550He Said So29.70
PADDY POWER IRISH DERBY RND 3 HT 8Shelbourne Park27 AUG 200510FEATURE503 / 550Tyrur Ted29.70
The Irish Greyhound Board Paddy Power Irish DerbyNottingham30 JUL 200514OPEN500 / 547Ballymac Niloc30.55
THE PADDY POWER IRISH DERBY TRIAL STAKESWalthamstow16 JUL 200512OPEN475 / 519Merton Flower28.59
PADDY POWER IRISH DERBY TRIAL STAKESWimbledon12 JUL 20057OPEN480 / 525Travara Charlie28.99
Paddy Glennon MemorialLongford6 JUN 20056OPEN480 / 525Hes My Dream29.01
The Irish Greyhound Board Paddy Power Derby TrialNottingham27 JUL 20046OPEN500 / 547Rhincrew Santini30.01
THE PADDY POWER DERBY TRIAL STAKESWalthamstow24 JUL 20047OPEN475 / 519Killahan Classic29.04
PADDY POWER IRISH DERBY TRIAL STAKEWimbledon13 JUL 20047OPEN480 / 525Lenson Anthony29.46
PADDY MILLIGAN MEMORIAL PUPPY OAKS 1st SEMI FINALWimbledon3 OCT 20036OPEN460 / 503Droopys Savanna27.92
PADDY POWER IRISH DERBY TRIAL STAKE FIEnniscorthy17 JUL 20036OPEN503 / 550Save the Pound30.27
The Paddy Power Bookmakers InternationalClonmel5 FEB 20038OPEN503 / 550Hawkins Flyer30.18
PADDY MILLIGAN PUPPY OAKS FINALWimbledon5 NOV 20027OPEN460 / 503Boherash Charity27.99
Paddy Sharkey Bookmakers 30.20Kilkenny19 JUL 20020STAKE480 / 525Noreview Benjy29.35
Paddy Milligan Memorial Puppy Oaks FinalWimbledon6 NOV 20010GROUP3460 / 503Toumpane Bella28.08
Paddy SharkeyEnniscorthy23 AUG 20018OPEN549 / 600Durrow Prince32.67
Paddy Byrne Memorial Stakes 01Tralee10 AUG 20018OPEN503 / 550Chartwell Dubh30.06
Paddy Sharkey Open Bitch 525Waterford10 FEB 20018OPEN480 / 525Derwent Pride28.94
Paddy Byrne Memorial 00Tralee1 AUG 20000GROUP3503 / 550Sineads Mandy30.55
Paddy Byrne Memorial 99 IRTralee6 AUG 199950GROUP3503 / 550Ritas Peer30.34
Paddy Byrne Memorial 98 IRTralee7 AUG 19980GROUP3503 / 550Race First30.06
Paddy Byrne Memorial 97 IRTralee8 AUG 199750GROUP3503 / 550Fire Fly30.34
Paddy Power Bookmakers SweepstakeTralee1 JUN 199750FEATURE480 / 525Turbo Stag29.29