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67 races with racename like munster oaks, any country, and class=4 or better

Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
The Dave Collins Memorial Munster Oaks FinalWaterford9 SEP 20239GROUP3480 / 525Easy Razzle28.11
The Dave Collins Memorial Munster Oaks. FinalWaterford11 SEP 20219GROUP1480 / 525Clona Skye28.41
The Munster Juvenile Cup FinalClonmel10 NOV 20197FEATURE480 / 525Rathcoole Fox29.19
The 2019 O'Neills Dog Food Munster Oaks FinalWaterford14 SEP 20198GROUP2480 / 525Grangeview West28.22
Munster Juvenile Cup and Niall Dunne Mem. FinalClonmel25 NOV 20189FEATURE480 / 525Murts Boher28.50
The Noel Ryan Tree Surgeon Munster Oaks FinalWaterford10 SEP 20168GROUP2480 / 525Ballintee Annie28.52
The Clonmel T.S.C. A1/A2 Munster Derby FinalClonmel3 JUL 20169FEATURE480 / 525Dromscarra Ruby28.62
The C.T.S.C. Munster Derby Plate FinalClonmel29 JUN 20147GR A1480 / 525Saint Anthony28.82
The Munster Veterans A1 / A2 525 Stake FinalClonmel16 DEC 20129GR A1480 / 525Fifis Whitesox29.05
Catunda Harry At Stud Munster Puppy Cup FinalClonmel4 NOV 20127GR AA0480 / 525Ardfert Thunder28.71
The 2012 Droopys Stud Munster Oaks. FinalWaterford6 OCT 20128GROUP2480 / 525Katies Quadrigo28.51
The 2011 Droopys Stud Munster Oaks FinalWaterford8 OCT 20118GROUP2480 / 525Beaming Olive28.36
The Track Supporters Club Munster Dash FinalClonmel26 JUN 20116FEATURE274 / 300Last Spice16.22
2010 Droopys Stud Munster Oaks A0 525yds FinalWaterford25 SEP 201010GROUP2480 / 525Calling Spice28.35
Munster Joinery Sweepstake FinalTralee18 JUN 201010FEATURE521 / 570Airforce Peejay31.04
E 22,100 T.S.C. Munster Puppy Cup 2009 FinalClonmel8 NOV 20099GROUP2480 / 525Colorful Champ28.48
2009 Droopys Stud Munster Oaks FinalWaterford26 SEP 20099GROUP2480 / 525Cabra Tiny28.44
The Express Ego At Stud Munster Dash FinalClonmel28 JUN 20095FEATURE274 / 300Clondoty Shane16.02
E 20000 Droopys Stud Munster Oaks FinalWaterford27 DEC 20089GROUP2480 / 525Cabra Tiny28.62
The E 24450 Supporters Club Munster Derby FinalClonmel22 JUN 20089GROUP1480 / 525Compass Don28.88
The "Airport Express" Munster Dash FinalClonmel13 APR 20086GROUP3274 / 300Express Ego16.07
The Supporters Club Munster Puppy Cup FinalClonmel11 NOV 20079GROUP2480 / 525Little Jerry28.93
E 20,000 Droopys Stud Munster Oaks FinalWaterford29 SEP 20079GROUP2480 / 525Hillcroft Josie28.21
The E 25125 Supporters Club Munster Derby FinalClonmel1 JUL 20079GROUP1480 / 525Aerial View28.56
23110 Supporters Club Munster Puppy FinalClonmel12 NOV 20069GROUP2480 / 525Evans Joy28.56
12,300 Droopys Stud Munster Oaks FinalWaterford7 OCT 20069GROUP2480 / 525Catunda Marie28.48
49000 Clonmel Munster Derby FinalClonmel5 JUN 200610GROUP1480 / 525Goldmine Ramble28.70
49000 Munster Derby Semi 2Clonmel28 MAY 20068FEATURE480 / 525Goldmine Ramble28.83
49000 Munster Derby Semi 1Clonmel28 MAY 200610FEATURE480 / 525Broadacres Rock28.87
Enfer Munster Puppy Cup FinalClonmel13 NOV 20058OPEN480 / 525Droopys Sami29.03
Munster Oaks Final 2005Waterford8 OCT 20059OPEN480 / 525Golf Crazy28.30
MUNSTER GREYHOUND STAKES FinalCork30 JUL 20057OPEN480 / 525Jamies Joy28.91
Munster Puppy CupClonmel21 NOV 20048OPEN480 / 525Fear Star28.94
Munster Puppy Cup 2003 FinalClonmel16 NOV 20038OPEN480 / 525Velvet Cash29.23
Aer Rianta Munster Oaks FinalWaterford4 OCT 20038OPEN480 / 525The Other Domino28.82
Munster Marathon FinalCork7 DEC 20020GROUP1640 / 700Remember Pop38.77
Munster Puppy CupThurles19 OCT 20020GROUP3480 / 525Droopys Ruud28.79
Munster Oaks 02 FNLWaterford12 OCT 20020GROUP2480 / 525Glencora28.48
Munster Puppy Cup 2001Thurles23 DEC 20018OPEN480 / 525Ninja Ace29.32
Servicepoint Munster Marathon 2001Cork8 DEC 20017OPEN640 / 700Making Merry39.18
Munster Oaks Final 2001Waterford22 SEP 20018OPEN480 / 525Bluebell Queen28.76
Service Point Munster Marathon 2000Cork9 DEC 20000GROUP2640 / 700Smooth Rival39.05
Munster Millennium Puppy Cup 2000Thurles14 OCT 20000OPEN480 / 525Buster Douglas29.18
Munster Oaks 00Waterford23 SEP 20000OPEN480 / 525Airmount Lucy28.77
Munster Oaks 99 IRWaterford14 AUG 19998GROUP3480 / 525Proud Roslea28.95
Munster Oaks 98 IRWaterford22 AUG 19980GROUP3480 / 525Piggery Hill28.44
Munster Puppy Cup 97 IRClonmel11 DEC 199750FEATURE480 / 525Treasury Tag28.81
Munster Oaks 97 IRWaterford24 AUG 199750GROUP3480 / 525Flashy Get28.89
Munster Cup 88 IRClonmel1 DEC 198850FEATURE480 / 525Yes Speedy28.76
Munster Cup 87 IRClonmel1 DEC 198750FEATURE480 / 525Silver Wizzard29.00
Munster Cup 86 IR not runClonmel1 DEC 198650FEATURE480 / 5250.00
Munster Cup 85 IRClonmel1 DEC 198550FEATURE480 / 525Glen Park Dancer29.44
Munster Cup 84 IRClonmel1 DEC 198450FEATURE480 / 525Lasair Dubh30.14
Munster Cup 83 IRClonmel1 DEC 198350FEATURE480 / 525Fairplay Club29.62
Munster Cup 82 IRClonmel1 DEC 198250FEATURE480 / 525Mystery Mood30.04
Munster Cup 81 IRClonmel1 DEC 198150FEATURE480 / 525Spring Wood29.58
Munster Cup 80 IRClonmel1 DEC 198050FEATURE480 / 525Ron Hardy29.64
Munster Cup 79 IRClonmel1 DEC 197950FEATURE480 / 525The Potman29.38
Munster Cup 78 IRClonmel1 DEC 197850FEATURE480 / 525Field Service30.26
Munster Cup 77 IRClonmel1 DEC 197750FEATURE480 / 525Melange30.52
Munster Cup 76 IRClonmel1 DEC 197650FEATURE480 / 525Easter Week29.80
Munster Cup 75 IRClonmel1 DEC 197550FEATURE480 / 525Mons Pride30.30
Munster Cup 74 IRClonmel1 DEC 197450FEATURE480 / 525Mondays Glamour30.26
Munster Cup 73 IRClonmel1 DEC 197350FEATURE480 / 525Miles Apart30.20
Munster Cup 72 IRClonmel1 DEC 197250FEATURE480 / 525Big Kuda30.08
Munster Cup 71 IRClonmel1 DEC 197150FEATURE480 / 525Newdown Master30.14
Munster Cup 70 IRClonmel1 DEC 197050FEATURE480 / 525Woodman Jim29.85