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96 races with racename like greenwich cup, any country,

Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
GREENWICH ROTARY CLUB RACE HT 4Crayford6 MAR 20184OPEN540 / 591Greenfield Gate34.02
THE GREENWICH GARDENING CLUB STAKES HT 5Crayford1 DEC 20175GR A3380 / 416Kerstin Boy23.29
ROTARY CLUB OF GREENWICH STAKES HT 7Crayford28 APR 20177GR S3540 / 591Ballybee Charlie34.04
GREENWICH ROTARY CLUB STAKES HT 5Crayford1 APR 20165GR S7540 / 591Ilewin Wotevah35.06
GREENWICH ROTARY CLUB STAKES HT 12Crayford20 MAR 201512GR S6540 / 591Hulla Lady34.72
THE MAYOR OF GREENWICH STAKESCrayford15 APR 20111GR A8380 / 416Cappananty Rose24.29
THE MAYOR OF GREENWICH STAKESCrayford15 APR 20119GR A5380 / 416Mandeville Dawn24.00
THE GREENWICH ROTARY CLUB STAKESCrayford18 MAR 201111GR A2380 / 416Kereight Nell23.64
THE MAYOR OF GREENWICH STAKESCrayford30 APR 20103GR S6540 / 591Welcome Return34.71
THE GREENWICH ROTARY CLUB STAKESCrayford5 FEB 20109OPEN714 / 781Ardmayle Proud45.39
THE MAYOR OF GREENWICH STAKESCrayford30 MAR 20092GR H3380 / 416Pendle Whojo25.25
THE GREENWICH ROTARY STAKESCrayford23 FEB 200912GR S2540 / 591Cranham Star33.64
THE MAYOR OF GREENWICH STAKESCrayford21 APR 200811GR A1380 / 416Bonnie Ben23.49
THE MAYOR OF GREENWICH STAKESCrayford16 APR 20073GR H3380 / 416Cozar25.16
THE MAYOR OF GREENWICH STAKESCrayford3 APR 20061GR S8540 / 591Albert35.05
THE MAYORESS OF GREENWICH STAKESCrayford3 APR 200613GR S1540 / 591Drumragh Emms33.90
THE MAYOR OF GREENWICH STAKESCrayford11 APR 20051GR A4380 / 416Jammin23.80
THE MAYORESS OF GREENWICH STAKESCrayford11 APR 200512GR A1380 / 416Newlawn Tony23.52
THE MAYOR OF GREENWICH STAKES - sponsored by the MCrayford5 APR 20041GR S8540 / 591Benny the Dip35.00
THE GREENWICH GLASS AND JOINERY STAKESCatford30 AUG 20037GR S3555 / 607Annual Image36.33
Greenwich Cup Final 2003Catford5 APR 20030FEATURE555 / 607Shevchenko35.04
The William Hill Greenwich Cup FinalCatford20 APR 200210OPEN555 / 607Droopys Candice34.53
The William Hill Greenwich Cup 1st Semi FinalCatford16 APR 20026OPEN555 / 607Top Power34.88
The William Hill Greenwich Cup 2nd Semi FinalCatford16 APR 20028OPEN555 / 607Kinda Sleepy35.04
The William Hill Greenwich Cup 3rd Semi FinalCatford16 APR 200210OPEN555 / 607No Response35.23
THE MAYOR OF GREENWICH STAKES - sponsored by the MCrayford15 APR 200212GR E1714 / 781Merlins Queen46.21
The William Hill Greenwich Cup Heat 1Catford11 APR 20025OPEN555 / 607Top Shower35.23
The William Hill Greenwich Cup Heat 2Catford11 APR 20026OPEN555 / 607Top Power34.90
The William Hill Greenwich Cup Heat 3Catford11 APR 20027OPEN555 / 607Rio Bronco35.06
The William Hill Greenwich Cup Heat 4Catford11 APR 20028OPEN555 / 607Droopys Candice35.12
The William Hill Greenwich Cup Heat 5Catford11 APR 20029OPEN555 / 607Hollinwood Buck34.92
The William Hill Greenwich Cup Heat 6Catford11 APR 200210OPEN555 / 607Okay Maggie35.50
The William Hill Greenwich Cup Trial Stakes 'Div ECatford4 APR 20028OPEN555 / 607Esme Weatherwax35.24
The William Hill Greenwich Cup Trial Stakes 'Div DCatford4 APR 20029OPEN555 / 607Another Scare35.14
The William Hill Greenwich Cup Trial Stakes 'Div CCatford4 APR 200210OPEN555 / 607Kinda Sleepy34.88
The William Hill Greenwich Cup Trial Stakes 'Div BCatford4 APR 200211OPEN555 / 607Top Power34.98
The William Hill Greenwich Cup Trial Stakes 'Div ACatford4 APR 200212OPEN555 / 607Katostrophic34.92
The Greenwich Sprint HurdleCatford7 MAR 20023OPEN385 / 421Millies Champion24.42
Brake Bros Greenwich Cup 2001Catford21 APR 200111FEATURE555 / 607Koko Casino34.86
Greenwich Cup 00 UKCatford22 APR 200050OPEN555 / 607Allez Vieira35.07
THE E.COOMES GREENWICH CUP - FINALCatford15 MAY 19990OPEN555 / 607Westmead Leo34.77
THE E.COOMES GREENWICH CUP - 1ST SEMI-FINALCatford10 MAY 19990OPEN555 / 607Pure Patches34.69
THE E.COOMES GREENWICH CUP - 2ND SEMI-FINALCatford10 MAY 19990OPEN555 / 607Bubbly Lad34.96
THE E.COOMES GREENWICH CUP - 3RD SEMI-FINALCatford10 MAY 19990OPEN555 / 607Magical You Kay34.99
The E.Coomes Greenwich Cup - Heat 1Catford6 MAY 19990OPEN555 / 607Droopys Celine34.93
The E.Coomes Greenwich Cup - Heat 2Catford6 MAY 19990OPEN555 / 607Bubbly Lad34.71
The E.Coomes Greenwich Cup - Heat 3Catford6 MAY 19990OPEN555 / 607Magical You Kay35.21
The E.Coomes Greenwich Cup - Heat 4Catford6 MAY 19990OPEN555 / 607Carriglea Bart34.92
The E.Coomes Greenwich Cup - Heat 5Catford6 MAY 19990OPEN555 / 607Principal Meteor35.28
The E.Coomes Greenwich Cup - Heat 6Catford6 MAY 19990OPEN555 / 607Pure Patches35.04
The 2nd E.Coomes Greenwich Cup Trial Stakes - DiviCatford1 MAY 19990OPEN555 / 607Bombardier Plumm35.31
The 2nd E.Coomes Greenwich Cup Trial Stakes - DiviCatford1 MAY 19990OPEN555 / 607Granard Express35.61
The 2nd E.Coomes Greenwich Cup Trial Stakes - DiviCatford1 MAY 19990OPEN555 / 607Herald Vieira35.39
The 2nd E.Coomes Greenwich Cup Trial Stakes - DiviCatford1 MAY 19990OPEN555 / 607Magical You Kay35.57
Greenwich Cup 99 UKCatford1 MAY 199950FEATURE555 / 607Westmead Leo34.77
The E.Coomes Greenwich Cup - 1st Trial StakesCatford24 APR 19990OPEN555 / 607Marcello35.33
The E.Coomes Greenwich Cup - 1st Trial Stakes - DuCatford24 APR 19990OPEN555 / 607Night Fever35.40
The E.Coomes Greenwich Cup - 1st Trial Stakes - DuCatford24 APR 19990OPEN555 / 607Pure Patches35.04
Greenwich Cup 98 UKCatford16 MAY 199850GROUP3555 / 607Lenson Billy34.85
Greenwich Cup 97 UKCatford10 MAY 199750FEATURE555 / 607Roses Opinion35.04
Greenwich Cup 96 UKCatford1 MAY 199650FEATURE555 / 607Barefoot Heix34.71
Greenwich Cup 95 UKCatford1 MAY 199550FEATURE555 / 607Deenside Joe34.78
Greenwich Cup 94 UKCatford1 MAY 199450FEATURE555 / 607Wexford Minx34.70
Greenwich Cup 93 UKCatford1 MAY 199350FEATURE555 / 607Unlikely34.92
Greenwich Cup 92 UKCatford1 MAY 199250FEATURE555 / 607Liberal Girl34.84
Greenwich Cup 91 UKCatford1 MAY 199150FEATURE555 / 607Express Mail35.13
Greenwich Cup 90 UKCatford1 MAY 199050FEATURE517 / 565Rock On John33.05
Greenwich Cup 89 UKCatford1 MAY 198950FEATURE555 / 607Alley Bally34.59
Greenwich Cup 88 UKCatford1 MAY 198850FEATURE555 / 607Catch Ruby34.96
Greenwich Cup 87 UKCatford1 MAY 198750FEATURE555 / 607Anneka34.84
Greenwich Cup 86 UKCatford1 MAY 198650FEATURE555 / 607Ballyhaden Queen35.18
Greenwich Cup 85 UKCatford1 MAY 198550FEATURE555 / 607Velvet Vicky35.00
Greenwich Cup 84 UKCatford1 MAY 198450FEATURE555 / 607If So35.50
Greenwich Cup 83 UKCatford1 MAY 198350FEATURE555 / 607Ceili Lass35.37
Greenwich Cup 82 UKCatford1 MAY 198250FEATURE555 / 607Apapa Song34.83
Greenwich Cup 81 UKCatford1 MAY 198150FEATURE555 / 607Prohibition35.85
Greenwich Cup 80 UKCatford1 MAY 198050FEATURE555 / 607Weston Bluebell35.40
Greenwich Cup 79 UKCatford1 MAY 197950FEATURE555 / 607How Much36.09
Greenwich Cup 78 UKCatford1 MAY 197850FEATURE555 / 607Loyal Katie35.01
Greenwich Cup 77 UKCatford1 MAY 197750FEATURE555 / 607Weston Wonderful35.12
Greenwich Cup 76 UKCatford1 MAY 197650FEATURE555 / 607Paradise Peg *34.82
Greenwich Cup 75 UKCatford1 MAY 197550FEATURE555 / 607Mystery Careless35.81
Greenwich Cup 74 UKCatford1 MAY 197450FEATURE558 / 610High Priestess35.39
The Greenwich CupCatford16 MAR 19740FEATURE558 / 610High Priestess35.39
Greenwich Cup 73 UKCatford1 MAY 197350FEATURE384 / 420By Design23.77
Greenwich Cup 72 UKCatford1 MAY 197250FEATURE384 / 420Mini Moose24.40
Greenwich Cup 70 UKCharlton1 MAY 19700FEATURE37 / 40Wee Garryduff99.00
Greenwich Cup 69 UKCharlton1 MAY 19690FEATURE379 / 414Annahope35.24
Greenwich Cup 68 UKNew Cross1 MAY 196850FEATURE549 / 600Shady Bunny35.18
Greenwich Cup 67 UKNew Cross1 MAY 196750FEATURE549 / 600Bettystown Lass35.09
Greenwich Cup 66 UKNew Cross1 MAY 196650FEATURE549 / 600Laughing Flame36.24
The Greenwich Cup FinalNew Cross28 OCT 19610OPEN379 / 414Glideaway Colleen24.34
The Greenwich Cup FinalNew Cross1 NOV 19580OPEN379 / 414Precious Princess23.98
The Greenwich Cup FinalNew Cross2 NOV 19570OPEN379 / 414Silver Strand24.21
The Greenwich Cup FinalNew Cross7 NOV 19530OPEN379 / 414Judy Luck24.13