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98 races with racename like laurels, country= UK, and class=4 or better

Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
ARENA RACING COMPANY LAURELS 1ST SEMI FINALPerry Barr20 APR 20244GR OR1480 / 525Jet Stream Angel28.20
ARENA RACING COMPANY LAURELS 2ND SEMI FINALPerry Barr20 APR 20246GR OR1480 / 525Kilwest Ranger28.30
ARENA RACING COMPANY LAURELS 3RD SEMI FINALPerry Barr20 APR 20248GR OR1480 / 525Acomb Irene28.51
ARENA RACING COMPANY LAURELS HEAT 1Perry Barr13 APR 20243GR OR1480 / 525Links Maverick28.36
ARENA RACING COMPANY LAURELS HEAT 2Perry Barr13 APR 20244GR OR1480 / 525Wicky Hiker28.32
ARENA RACING COMPANY LAURELS HEAT 3Perry Barr13 APR 20245GR OR1480 / 525Acomb Irene28.24
ARENA RACING COMPANY LAURELS HEAT 4Perry Barr13 APR 20246GR OR1480 / 525Jet Stream Angel28.46
ARENA RACING COMPANY LAURELS HEAT 5Perry Barr13 APR 20247GR OR1480 / 525Acomb Felix28.44
ARENA RACING COMPANY LAURELS HEAT 6Perry Barr13 APR 20248GR OR1480 / 525Eze28.43
ARENA RACING COMPANY LAURELS TRIAL STAKE DIV 1Perry Barr6 APR 20245OPEN480 / 525Darley Diglake28.49
ARENA RACING COMPANY LAURELS FINALPerry Barr29 APR 202310GR OR1.480 / 525Hawkfield Ozark28.03
ARENA RACING COMPANY LAURELS 1ST SEMI-FINALPerry Barr22 APR 20236GR OR1.480 / 525Goldies Perryman28.29
ARENA RACING COMPANY LAURELS 2ND SEMI-FINALPerry Barr22 APR 20237GR OR1.480 / 525Hawkfield Ozark28.09
ARENA RACING COMPANY LAURELS HEAT 1Perry Barr15 APR 20236GR OR1.480 / 525Noels Choice28.64
ARENA RACING COMPANY LAURELS HEAT 2Perry Barr15 APR 20237GR OR1.480 / 525Coolavanny Shado27.97
ARENA RACING COMPANY LAURELS HEAT 3Perry Barr15 APR 20238GR OR1.480 / 525Hurry Up Jordan28.33
ARENA RACING COMPANY LAURELS HEAT 4Perry Barr15 APR 20239GR OR1.480 / 525Swift Iconic28.44
ARENA RACING COMPANY LAURELS FINALPerry Barr22 APR 202111GROUP1480 / 525Havana Class28.68
Conlon Family And Pinpoint Recruitment Laurels FinNewcastle (Brough Park)13 DEC 201811GROUP2480 / 525Nadurra Ross28.46
RPGTV Laurels Final HT 8Bellevue14 DEC 20168OPEN470 / 514Hiya Butt27.49
BETFAIR LAURELS FINALBellevue8 NOV 20119GROUP1470 / 514Eden Star27.27
STANJAMES.COM LAURELS FINALBellevue5 OCT 20109GROUP1470 / 514Elwick Chris27.50
BETFRED LAURELS FINALBellevue6 OCT 20099GROUP1470 / 514Sunoak Crystal28.01
BETFRED LAURELS FINALBellevue7 OCT 20089GROUP1470 / 514Boherna Best27.90
Betfred Laurels FinalBellevue9 OCT 20079GROUP1470 / 514Kylegrove Top27.82
William Hill Laurels FinalBellevue24 OCT 20069OPEN470 / 514Clash Harmonica27.88
William Hill Laurels FinalBellevue8 NOV 20059OPEN470 / 514Blonde Boss27.86
Williamhill.co.uk Laurels FinalBellevue26 OCT 20049OPEN465 / 509Ningbo Jack27.60
English Laurels 2002 FinalBellevue22 OCT 20029GROUP2465 / 509Full Cigar27.94
English Laurels 2001 FinalBellevue23 OCT 20010GROUP2465 / 509Pack Them In27.55
English Laurels 00Bellevue10 OCT 200050GROUP2465 / 509Courts Legal27.86
English Laurels 99Bellevue26 OCT 199950GROUP2465 / 509Derbay Flyer27.80
English Laurels 98Bellevue17 OCT 19980GROUP2460 / 503Ardant Jimmy28.05
English Laurels 97Wimbledon10 OCT 199750GROUP2460 / 503El Premier27.36
English Laurels 96Wimbledon12 OCT 199650GROUP2460 / 503El Grand Senor27.52
English Laurels 95Wimbledon1 OCT 199550GROUP2460 / 503Demesne Bear27.94
English Laurels 94Wimbledon1 OCT 199450GROUP2460 / 503Deenside Dean27.97
English Laurels 93Wimbledon1 OCT 199350GROUP2460 / 503Slipaway Jaydee27.61
English Laurels 92Wimbledon1 OCT 199250GROUP2460 / 503Balligari *27.37
English Laurels 91Wimbledon1 OCT 199150GROUP2460 / 503Glengar Ranger27.47
English Laurels 90Wimbledon1 OCT 199050GROUP2460 / 503Concentration27.75
English Laurels 89Wimbledon1 OCT 198950GROUP2460 / 503Parquet Pal27.68
English Laurels 88Wimbledon1 OCT 198850GROUP2460 / 503Comeragh Boy27.86
English Laurels 87Wimbledon1 OCT 198750GROUP2460 / 503Flashy Sir0.00
English Laurels 86Wimbledon1 OCT 198650GROUP2460 / 503Mollifrend Lucky27.47
English Laurels 85Wimbledon1 OCT 198550GROUP2460 / 503Ballygroman Jim27.68
English Laurels 84Wimbledon1 OCT 198450GROUP2460 / 503Amenhotep27.82
English Laurels 83Wimbledon1 OCT 198350GROUP2460 / 503Darkie Fli27.87
English Laurels 82Wimbledon1 OCT 19820GROUP2460 / 503Lauries Panther27.79
English Laurels 81Wimbledon1 OCT 19810GROUP2460 / 503Echo Spark27.84
English Laurels 80Wimbledon16 MAY 19800GROUP1460 / 503Flying Pursuit27.89
English Laurels 79Wimbledon1 OCT 19790GROUP2460 / 503Another Spatter *27.75
English Laurels 78Wimbledon MAY 19780GROUP2460 / 503Jet Control27.45
English Laurels 77Wimbledon1 OCT 197750GROUP2460 / 503Greenfield Fox27.41
English Laurels 76Wimbledon1 OCT 197650GROUP2460 / 503Xmas Holiday27.66
English Laurels 75Wimbledon1 OCT 197550GROUP2460 / 503Pineapple Grand27.77
English Laurels 74Wimbledon1 OCT 197450GROUP2460 / 503Over Protected28.00
English Laurels 73Wimbledon1 OCT 197350GROUP2460 / 503Black Banjo27.83
English Laurels 72Wimbledon1 OCT 197250GROUP2460 / 503Cricket Bunny28.11
English Laurels 71Wimbledon1 OCT 197150GROUP2460 / 503Black Andrew27.96
English Laurels 70Wimbledon1 OCT 197050GROUP2460 / 503Sole Aim28.04
English Laurels 69Wimbledon1 OCT 196950GROUP2460 / 503Ardrine Flame27.96
English Laurels 68Wimbledon1 OCT 196850GROUP2460 / 503Ambiguous28.10
English Laurels 67Wimbledon1 OCT 196750GROUP2460 / 503Carry On Oregon27.89
English Laurels 66Wimbledon1 OCT 196650GROUP2460 / 503Super Fame28.05
English Laurels 65Wimbledon13 AUG 19650GROUP2457 / 500Conna Count *28.13
English Laurels 64Wimbledon1 OCT 19640GROUP2460 / 503Conna Count *28.08
English Laurels 63Wimbledon1 OCT 19630GROUP2460 / 503Dalcassian Son28.08
English Laurels 62Wimbledon1 OCT 196250GROUP2460 / 503Tuturama27.83
English Laurels 61Wimbledon1 OCT 196150GROUP2460 / 503Clonalvy Pride27.66
English Laurels 60Wimbledon1 OCT 196050GROUP2460 / 503Dunstown Paddy28.02
English Laurels 59Wimbledon1 OCT 195950GROUP2460 / 503Mighty Hassan28.01
English Laurels 58Wimbledon1 OCT 195850GROUP2460 / 503Granthamian28.57
English Laurels 57Wimbledon23 AUG 19570GROUP2460 / 503Ford Spartan27.89
English Laurels 56Wimbledon1 OCT 195650GROUP2460 / 503Duet Leader28.13
English Laurels 56Wimbledon24 AUG 19560GROUP2460 / 503Duet Leader28.13
English Laurels 54Wimbledon1 OCT 19540GROUP2460 / 503Coolkill Chieftain28.05
English Laurels 53Wimbledon1 OCT 195350GROUP2460 / 503Polonius28.04
English Laurels 52Wimbledon1 OCT 195250GROUP2460 / 503Endless Gossip *27.96
English Laurels 51Wimbledon1 OCT 195150GROUP2460 / 503Ballylanigan Tanist28.37
English Laurels 50Wimbledon1 OCT 195050GROUP2460 / 503Ballymac Ball28.19
English Laurels 49Wimbledon1 OCT 194950GROUP2460 / 503Ballymac Ball28.61
English Laurels 48Wimbledon1 OCT 194850GROUP2460 / 503Good Worker28.49
English Laurels 47Wimbledon1 OCT 194750GROUP2460 / 503Rimmells Black28.77
English Laurels 46Wimbledon1 OCT 19460GROUP2460 / 503Shannon Shore28.26
English Laurels 45Wimbledon1 OCT 194550GROUP2460 / 503Burhill Moon28.42
English Laurels 40Wimbledon1 OCT 194050GROUP2460 / 503April Burglar28.56
English Laurels 39Wimbledon1 OCT 193950GROUP2460 / 503Musical Duke28.42
English Laurels 38Wimbledon1 OCT 193850GROUP2460 / 503Ballyhennessy Sandills28.59
English Laurels 37Wimbledon1 OCT 193750GROUP2460 / 503Ballyhennessy Sandills28.25
English Laurels 36Wimbledon1 OCT 193650GROUP2460 / 503Top of the Carlow Road28.39
English Laurels 35Wimbledon1 OCT 193550GROUP2460 / 503Kitshine29.05
English Laurels 34Wimbledon1 OCT 19340GROUP2460 / 503Brilliant Bob28.46
English Laurels 33Wimbledon1 OCT 193350GROUP2460 / 503Wild Woolley28.80
English Laurels 32Wimbledon1 OCT 193250GROUP2460 / 503Beef Cutlet28.47
English Laurels 31Wimbledon1 OCT 193150GROUP2460 / 503Future Cutlet28.52
English Laurels 30Wimbledon1 OCT 193050GROUP2460 / 503Kilbrean Boy29.20