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181 races with racename like national puppy, country= IE, and class=4 or better
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
The 2023 I.G.O.B.F National Puppy 525 FinalShelbourne Park2 DEC 20237GROUP1480 / 525Whyaye Bonnylad28.15
THE 2023 NATIONAL PRODUCE STAKES FinalClonmel25 JUN 20236GROUP1480 / 525Burgess Supreme28.52
The 2022 I.G.O.B.F National Puppy 525 FinalShelbourne Park3 DEC 20228GROUP2480 / 525Up the Style28.29
Larry O'Rourke National Produce Stakes FinalClonmel5 JUN 20227GROUP1480 / 525Gaston Pecas28.36
The 2021 IGOBF National Puppy 525 FinalShelbourne Park27 NOV 202110GROUP2480 / 525Scooby Prince28.36
Larry O'Rourke National Produce Stakes FinalClonmel5 JUN 20217GROUP1480 / 525Explosive Boy28.28
The IGOBF National Puppy 525 FinalShelbourne Park5 DEC 20208GROUP1480 / 525Ballymac Ariel28.19
Larry O'Rourke National Produce Stakes FinalClonmel2 AUG 20209GROUP1480 / 525Newinn Taylor28.34
Larry O'Rourke National Produce Stakes FinalClonmel9 JUN 20199GROUP1480 / 525Grangeview Ten28.62
The B.I.F. National Produce Stakes FinalClonmel21 MAY 20179GROUP1480 / 525Clonbrien Hero28.22
The B.I.F. National Produce Stakes 2016 FinalClonmel22 MAY 20169GROUP1480 / 525Clares Rocket28.00
The B.I.F. National Produce Stakes 2015 FinalClonmel14 JUN 20159OPEN480 / 525Ballybough Mondo28.55
The B.I.F. National Produce Stakes 2014 FinalClonmel8 JUN 20149FEATURE480 / 525Boylesports Hero28.45
2013 Comerford Cakes National Puppy 525 FinalShelbourne Park7 DEC 201310OPEN480 / 525Sidarian Blaze28.49
Knockea national school Novice 750 finalLimerick11 MAY 20128OPEN686 / 750Future Boy41.79
2011 Comerford Cakes National Puppy 525 FinalShelbourne Park17 DEC 201110GROUP2480 / 525Hanover Laddie28.83
2010 Comerford Cakes National Puppy 525 FinalShelbourne Park11 DEC 201010GROUP2480 / 525Deerfield Music28.58
E 50,000 Comerford Cakes National Puppy FinalShelbourne Park19 DEC 2009E10GROUP1480 / 525Fatboyz Tyson28.33
The 2009 Vetsearch Irish Grand National FinalHarolds Cross6 NOV 20098GROUP1480 / 525Distant Legend29.10
E 25,000 IGB National 750 FinalShelbourne Park24 OCT 20099GROUP1686 / 750Rough Quest41.92
The Newcastle National School, Athenry 575Galway13 JUN 20098GR A3526 / 575Kinielty Spice31.73
E 50,000 Comerford Cakes National Puppy FinalShelbourne Park20 DEC 20089GROUP1480 / 525Tip and Tin28.86
The 2008 Vetsearch Irish Grand National ConsolatioHarolds Cross31 OCT 20084GR H0480 / 525Leading Layer29.25
I.G.B National 750 Consolation FinalShelbourne Park25 OCT 20086OPEN686 / 750Elouisa42.33
E 25,000 IGB National 750 FinalShelbourne Park25 OCT 20089GROUP1686 / 750Jemmy Doodlebeag42.11
Tarmon National School 1010yds Marathon FinalGalway3 OCT 20087FEATURE924 / 1011Flandy58.85
E 50,000 Comerford Cakes National Puppy FinalShelbourne Park15 DEC 20079GROUP1480 / 525Skywalker Ace28.45
The 2007 Vetsearch Irish Grand National FinalHarolds Cross2 NOV 20077GROUP2480 / 525Comans Joe29.65
E 25,000 I.G.B. National 750 FinalShelbourne Park20 OCT 20079GROUP1686 / 750Dromana Blue41.95
Comerford Cakes National Puppy FinalShelbourne Park16 DEC 200610GROUP1480 / 525Team Captain28.89
The Baggot Racing Irish Grand National ConsolationHarolds Cross21 NOV 20066FEATURE480 / 525Druids Forrest29.66
The Baggot Racing Irish Grand National FinalHarolds Cross21 NOV 20067GROUP1480 / 525Taipan29.66
E 25,000 I.G.B. NATIONAL 750 CONSOLATION FINALShelbourne Park21 OCT 20067OPEN686 / 750Tyrur Piper42.47
E 25,000 I.G.B. NATIONAL 750 FINALShelbourne Park21 OCT 20068GROUP1686 / 750Bombersgoinghome41.77
The E 6,000 Kiltiernan National School BusterGalway10 JUN 20068OPEN480 / 525Lady Maximus28.86
50,000 COMERFORD NATIONAL PUPPY Cons.Shelbourne Park10 DEC 20058OPEN480 / 525Winetavern Usher29.05
50,000 COMERFORD NATIONAL PUPPY FINALShelbourne Park10 DEC 20059OPEN480 / 525Dustin Fox28.40
The E 5,400 Kinvara National School Buster FinalGalway3 DEC 20058GROUP3480 / 525Alpha Guards29.43
The Baggot Racing Irish Grand National ConsolationHarolds Cross25 NOV 20057OPEN480 / 525Top Lark29.75
The Baggot Racing Irish Grand National FinalHarolds Cross25 NOV 20058OPEN480 / 525Druids Aghadoe29.76
25,000 I.G.B. NATIONAL 750 FINALShelbourne Park22 OCT 20059OPEN686 / 750Droopys Desailly41.93
NATIONAL PUPPY 525 FinalShelbourne Park18 DEC 20048GROUP1480 / 525Droopys Corelli28.60
Baggotracing Irish Grand NationalHarolds Cross12 NOV 20048OPEN480 / 525Joe Bananas29.32
National Puppy 525 Stake 2003 FinalShelbourne Park20 DEC 20038GROUP1480 / 525Premier Fantasy28.58
National Puppy 525 Stake 2.nd Semi FinalShelbourne Park13 DEC 20038OPEN480 / 525Droopys Carling28.56
National Puppy 525 Stake 1th Quater FinalShelbourne Park6 DEC 20036OPEN480 / 525Droopys Scholes28.55
National Puppy 525 Stake 2.nd Quarter FinalsShelbourne Park6 DEC 20037OPEN480 / 525Pollardstown Rex28.64
National Puppy 525 Stake 3.rd Quarter FinalsShelbourne Park6 DEC 20038OPEN480 / 525Fat Budgie28.94
National Puppy 525 Stake 4.th Quarter FinalsShelbourne Park6 DEC 20039OPEN480 / 525Premier Fantasy28.45
Irish Grand National 2003Harolds Cross10 OCT 20035GROUP1480 / 525Frightened Pig29.34
Pacific Mile National Puppy Stake FinalShelbourne Park21 DEC 20020STAKE480 / 525Knockeevan Major28.71
Pacific Mile National Puppy Stake 1st Semi FinalShelbourne Park14 DEC 20020OPEN480 / 525Droopys Ruud29.21
Pacific Mile National Puppy Stake 2nd Semi FinalShelbourne Park14 DEC 20020OPEN480 / 525Knockeevan Major28.67
Irish National Sprint FNLDrumbo Park22 NOV 20020GROUP3343 / 375Fast Gladiator20.28
Irish Grand National 02 FNLHarolds Cross11 OCT 20020OPEN480 / 525Bestofthebunch29.93
Shelbourne National Puppy 2001 Consolation FinalShelbourne Park15 DEC 20017OPEN480 / 525Spelt Wrong29.27
National Puppy Derby 2001 1st SemiShelbourne Park8 DEC 20017OPEN480 / 525Tut Tut29.34
National Puppy Derby 2001 2nd SemiShelbourne Park8 DEC 20018GROUP3480 / 525Larkhill River29.09
National Puppy Derby 2001 3rd SemiShelbourne Park8 DEC 20019OPEN480 / 525Wise Up Paddy29.29
Irish National SprintDrumbo Park13 OCT 20016OPEN343 / 375Fact File20.06
Irish Grand National 2001Harolds Cross12 OCT 20016OPEN480 / 525Switchtoplanb29.43
National Record IE 480m HHarolds Cross16 SEP 20010OPEN480 / 525Debs the Best29.34
National Puppy Stake 2000 FinalShelbourne Park2 DEC 20000GROUP1480 / 525Manic Street29.32
Irish Grand National 00 IRShelbourne Park14 OCT 20000FEATURE480 / 525Autumn Merlin29.20
Irish National Sprint 00Drumbo Park7 OCT 20000GROUP2343 / 375Knockeevan Star20.14
National RecordCork14 SEP 20000OPEN526 / 575Lenson Returns31.16
National RecordNewbridge5 MAY 20000OPEN274 / 300Rockspring Peer16.20
National RecordShelbourne Park27 MAR 20000OPEN786 / 860Martins Ghost49.13
National Puppy Stake 99 IRShelbourne Park11 DEC 19996GROUP1480 / 525Hi Dingle29.34
Irish Grand National 99 IRShelbourne Park16 OCT 19995GROUP2480 / 525Tarn Bay Flash29.38
Irish National Sprint 99Drumbo Park6 SEP 199950GROUP2343 / 375Quarter to Five20.24
National RecordDungannon7 JUL 19990OPEN457 / 500Speedy Shane27.08
National RecordWaterford3 JUL 19990OPEN274 / 300Quarter to Five15.99
National RecordHarolds Cross9 APR 19990OPEN302 / 330Quarter to Five17.52
National Puppy Stake 98 IRShelbourne Park19 DEC 19980GROUP1480 / 525I'm Okay28.74
Irish Grand National 98 IRShelbourne Park17 OCT 19980GROUP2480 / 525Lynmac Flyer29.61
National Puppy Stake 97 IRShelbourne Park13 DEC 199750GROUP1480 / 525Run the Black29.35
Irish Grand National 97 IRShelbourne Park25 OCT 199750GROUP2480 / 525Simon Simon0.00
Irish Grand National 96 IRShelbourne Park25 OCT 199650GROUP2480 / 525Gates to Haven29.61
Irish National Sprint 96Dunmore1 JAN 199650GROUP2398 / 435Old Kingdom23.42
National Puppy Stake 95 IRShelbourne Park4 DEC 199550GROUP1480 / 525Pepes Dilemma *29.53
Irish Grand National 95 IRShelbourne Park25 OCT 199550GROUP2480 / 525Super Gunboat29.91
National RecordHarolds Cross6 OCT 19950OPEN526 / 575Treacys Triumph31.68
Irish National Sprint 95Dunmore1 SEP 19950GROUP2398 / 435Analysis23.39
National RecordHarolds Cross23 JUN 19950OPEN759 / 830Brookdale Lady46.72
National Puppy Stake 95 IR Cons BShelbourne Park4 DEC 199450FEATURE480 / 525Catunda Lace29.51
Irish Grand National 94 IRShelbourne Park25 OCT 199450GROUP2480 / 525Bayview Blaze29.72
National RecordEnniscorthy SEP 19940OPEN320 / 350Luggers Speedy18.57
Irish Grand National 93 IRShelbourne Park25 OCT 199350GROUP2480 / 525Hillview Leader30.27
Irish National Sprint 93Dunmore21 AUG 199350GROUP2398 / 435Ballyfolion Shy23.16
National RecordThurles21 AUG 19930OPEN768 / 840Glengall Star47.62
National RecordDundalk15 AUG 19930OPEN293 / 320Boyne Walk17.46
National RecordHarolds Cross4 DEC 19920OPEN937 / 1025Bodies Lisa59.52
Irish Grand National 92 IRShelbourne Park25 OCT 199250GROUP2480 / 525Whos Lost30.32
National RecordDungannon5 FEB 19920OPEN297 / 325Cassie Boy17.25
National Stake 91 IRShelbourne Park1 DEC 19910FEATURE480 / 525Beloved Visitor99.99
National RecordClonmel7 NOV 19910OPEN937 / 1025Fairy Surprise59.26
Irish Grand National 91 IRShelbourne Park25 OCT 199150GROUP2480 / 525Yacht Club30.14
Irish Grand National 90 IRShelbourne Park25 OCT 199050GROUP2480 / 525Gizmo Pasha29.67
Irish Grand National 89 IRShelbourne Park25 OCT 198950GROUP2480 / 525Handball30.06
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