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232 races with racename like gold collar, country= UK, and class=4 or better
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR SPRINTCrayford25 NOV 20233OPEN380 / 416King Snoop23.19
LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR STAYERS HURDLECrayford25 NOV 20234OPEN540 / 591Magical Oscar34.49
LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR MAIDEN STAYERSCrayford25 NOV 20235OPEN714 / 781Dapper Mac45.70
LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR LADIESCrayford25 NOV 20236OPEN540 / 591Liz On Faya34.29
LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR MARATHONCrayford25 NOV 20238OPEN874 / 956She Loves You56.89
LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR - FinalCrayford25 NOV 20239GR OR1.540 / 591Laughil Jess33.46
LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR CONSOLATION TROPHYCrayford25 NOV 202310OPEN540 / 591Kanturk Mills33.51
LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR HURDLECrayford25 NOV 202311OPEN380 / 416Lenson Doolin23.67
LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR STAYERS STAKESCrayford25 NOV 202312OPEN714 / 781Farneys Willie45.57
LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR - 1st Semi-FinalCrayford18 NOV 20234GR OR1.540 / 591Minnie Bullet33.59
LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR - 2nd Semi-FinalCrayford18 NOV 20236GR OR1.540 / 591Gutsy Jet33.98
LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR - 3rd Semi-FinalCrayford18 NOV 20238GR OR1.540 / 591Laughil Jess33.55
LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR - Heat 1Crayford11 NOV 20233GR OR1.540 / 591Razldazl Amanda33.42
LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR - Heat 2Crayford11 NOV 20234GR OR1.540 / 591Havana Lover33.45
LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR - Heat 3Crayford11 NOV 20236GR OR1.540 / 591Laughil Jess33.60
LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR - Heat 4Crayford11 NOV 20237GR OR1.540 / 591Dapper Mac33.57
LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR - Heat 5Crayford11 NOV 20239GR OR1.540 / 591Dazl Rolex33.71
LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR - Heat 6Crayford11 NOV 202310GR OR1.540 / 591Minnie Bullet33.49
LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR TRIAL STAKESCrayford4 NOV 20239OPEN540 / 591Havana Lover33.44
LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR TRIAL STAKESCrayford4 NOV 202311OPEN540 / 591Laughil Jess33.59
LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR TRIAL STAKESCrayford4 NOV 202313OPEN540 / 591King Ezra33.55
LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR TRIAL STAKESCrayford28 OCT 20236OPEN540 / 591Moaning Rossi33.59
ARENA RACING COMPANY SCURRY GOLD CUP FINAL 2023Perry Barr28 OCT 202310GR OR2.275 / 301Quarteira16.15
ARENA RACING COMPANY SCURRY GOLD CUP 1ST SEMI FINAPerry Barr21 OCT 20235GR OR2.275 / 301Crossfield Larry16.31
ARENA RACING COMPANY SCURRY GOLD CUP 2ND SEMI FINAPerry Barr21 OCT 20236GR OR2.275 / 301Quarteira16.10
ARENA RACING COMPANY SCURRY GOLD CUP HEAT 1Perry Barr14 OCT 20234GR OR2.275 / 301Quarteira16.04
ARENA RACING COMPANY SCURRY GOLD CUP HEAT 2Perry Barr14 OCT 20236GR OR2.275 / 301Bombout Bullet16.07
ARENA RACING COMPANY SCURRY GOLD CUP HEAT 3Perry Barr14 OCT 20238GR OR2.275 / 301Farneys Trend16.19
ARENA RACING COMPANY SCURRY GOLD CUP HEAT 4Perry Barr14 OCT 202310GR OR2.275 / 301Crossfield Larry16.34
BET GOODWIN HENLOW MAIDEN GOLD CUP 1ST SEMI FINALHenlow17 SEP 20236GR OR2.550 / 602Arthur Cider34.10
BET GOODWIN HENLOW MAIDEN GOLD CUP 2ND SEMI FINALHenlow17 SEP 20237GR OR2.550 / 602Untold Paanga33.90
BET GOODWIN HENLOW MAIDEN GOLD CUP HEAT 1Henlow10 SEP 20234GR OR2.550 / 602Arthur Cider33.52
BET GOODWIN HENLOW MAIDEN GOLD CUP HEAT 2Henlow10 SEP 20235GR OR2.550 / 602Savana Lioness33.32
BET GOODWIN HENLOW MAIDEN GOLD CUP HEAT 3Henlow10 SEP 20236GR OR2.550 / 602Untold Paanga33.42
BET GOODWIN HENLOW MAIDEN GOLD CUP HEAT 4Henlow10 SEP 20237GR OR2.550 / 602Savana Titan33.83
HENLOW MAIDEN GOLD CUP - TRIAL STAKE 1Henlow3 SEP 20231OPEN550 / 602Smooth Operator34.10
HENLOW MAIDEN GOLD CUP - TRIAL STAKE 2Henlow3 SEP 20232OPEN550 / 602Savana Lioness33.31
HENLOW MAIDEN GOLD CUP - TRIAL STAKE 3Henlow3 SEP 20233OPEN550 / 602Untold Paanga33.59
HENLOW MAIDEN GOLD CUP - TRIAL STAKE 4Henlow3 SEP 20234OPEN550 / 602Untold Kwacha34.20
HENLOW MAIDEN GOLD CUP - TRIAL STAKE 5Henlow3 SEP 20235OPEN550 / 602Zazzeras Henry33.72
LADBROKES GOLD CUP FINAL 2023Monmore26 AUG 20239GR OR1.480 / 525Links Maverick27.70
LADBROKES GOLD CUP CONSOLATION RACEMonmore26 AUG 202310OPEN480 / 525Drive On Lad28.14
LADBROKES GOLD CUP 2023 (SEMI FINAL 1)Monmore19 AUG 20234GR OR1.480 / 525Hawkfield Ozark28.36
LADBROKES GOLD CUP 2023 (SEMI FINAL 2)Monmore19 AUG 20235GR OR1.480 / 525Whyaye Man28.19
LADBROKES GOLD CUP 2023 (SEMI FINAL 3)Monmore19 AUG 20236GR OR1.480 / 525Links Maverick27.95
LADBROKES GOLD CUP 2023- HEAT 1Monmore12 AUG 20231GR OR1.480 / 525Whitings New Era28.70
LADBROKES GOLD CUP 2023- HEAT 2Monmore12 AUG 20232GR OR1.480 / 525March On Larry28.69
LADBROKES GOLD CUP 2023- HEAT 3Monmore12 AUG 20233GR OR1.480 / 525Links Maverick27.99
LADBROKES GOLD CUP 2023- HEAT 4Monmore12 AUG 20237GR OR1.480 / 525Hawkfield Ozark28.11
LADBROKES GOLD CUP 2023- HEAT 6Monmore12 AUG 20239GR OR1.480 / 525Hopes Rhino28.66
FOREST GOLD MAIDENPerry Barr13 MAY 20231OPEN480 / 525Druids Movin On29.60
GEELO GOLD DUST DASHPerry Barr13 MAY 20236OPEN275 / 301Impact George16.66
LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR - 1st Semi-FinalCrayford19 NOV 20225GR OR1.540 / 591Peejays Forever33.89
LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR - 2nd Semi-FinalCrayford19 NOV 20227GR OR1.540 / 591Savana Ruinart33.50
LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR - 3rd Semi-FinalCrayford19 NOV 20229GR OR1.540 / 591Nipsey Hustle33.94
THE 2021 LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR - FinalCrayford27 NOV 20218GROUP1540 / 591Warzone Tom33.58
ARENA RACING COMPANY SCURRY GOLD CUP FINALPerry Barr28 OCT 20219GROUP2275 / 301Crossfield Dusty16.26
LADBROKES GOLD CUP FINAL 2021Monmore21 AUG 202110GROUP1480 / 525Minglers Popeye28.45
THE 2020 LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR - FinalCrayford17 OCT 202021OPEN540 / 591Desperado Dan33.64
LADBROKES GOLD CUP FINAL 2020Monmore29 AUG 20209GROUP1480 / 525Gonzo28.31
LADBROKES GOLD CUP 2018 - FINAL HT 9Monmore23 AUG 20189GROUP1480 / 525King Turbo28.30
THE 2018 LADBROKES GOLD COLLAR - Final HT 9Crayford26 JUN 20189GROUP1540 / 591Droopys Dresden33.93
BUNNY BOOKMAKERS GOLD CUP FINAL HT 4Henlow12 APR 20184GROUP2550 / 602Slippy Maggie34.67
THE ASTUTE ELECTRONICS GOLD CUP FINAL HT 9Towcester24 MAR 20189OPEN480 / 525King Turbo27.92
THE LADBROKES GOLD CUP FINAL 2017 HT 10Monmore17 AUG 201710GROUP2480 / 525Droopys Buick27.63
TIGERLOANSCOMPANY.COM GOLD CUP HT 7Harlow18 APR 20177OPEN592 / 647Rubys Razzle37.69
LADBROKES GOLD CUP FESTIVAL 630 FINAL HT 9Monmore27 AUG 20159OPEN630 / 689Millwards Teddy37.57
THE BLANCHFORD GOLD CUP FINALOxford15 OCT 201110GROUP3450 / 492Jolly Poacher26.66
LADBROKES GOLD CUP 2011 FINALMonmore26 AUG 2011A8OPEN480 / 525Taylors Sky27.80
PRIMUS TELECOM GOLD CUP FINALHenlow30 JUN 20118GROUP2550 / 602Westmead Maldini33.41
THE 2010 BLANCHFORD GOLD CUP FINALOxford16 OCT 201010GROUP3450 / 492Jolly Poacher26.67
LADBROKES GOLD CUP 2010 FINALMonmore20 AUG 2010A8GROUP1480 / 525Bucks Yahoo28.04
Joe Hardy Memorial Gold Cup FinalPelaw Grange5 FEB 20109OPEN435 / 476Boherbradda Mac25.85
THE 2009 BLANCHFORD GOLD CUP FINALOxford17 OCT 200910GROUP3450 / 492Jolly Poacher26.53
LADBROKES GOLD CUP 2009 - FINALMonmore21 AUG 2009A9OPEN480 / 525Barbies Man27.95
TOTESPORT GOLD COLLAR FINALBellevue20 AUG 20099FEATURE590 / 645Southwind Harry35.21
2008 Blanchford Building Supplies Gold Cup FinalOxford25 OCT 200810GROUP3450 / 492Barnfield Joe26.90
TOTESPORT GOLD COLLAR FINALBellevue28 AUG 20089GROUP1590 / 645Barnfield Loreto35.21
LABROKES GOLD CUP 2008 FINALMonmore22 AUG 2008A8GROUP1480 / 525Boherna Best28.45
THE STANJAMESUK.COM SCURRY GOLD CUP FINALPerry Barr19 JUN 20089GROUP1275 / 301Boherbradda Mac15.95
ROMFORD GOLD CUP FINALRomford4 DEC 20078OPEN750 / 820Westmead Aoifa47.30
Totesport Gold Collar FinalBellevue25 SEP 20079GROUP1590 / 645Vatican Jinky35.06
Oxford Stadium Bookmakers Gold Cup FINALOxford25 AUG 200710GROUP3450 / 492Barnfield Joe26.60
LADBROKES GOLD CUP 264m FINALMonmore24 AUG 2007A6OPEN264 / 289Paid Boss15.08
LADBROKES GOLD CUP 416m FINALMonmore24 AUG 2007A7OPEN416 / 455Funtime Chunky24.33
LADBROKES GOLD CUP FINAL 2007Monmore24 AUG 2007A8OPEN480 / 525Boherna On Air28.10
LADBROKES GOLD CUP 630m FINALMonmore24 AUG 2007A9OPEN630 / 689Iceman Brutus *37.80
THE BETFAIR SCURRY GOLD CUP FINALPerry Barr31 MAY 20079GROUP1275 / 301Horseshoe Ping16.19
2006 RD RACING GOLD CUP FINALOxford5 SEP 20069GROUP2450 / 492Two Cool Cats26.76
totesport Gold Collar Final / Joe ScanlonBellevue29 AUG 20069GROUP1590 / 645Roxholme Girl35.14
THE LADBROKES GOLD CUP FINAL 2006Monmore25 AUG 2006A9GROUP1480 / 525Westmead Joe27.89
The Betfair Scurry Gold Cup FinalPerry Barr22 AUG 20069GROUP1275 / 301Ballymac Rooster16.08
THE WILLIAM HILL GOLD CUP FINALSunderland24 JAN 20069GROUP2450 / 492Paramount Silver26.99
CORAL GOLD VASE FINALRomford4 OCT 20059OPEN750 / 820Star of Dromin47.29
CARLSBERG GOLD CUP FINALHenlow27 AUG 200511OPEN550 / 602Xamax Johndee33.49
RD Racing Gold Cup FINALOxford27 AUG 200511OPEN450 / 492Roswell Spaceman26.74
THE LADBROKES GOLD CUP 2005 FINALMonmore26 AUG 20057GROUP1480 / 525Loughteen Bandit27.92
SCURRY GOLD CUP FINAL 2005Perry Barr2 AUG 20059OPEN275 / 301Laser Beam16.06
THE GOLD SUPERSTAYERS STAKESCentral Park3 JUL 20059OPEN708 / 774Lady Minstral45.72
THE WILLIAM HILL GOLD CUP FINALSunderland24 MAY 20059OPEN450 / 492Elwick Review27.39
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