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85 races with racename like grand national, country= IE, and class=4 or better

Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
The Noel Ryan Tree Surgeon Intertrack Grand FinalWaterford17 NOV 20126GR AA0480 / 525Kellsboro Hawk28.81
The Formula One Grand Prix FinalCork21 APR 20129OPEN480 / 525Milldean Panther28.24
The 2011 Champion of the Cross Grand FinalHarolds Cross3 JAN 20128OPEN480 / 525Takeshis Castle29.25
The Red Mills A0/A1 Grand Prize FinalEnniscorthy17 DEC 20097GROUP2480 / 525Perilous Guide28.81
THE PADDY O'GORMAN GRAND PRIX 575 FinalGalway17 DEC 20098GROUP1526 / 575Broadacres Turbo31.48
The 2009 Vetsearch Irish Grand National FinalHarolds Cross6 NOV 20098GROUP1480 / 525Distant Legend29.10
The Star A1 570 Grand Prix FinalHarolds Cross3 JUL 20096GROUP2521 / 570Corporate Option31.21
The 2008 Vetsearch Irish Grand National ConsolatioHarolds Cross31 OCT 20084GR H0480 / 525Leading Layer29.25
Red Mills Grand Prize FinalEnniscorthy13 DEC 20078OPEN503 / 550Night Prowler30.32
The 2007 Vetsearch Irish Grand National FinalHarolds Cross2 NOV 20077GROUP2480 / 525Comans Joe29.65
FINAL RED MILLS GRAND PRIZE OPENEnniscorthy4 DEC 20068OPEN526 / 575Sly Fox31.85
The Baggot Racing Irish Grand National ConsolationHarolds Cross21 NOV 20066FEATURE480 / 525Druids Forrest29.66
The Baggot Racing Irish Grand National FinalHarolds Cross21 NOV 20067GROUP1480 / 525Taipan29.66
Harold's Cross Bookmakers Grand PrixHarolds Cross9 DEC 20058OPEN521 / 570Amidus Laura31.50
The Baggot Racing Irish Grand National ConsolationHarolds Cross25 NOV 20057OPEN480 / 525Top Lark29.75
The Baggot Racing Irish Grand National FinalHarolds Cross25 NOV 20058OPEN480 / 525Druids Aghadoe29.76
Baggotracing Irish Grand NationalHarolds Cross12 NOV 20048OPEN480 / 525Joe Bananas29.32
“Vodafone” Grand Prix 2003Harolds Cross7 DEC 20038OPEN526 / 575World Class31.45
“Red Mills” Grand Prize 2003Enniscorthy4 DEC 20036GROUP2549 / 600Canary Captain33.41
Vodafone Grand Prix Semi 1Harolds Cross28 NOV 20038OPEN526 / 575Awesome Impact31.28
Vodafone Grand Prix 2003 2.nd SemiHarolds Cross28 NOV 20039OPEN526 / 575Alamshar31.45
Irish Grand National 2003Harolds Cross10 OCT 20035GROUP1480 / 525Frightened Pig29.34
Vodafone Grand Prix 575 2002 FinalHarolds Cross24 NOV 20028OPEN526 / 575Serene Rumble30.83
Irish Grand National 02 FNLHarolds Cross11 OCT 20020OPEN480 / 525Bestofthebunch29.93
Irish Grand Prix 2001Harolds Cross23 NOV 20017OPEN526 / 575Veras Rovey31.42
Irish Grand National 2001Harolds Cross12 OCT 20016OPEN480 / 525Switchtoplanb29.43
Red Mills Grand Prize 01Enniscorthy16 AUG 20018OPEN480 / 525Lilac Vintage28.97
Enniscorty Grand Prize 00Enniscorthy2 NOV 20000FEATURE480 / 525Ballinaboola Euro30.83
Irish Grand National 00 IRShelbourne Park14 OCT 20000FEATURE480 / 525Autumn Merlin29.20
Irish Grand Prix 00Shelbourne Park29 JUL 20000GROUP2686 / 750Frightful Billy42.18
Irish Grand National 99 IRShelbourne Park16 OCT 19995GROUP2480 / 525Tarn Bay Flash29.38
Enniscorty Grand Prize 99 IREnniscorthy7 OCT 19990FEATURE549 / 600Elteen Dubh33.26
Irish Grand Prix 99Shelbourne Park7 AUG 19990GROUP2686 / 750Allegro Royale42.36
Irish Grand National 98 IRShelbourne Park17 OCT 19980GROUP2480 / 525Lynmac Flyer29.61
Enniscorty Grand Prize 98 IREnniscorthy8 OCT 19980FEATURE480 / 525Woman Power29.17
Irish Grand Prix 98Shelbourne Park7 AUG 19980GROUP2686 / 750Nifty Niamh42.86
Irish Grand National 97 IRShelbourne Park25 OCT 199750GROUP2480 / 525Simon Simon0.00
Irish Grand Prix 97Shelbourne Park16 AUG 199750GROUP2686 / 750Hilton Patch43.05
Enniscorty Grand Prize 97 IREnniscorthy7 AUG 199750FEATURE503 / 550Spartaregis30.73
Irish Grand National 96 IRShelbourne Park25 OCT 199650GROUP2480 / 525Gates to Haven29.61
Irish Grand National 95 IRShelbourne Park25 OCT 199550GROUP2480 / 525Super Gunboat29.91
Irish Grand National 94 IRShelbourne Park25 OCT 199450GROUP2480 / 525Bayview Blaze29.72
Irish Grand National 93 IRShelbourne Park25 OCT 199350GROUP2480 / 525Hillview Leader30.27
Irish Grand National 92 IRShelbourne Park25 OCT 199250GROUP2480 / 525Whos Lost30.32
Irish Grand National 91 IRShelbourne Park25 OCT 199150GROUP2480 / 525Yacht Club30.14
Irish Grand National 90 IRShelbourne Park25 OCT 199050GROUP2480 / 525Gizmo Pasha29.67
Irish Grand National 89 IRShelbourne Park25 OCT 198950GROUP2480 / 525Handball30.06
Irish Grand National 88 IRShelbourne Park25 OCT 198850GROUP2480 / 525Handball30.19
Grand Prize 88 IREnniscorthy1 AUG 198850FEATURE503 / 5500.00
Irish Grand National 87 IRShelbourne Park25 OCT 198750GROUP2480 / 525Off You Sail30.48
Grand Prize 87 IREnniscorthy1 AUG 198750FEATURE503 / 5500.00
Irish Grand National 86 IRShelbourne Park25 OCT 198650GROUP2480 / 525Sandblinder30.04
Grand Prize 86 IREnniscorthy1 AUG 198650FEATURE503 / 5500.00
Irish Grand National 85 IRThurles25 OCT 198550GROUP2480 / 525Mars Mist30.14
Grand Prize 85 IREnniscorthy1 AUG 198550FEATURE503 / 5500.00
Irish Grand National 84 IRThurles1 OCT 198450GROUP2480 / 525Buanait30.42
Grand Prize 84 IREnniscorthy1 AUG 198450FEATURE503 / 5500.00
Irish Grand National 83 IRThurles1 OCT 198350GROUP2480 / 525Arabian Knight30.68
Grand Prize 83 IREnniscorthy1 AUG 198350FEATURE503 / 5500.00
Irish Grand National 82 IRThurles1 OCT 198250GROUP2480 / 525Master Bob30.06
Grand Prize 82 IREnniscorthy1 AUG 198250FEATURE503 / 5500.00
Irish Grand National 81 IRThurles1 OCT 198150GROUP2480 / 525Face the Mutt30.16
Grand Prize 81 IREnniscorthy1 AUG 198150FEATURE503 / 5500.00
Irish Grand National 80 IRThurles1 OCT 198050GROUP2480 / 525Killerisk Prince30.42
Grand Prize 80 IREnniscorthy1 AUG 198050FEATURE503 / 5500.00
Irish Grand National 79 IRThurles1 OCT 197950GROUP2480 / 525Keeragh Sambo30.20
Grand Prize 79 IREnniscorthy1 AUG 197950FEATURE503 / 5500.00
Irish Grand National 78 IRThurles1 OCT 197850GROUP2480 / 525Bowery Music30.40
Irish Grand National 77 IRThurles1 OCT 197750GROUP2480 / 525Pick Me29.96
Irish Grand National 76 IRThurles1 OCT 197650GROUP2480 / 525Pick Me30.14
Irish Grand National 75 IRThurles1 OCT 197550GROUP2480 / 525Own Kuda30.14
Irish Grand National 74 IRThurles1 OCT 197450GROUP2480 / 525Special30.95
Irish Grand National 73 IRThurles1 OCT 197350GROUP2480 / 525Special29.75
Irish Grand National 72 IRThurles1 OCT 197250GROUP2480 / 525Special30.85
Irish Grand National 71 IRThurles1 OCT 197150GROUP2480 / 525Getaway Buff31.04
Irish Grand National 70 IRThurles1 OCT 197050GROUP2480 / 525Fire Hunter30.95
Irish Grand National 69 IRThurles1 OCT 196950GROUP2480 / 525Hillcrest Pride30.65
Irish Grand National 68 IRThurles1 OCT 196850GROUP2480 / 525Rusheen Rhythm30.85
Irish Grand National 67 IRThurles1 OCT 19670GROUP2480 / 525Olivers Leader30.20
Irish Grand National 66 IRThurles1 OCT 196650GROUP2480 / 525Bandit30.95
Irish Grand National 65 IRThurles1 OCT 196550GROUP2480 / 525Bolshoi Prince30.65
Irish Grand National 64IRThurles1 OCT 196450GROUP2480 / 525Ashgrove Chief31.10
Irish Grand National 63 IRThurles1 OCT 196350GROUP2480 / 525Trojan Van30.85
Irish Grand National 62 IRThurles1 OCT 196250GROUP2480 / 525Indoor Sport30.85
Irish Grand National 61 IRKilkenny1 OCT 196150GROUP2480 / 525Tropical Splendour31.15