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294 races with racename like grand prix, country= UK, and class=4 or better
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
THE SATURDAY MAIDEN MONKEY STANDARD - GRAND FINALYarmouth20 APR 20249GR OR3462 / 505Ballymac Zoomey28.04
The ARC Grand Prix 2024 FinalSunderland19 APR 20248GR OR1640 / 700Farneys Willie39.33
The ARC Grand Prix - Semi Final 1Sunderland12 APR 20245GR OR1640 / 700Agile Ange39.67
The ARC Grand Prix - Semi Final 2Sunderland12 APR 20246GR OR1640 / 700Farneys Willie39.75
The ARC Grand Prix - Semi Final 3Sunderland12 APR 20247GR OR1640 / 700Savana Heross39.39
The ARC Grand Prix - Heat 1Sunderland5 APR 20243GR OR1640 / 700Savana Shay39.99
The ARC Grand Prix - Heat 2Sunderland5 APR 20244GR OR1640 / 700Savana Heross39.88
The ARC Grand Prix - Heat 3Sunderland5 APR 20245GR OR1640 / 700Savana Jazz39.91
The ARC Grand Prix - Heat 4Sunderland5 APR 20246GR OR1640 / 700Greenwell Ange39.34
The ARC Grand Prix - Heat 5Sunderland5 APR 20247GR OR1640 / 700Coonough Crow39.26
The ARC Grand Prix - Heat 6Sunderland5 APR 20248GR OR1640 / 700Innfield Charm39.50
THE SATURDAY MAIDEN MONKEY STANDARD - GRAND FINALYarmouth30 MAR 20249GR OR3462 / 505Drumdoit Jack27.73
THE MWD PARTNERSHIP SPRINT - GRAND FINALYarmouth20 SEP 20239GR OR3.277 / 303Quagos Jack16.02
THE MWD PARTNERSHIP DERBY PURSE - GRAND FINALYarmouth20 SEP 202310GR OR3.659 / 721Aayamza Sydney40.83
RAZLDAZL RAIDIO GRAND NATIONAL HURDLECrayford26 AUG 20234OPEN380 / 416Magical Oscar23.84
GIZMO PASHA GRAND NATIONAL MAIDEN STAYERSCrayford26 AUG 20235OPEN714 / 781Clairkeith Cloud46.07
LADBROKES GRAND NATIONAL - FinalCrayford26 AUG 202311GR OR1.540 / 591Coppice Fox34.59
CORNAMADDY JUMBO GRAND NATIONAL STAYERSCrayford26 AUG 202313OPEN714 / 781Roll On Sydney45.46
SHERRYS PRINCE GRAND NATIONAL 540Crayford26 AUG 202314OPEN540 / 591Jennifer Anne33.76
LADBROKES GRAND NATIONAL - Heat 1Crayford19 AUG 20238GR OR1.540 / 591Coppice Fox35.05
LADBROKES GRAND NATIONAL - Heat 2Crayford19 AUG 202311GR OR1.540 / 591Chippy Brady35.14
The XL Windows East Anglian Challenge Grand FinalYarmouth19 AUG 202311GR OR3.462 / 505Coolavanny Shado27.42
LADBROKES GRAND NATIONAL TRIAL STAKESCrayford5 AUG 20232OPEN540 / 591Velvet Berlin34.15
The Arena Racing Company Grand Prix FinalSunderland21 APR 202310GR OR1.640 / 700Coonough Crow39.40
The Arena Racing Company Grand Prix Semi Final 1Sunderland14 APR 20238GR OR1.640 / 700Skywalker Stan39.56
The Arena Racing Company Grand Prix Semi Final 2Sunderland14 APR 20239GR OR1.640 / 700Coonough Crow39.15
The Y.G.O.T.A. Stayers Kennel Sweepstakes - Grand Yarmouth8 APR 202311GR S2.659 / 721Kilgarran Lime40.70
The Arena Racing Company Grand Prix Heat 1Sunderland7 APR 20236GR OR1.640 / 700Darbys Delight39.39
The Arena Racing Company Grand Prix Heat 2Sunderland7 APR 20237GR OR1.640 / 700Links Top Gun39.45
The Arena Racing Company Grand Prix Heat 3Sunderland7 APR 20238GR OR1.640 / 700Onyago Gill39.85
The Arena Racing Company Grand Prix Heat 4Sunderland7 APR 20239GR OR1.640 / 700Droopys Soldier39.47
LADBROKES GRAND NATIONAL - 1st Semi-FinalCrayford19 NOV 20224GR OR1.380 / 416Magical Oscar23.70
LADBROKES GRAND NATIONAL - 2nd Semi-FinalCrayford19 NOV 20228GR OR1.380 / 416Bobbing Gnavatar23.46
The George Ing St Leger - Grand FinalYarmouth26 MAR 202211GROUP1659 / 721Blueberry Bullet40.80
The George Ing St Leger - Grand FinalYarmouth29 MAY 202111GROUP1659 / 721Blue Tick George40.31
RPGTV Grand National FinalCentral Park9 MAY 202110GROUP1480 / 525Meenagh Maverick29.53
THE ARC GRAND PRIX FINALSunderland20 APR 202110GROUP2640 / 700Coolavanny Bani39.21
Colossus Bets Grand National FinalCentral Park8 NOV 202010GROUP1480 / 525Roxholme Biscuit29.50
THE CEARNSPORT GRAND NATIONAL FINAL HT 10Central Park28 APR 201910GROUP2480 / 525Caislean Fifi29.30
THE 70th EAST ANGLIAN DERBY GRAND FINAL HT 10Yarmouth14 SEP 201610GROUP1462 / 505Clondoty Alex27.79
THE WILLIAM HILL GRAND PRIX FINAL HT 9Sunderland13 JUL 20169GROUP1640 / 700Pinpoint Boom39.27
THE TOTEPOOL 69th EAST ANGLIAN DERBY GRAND FINAL HYarmouth16 SEP 201510GROUP1462 / 505Do It for Twiggy27.82
WILLIAM HILL GRAND PRIX FINALSunderland9 JUL 201411OPEN640 / 700Farley Rio39.40
Grand National Final 2013Central Park17 OCT 201311GROUP1480 / 525Mash Mad Snowy29.31
Cearnsport Grand NationalCentral Park21 AUG 20128FEATURE480 / 525Baran Bally Hi29.53
THE WILLIAMHILL.COM GRAND PRIX FINALSunderland12 JUL 201220GROUP1640 / 700Swabys Princess40.49
THE 65th EAST ANGLIAN GREYHOUND DERBY GRAND FINALYarmouth15 SEP 20119GROUP1462 / 505Ballymac Ace27.89
THE MAGNERS SPRINT GRAND FINALYarmouth14 SEP 20119GROUP3277 / 303Burnpark Brave16.54
THE DERBY PURSE GRAND FINALYarmouth14 SEP 201111GROUP3659 / 721Blonde Fletch40.31
THE PRIMUS SAVER GRAND NATIONAL 2011 FINALWimbledon30 AUG 20119GROUP1480 / 525Victoria Falls29.80
THE WILLIAMHILL.COM GRAND PRIX FINALSunderland14 JUL 20118GROUP1640 / 700Blonde Fletch39.45
THE BETFAIR 64th EAST ANGLIAN DERBY GRAND FINALYarmouth16 SEP 20109GROUP1462 / 505Fear Zafonic *27.46
WILLIAMHILL.COM GRAND PRIXSunderland15 JUL 20108GROUP1640 / 700England Expects39.50
williamhill.com GRAND NATIONAL FINALWimbledon29 JUN 20109GROUP1480 / 525Plane Daddy29.21
The Grolsch Grand Prix - FinalNottingham26 APR 201012OPEN680 / 744Beautiful City41.95
GRAND PRIX FINALHenlow25 MAR 20108OPEN692 / 757Capel Yankee42.26
63rd EAST ANGLIAN DERBY GRAND FINALYarmouth22 SEP 20099GROUP1462 / 505Fear Zafonic *27.57
THE WILLIAM HILL GRAND PRIX FINALSunderland16 JUL 20098OPEN640 / 700Crown Rover40.27
The Grolsch Grand Prix - FinalNottingham20 APR 200913OPEN680 / 744Bansha Folly42.41
STANJAMES.COM GRAND NATIONAL FINALWimbledon7 APR 20099GROUP1460 / 503Hotdog Jack28.49
THE BETFAIR 62nd EAST ANGLIAN DERBY GRAND FINALYarmouth23 SEP 20089GROUP1462 / 505Ninja Jamie 27.40
THE DERBY PURSE GRAND FINALYarmouth18 SEP 200812GROUP2659 / 721Barnfield Loreto40.98
THE WILLIAM HILL GRAND PRIX FINALSunderland10 JUL 20088OPEN640 / 700Lenson Joker39.29
STAN JAMES UK GRAND NATIONAL FINALWimbledon15 APR 20089OPEN460 / 503Kildare Lark28.63
THE 50th YARMOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP - GRAND FINALYarmouth29 DEC 200710GROUP3462 / 505Mitchnmaxs Deano28.30
THE KRONENBOURG SPRINT - GRAND FINALYarmouth20 SEP 20077OPEN277 / 303Beardys Robbie16.46
THE DERBY PURSE - GRAND FINALYarmouth20 SEP 20079GROUP3659 / 721Masterpiece40.77
THE 61st EAST ANGLIAN GREYHOUND DERBY - GRAND FINAYarmouth20 SEP 200711OPEN462 / 505Blackrose Mars27.71
VC BET GRAND PRIX FINALWalthamstow4 SEP 20079GROUP1640 / 700Foulden Special39.45
TV TROPHY - GRAND FINALYarmouth5 JUN 20079GROUP1843 / 922Spiridon Louis53.42
THE WILLIAM HILL GRAND PRIX FINALSunderland22 MAY 20078GROUP1640 / 700Go Edie Honda39.24
BETFAIR.COM GRAND NATIONAL FINALWimbledon8 MAY 20079GROUP1460 / 503Jos Cigar28.07
The Grolsch Grand Prix - FinalNottingham23 APR 200713GROUP2680 / 744Blonde Pearl41.99
THE 49th YARMOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP - GRAND FINALYarmouth22 DEC 200610GR A1462 / 505Aghaburren Wood28.05
Williamhill.co.uk Grand National FinalWimbledon3 OCT 20069GROUP1460 / 503Suit Man28.30
THE VC BET GRAND PRIX FINALWalthamstow30 SEP 200612GROUP1640 / 700January Tiger39.47
THE DERBY PURSE - GRAND FINALYarmouth14 SEP 20067OPEN659 / 721Bells Top Rumble41.15
THE KRONENBOURG SPRINT - GRAND FINALYarmouth14 SEP 20069OPEN277 / 303Ballymac Rooster16.60
THE 60th EAST ANGLIAN GREYHOUND DERBY - GRAND FINAYarmouth14 SEP 200611GROUP1462 / 505Geordie Parker27.94
Swindon Half Grand FinalSwindon2 SEP 20068OPEN509 / 557Rhyzome Wizard30.14
www.lovethedogs.com HALF GRAND SPRINT FINALOxford22 AUG 20067FEATURE250 / 273Bosco Flyer15.18
Oxford Half Grand Midi FinalOxford15 AUG 200610OPEN595 / 651Grayfox Chip36.76
Oxford Half Grand Standard FinalOxford8 AUG 200610OPEN450 / 492Clodiagh Flight27.17
Oxford Half Grand Stayers FinalOxford1 AUG 200610OPEN645 / 705Dark Hondo40.13
Oxford Half Grand Midi FINALOxford18 JUL 200610OPEN595 / 651Drominboy Jet36.94
Oxford Half Grand 450 FINALOxford11 JUL 20068OPEN450 / 492Emporio Lord27.00
Oxford Half Grand Midi (Final)Oxford4 JUL 20068OPEN595 / 651Terrydrum Ivor37.43
450 HALF GRAND FINALOxford30 MAY 20068OPEN450 / 492Brave Prospect26.83
595 HALF GRAND FINALOxford23 MAY 20069OPEN595 / 651Big Archie37.08
CARLSBERG GRAND FINALHenlow22 MAY 200612OPEN460 / 503Clan Royal28.19
The Grolsch Grand Prix - FinalNottingham17 APR 200611OPEN700 / 766Blonde Pearl43.40
THE RYE HALF GRAND STANDARD FINALRye House24 DEC 2005A9OPEN480 / 525Combridge Fizz30.05
RYE HALF GRAND MINI FINALRye House11 DEC 20059OPEN383 / 419Burrow Breaker23.77
THE 48th YARMOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP - GRAND FINALYarmouth10 DEC 200510GR A1462 / 505Dunmurry Honcho28.48
RYE HALF GRAND SPRINT FINALRye House4 DEC 20059OPEN270 / 295Master Fitz16.40
THE RYE HALF GRAND STANDARD-FinalRye House30 OCT 20059OPEN480 / 525Oneforthelads29.41
williamhill.co.uk GRAND NATIONAL FINALWimbledon25 OCT 20059OPEN460 / 503Lethal Rumble28.49
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