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73 races with racename like essex vase, country= UK, and class=4 or better

Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
CORAL ESSEX VASE FINALRomford26 JAN 202410GR OR1.575 / 629Roxys Bullet35.28
CORAL ESSEX VASE 1ST SEMI-FINALRomford22 JAN 20244GR OR1.575 / 629Aayamza Sydney35.00
CORAL ESSEX VASE 2ND SEMI-FINALRomford22 JAN 20245GR OR1.575 / 629Havana Top Note35.14
CORAL ESSEX VASE 3RD SEMI-FINALRomford22 JAN 20246GR OR1.575 / 629Roxys Bullet35.74
CORAL ESSEX VASE - HEAT 1Romford12 JAN 20247GR OR1.575 / 629Aayamza Sydney35.02
CORAL ESSEX VASE - HEAT 2Romford12 JAN 20248GR OR1.575 / 629Singalong Stacey35.34
CORAL ESSEX VASE - HEAT 3Romford12 JAN 20249GR OR1.575 / 629Bonville Jet35.05
CORAL ESSEX VASE - HEAT 4Romford12 JAN 202410GR OR1.575 / 629Havana Top Note35.01
CORAL ESSEX VASE - HEAT 5Romford12 JAN 202411GR OR1.575 / 629Romeo Hotshot35.07
CORAL ESSEX VASE - HEAT 6Romford12 JAN 202412GR OR1.575 / 629Never Say No35.28
CORAL ESSEX VASE TRIAL STAKESRomford5 JAN 20249OPEN575 / 629Minnie Bullet35.36
CORAL ESSEX VASE TRIAL STAKESRomford5 JAN 202412OPEN575 / 629Romeo Hotshot35.10
MAN CITY ESSEX BLUES XMAS RACERomford8 DEC 20238OPEN575 / 629Chelms Bob35.76
CORAL ESSEX VASE FINALRomford28 JAN 202210GROUP1575 / 629Coolavanny Aunty35.25
CORAL ESSEX VASE FINALRomford22 JAN 202110GROUP1575 / 629Antigua Romeo34.66
CORAL ESSEX VASE FINALRomford6 DEC 201911GROUP1575 / 629Droopys Aoife35.08
MITCH MILLWARD ESSEX VASE FINAL HT 10Romford1 DEC 201510OPEN575 / 629Adageo Bob35.05
Essex Vase FinalRomford12 DEC 20129OPEN575 / 629Star Cash Simon35.08
THE CORAL ESSEX VASE FINALRomford14 DEC 20119OPEN575 / 629Westmead Maldini35.25
THE CORAL ESSEX VASE FINALRomford1 DEC 20109GROUP1575 / 629Judicial Pause35.51
THE ESSEX CHAMPION HURDLES TROPHY FINALRomford28 MAY 20107OPEN400 / 437Rockview Crash24.58
THE CORAL ESSEX VASE FINALRomford1 DEC 20099GROUP1575 / 629Boolavogue36.03
THE CORAL ESSEX VASE FINALRomford2 DEC 20089GROUP1575 / 629Brickfield Dream35.67
Essex Records.com MARATHON FINALWalthamstow8 DEC 200712GROUP3835 / 913Spiridon Louis52.64
CORAL ESSEX VASE FINALRomford4 DEC 20079GROUP1575 / 629Eye Onthe Veto35.30
CORAL ESSEX VASE FINALRomford12 DEC 20069GROUP1575 / 629Eye Onthe Veto35.99
ESSEX FM TROPHYRomford12 DEC 200611OPEN400 / 437Erinaceous Star24.48
STADIUM BOOKMAKERS ESSEX VASE - FINALRomford9 DEC 200511OPEN575 / 629Eye Onthe Ball36.26
CORAL ESSEX VASE FINALRomford10 DEC 200411OPEN575 / 629Loughteen Flyer35.76
ESSEX CHAMPION HURDLE FINALRomford22 OCT 20049OPEN400 / 437Fit and Ready24.74
CORAL ESSEX VASE FINALRomford10 DEC 20029OPEN575 / 629Top Power35.60
ESSEX CHAMPION HURDLE FINALRomford18 OCT 200211OPEN400 / 437Rossa Ranger24.69
Essex Vase 2001 FinalRomford11 DEC 20010OPEN575 / 629Willowgrove Pal *36.05
Essex Vase 00 UKRomford27 OCT 200050GROUP2575 / 629Ardera Laura35.98
Essex Vase 99 UKRomford22 OCT 19990GROUP1575 / 629Honky Tonk Gal36.44
Essex Vase 98 UKRomford23 OCT 199850GROUP2575 / 629El Loco35.77
Essex Vase 97 UKRomford29 AUG 199750GROUP2575 / 629Lenson Billy35.50
Essex Vase 96 UKRomford1 OCT 199650GROUP2575 / 629El Tenor35.96
Essex Vase 94 UKRomford1 OCT 199450GROUP2575 / 629Lisa My Girl0.00
Essex Vase 93 UKRomford1 OCT 199350GROUP2400 / 437Up and Off24.70
Essex Vase 92 UKRomford1 OCT 199250GROUP2400 / 437Frost Hill24.05
Essex Vase 91 UKRomford1 OCT 199150GROUP2400 / 437Vic's Snowdrop24.34
Essex Vase 90 UKRomford1 OCT 199050GROUP2400 / 437No Doubt*24.02
Essex Vase 89 UKRomford17 JUL 19890GROUP2575 / 629Poker Prince35.44
Essex Vase 88 UKRomford1 OCT 198850GROUP2575 / 629Double Bid35.27
Essex Vase 87 UKRomford1 OCT 198750GROUP2575 / 629Silver Walk35.56
Essex Vase 86 UKRomford1 OCT 198650GROUP2575 / 629Rosehip Trish35.49
Essex Vase 85 UKRomford1 OCT 19850GROUP2575 / 629Ballyregan Bob *35.15
Essex Vase 84 UKRomford1 OCT 198450GROUP2575 / 629Wheelers Tory35.45
Essex Vase 83 UKRomford1 OCT 198350GROUP2575 / 629Winning Line35.36
Essex Vase 82 UKRomford1 OCT 198250GROUP2575 / 629Glenmoy Raven36.03
Essex Vase 81 UKRomford1 OCT 198150GROUP2575 / 629Shandy Edie35.48
Essex Vase 80 UKRomford1 OCT 198050GROUP2575 / 629Taranaki35.82
Essex Vase 79 UKRomford1 OCT 197950GROUP2575 / 629Black Haven35.55
Essex Vase 78 UKRomford1 OCT 197850GROUP2575 / 629Bermudas Fun0.00
Essex Vase 77 UKRomford1 OCT 197750GROUP2600 / 656Xmas Holiday37.40
Essex Vase 76 UKRomford1 OCT 197650GROUP2600 / 656Westmead Myra36.69
Essex Vase 75 UKRomford1 OCT 197550GROUP2600 / 656Handy High36.62
Essex Vase 74 UKRomford1 OCT 197450GROUP2594 / 650Cowpark Yank36.70
Essex Vase 73 UKRomford1 OCT 197350GROUP2594 / 650Kenneally Moor36.91
Essex Vase 72 UKRomford1 OCT 197250GROUP2594 / 650Fit Me In36.59
Essex Vase 71 UKRomford1 OCT 197150GROUP2594 / 650Dolores Rocket0.00
Essex Vase 70 UKRomford1 OCT 197050GROUP2594 / 650Quails Glory36.38
Essex Vase 69 UKRomford1 OCT 196950GROUP2594 / 650Tarrys Gay Lady36.54
Essex Vase 68 UKRomford1 OCT 196850GROUP2594 / 650Dicks Dilemma36.49
Essex Vase 67 UKRomford1 OCT 196750GROUP2594 / 650Mels Talent36.74
Essex Vase 66 UKRomford1 OCT 196650GROUP2594 / 650Shamrock Clipper36.76
Essex Vase 49 UKRomford1 OCT 194950GROUP2421 / 460Reynolds Maiden27.19
Essex Vase 48 UKRomford1 OCT 194850GROUP2421 / 460Trevs Idol26.26
Essex Vase 47 UKRomford1 OCT 194750GROUP2421 / 460Humming Bee26.27
Essex Vase 46 UKRomford1 OCT 194650GROUP2421 / 460Humming Bee26.12
Essex Vase 40 UKRomford1 OCT 194050GROUP2503 / 550Shamrock Peggy32.75
Essex Vase 39 UKRomford1 OCT 193950GROUP2421 / 460Happy Squire27.75