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323 races with racename like english derby, country= UK, and class=1
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
RPGTV ENGLISH PUPPY DERBY FINALTowcester26 NOV 20237GR OR1.500 / 547King Memphis28.82
THE STAR SPORTS & TRC ENGLISH GREYHOUND DERBYTowcester25 JUN 202212GROUP1500 / 547Romeo Magico28.95
RPGTV ENGLISH PUPPY DERBY FINALTowcester19 DEC 20218GROUP1500 / 547Make Noise29.71
ARC ENGLISH ST LEGER FINAL 2021Perry Barr30 SEP 202111GROUP1710 / 776Space Jet42.59
Star Sports/TRC English Greyhound Derby Final 2021Towcester10 JUL 202110GROUP1500 / 547Thorn Falcon29.06
ENGLISH ST LEGER FINAL 2020Perry Barr26 NOV 202011GROUP1710 / 776Smallmead43.37
Star Sports&ARC English Greyhound Derby Final 2020Nottingham31 OCT 202011GROUP1500 / 547Deerjet Sydney29.38
ENGLISH ST LEGER FINAL 2019Perry Barr16 NOV 20198GROUP1710 / 776Redzer Ardfert43.12
English Greyhound Derby Final 2019Nottingham29 JUN 20199GROUP1500 / 547Priceless Blake29.32
The English Oaks Final HT 9Swindon22 DEC 20189GROUP1480 / 525Ravenswood Flo28.82
ENGLISH ST LEGER FINAL 2018Perry Barr17 NOV 20188GROUP1710 / 776Calico Ranger43.09
STAR SPORTS 2018 ENGLISH GREYHOUND DERBY FINAL HTTowcester2 JUN 20189GROUP1500 / 547Dorotas Wildcat28.85
ENGLISH ST LEGER FINAL 2017Perry Barr8 NOV 201710GROUP1710 / 776Rubys Rascal42.99
STAR SPORTS 2017 ENGLISH GREYHOUND DERBY FINAL HTTowcester1 JUL 201710GROUP1500 / 547Astute Missile28.92
ENGLISH ST LEGER FINAL 2016Wimbledon8 NOV 20169GROUP1687 / 751Ferryforth Fran41.90
English Greyhound Derby Final 2016Wimbledon4 JUN 20169GROUP1480 / 525Jaytee Jet28.22
English St Leger Final 2015Wimbledon10 NOV 201510GROUP1687 / 751Fizzypop Buddy41.49
English Greyhound Derby Final 2015Wimbledon27 JUN 20159GROUP1480 / 525Rio Quattro28.24
English St Leger Final 2014Wimbledon11 NOV 20148GROUP1687 / 751Roxholme Dream41.68
English Greyhound Derby Final 2014Wimbledon31 MAY 20148GROUP1480 / 525Salad Dodger28.38
English St Leger Final 2013Wimbledon12 NOV 20138GROUP1687 / 751Farloe Tango41.40
English Greyhound Derby Final 2013Wimbledon29 JUN 20138GROUP1480 / 525Sidaz Jack28.37
English St Leger Final 2012Wimbledon22 NOV 20129GROUP1687 / 751Blonde Reagan41.87
2012 English Derby FinalWimbledon26 MAY 201212GROUP1480 / 525Blonde Snapper28.65
English St Leger Final 2011Wimbledon4 OCT 20119GROUP1687 / 751Aero Majestic41.62
English Greyhound Derby Final 2011Wimbledon11 JUN 201111GROUP1480 / 525Taylors Sky28.17
English St Leger Final 2010Wimbledon26 OCT 20109GROUP1687 / 751Droopys Bradley41.48
ENGLISH DERBY 2010 FINALWimbledon29 MAY 201011GROUP1480 / 525Bandicoot Tipoki28.57
ENGLISH ST LEGER FINAL 2009Wimbledon27 OCT 20099GROUP1668 / 731Kinda Easy40.57
ENGLISH DERBY 2009 FINALWimbledon30 MAY 200911GROUP1480 / 525Kinda Ready28.65
ENGLISH ST LEGER FINAL 2008Wimbledon28 OCT 20088GROUP1668 / 731Bubbly Totti41.06
ENGLISH DERBY 2008 FINALWimbledon31 MAY 200811GROUP1480 / 525Loyal Honcho28.60
ENGLISH ST LEGER FINAL 2007Wimbledon30 OCT 20078GROUP1668 / 731Spiridon Louis40.86
ENGLISH DERBY 2007 FINALWimbledon7 JUL 200711GROUP1480 / 525Westmead Lord28.47
English OAKS FINAL 2006Wimbledon28 NOV 20069GROUP1480 / 525Dilemmas Flight28.96
English St Leger Final 2006Wimbledon7 NOV 20069GROUP1668 / 731Ninja Blue41.52
ENGLISH DERBY 2006 FINALWimbledon3 JUN 200611GROUP1480 / 525Westmead Hawk28.44
English OAKS FINAL 2005Wimbledon13 DEC 20059GROUP1480 / 525Droopys Stacey29.10
ENGLISH ST LEGER FINAL 2005Wimbledon15 NOV 20059GROUP1668 / 731Greenacre Lin41.16
ENGLISH DERBY 2005 FINALWimbledon2 JUL 200511GROUP1480 / 525Westmead Hawk28.56
English OAKS FINAL 2004Wimbledon30 NOV 20049GROUP1480 / 525Tidyplayroom29.27
English St Leger Final 2004Wimbledon9 NOV 20049GROUP1668 / 731Roxholme Girl41.32
ENGLISH DERBY 2004 FINALWimbledon5 JUN 200411GROUP1480 / 525Droopys Scholes28.62
English OAKS FINAL 2003Wimbledon2 DEC 20030GROUP1480 / 525Cooly Pantera29.18
English St Leger 2003 FinalWimbledon11 NOV 20030GROUP1668 / 731Bite the Bullet41.38
ENGLISH DERBY 2003 FINALWimbledon28 JUN 200311GROUP1480 / 525Farloe Verdict29.12
English OAKS FINAL 2002Wimbledon3 DEC 20029GROUP1480 / 525Purley Queen29.14
ENGLISH ST LEGER FINAL 2002Wimbledon5 NOV 20029GROUP1660 / 722Alibulk Lad40.95
ENGLISH DERBY 2002 FINALWimbledon1 JUN 200211GROUP1480 / 525Allen Gift29.04
English OAKS FINAL 2001Wimbledon4 DEC 20010GROUP1480 / 525Talktothehand29.06
English St Leger 01 FinalWimbledon6 NOV 20010GROUP1660 / 722Frisby Folly40.74
English Grand Prix 2001 FinalWalthamstow6 OCT 200112GROUP1640 / 700Slick Tom40.02
English Champion Stakes 01Romford20 JUL 200110GROUP1575 / 629El Othello35.51
ENGLISH DERBY 2001 FINALWimbledon2 JUN 200111GROUP1480 / 525Rapid Ranger28.71
English OAKS FINAL 2000Wimbledon6 DEC 20000GROUP1480 / 525Ragga Juju29.29
English St Leger 00 FinalWimbledon7 NOV 200050GROUP1660 / 722Palace Issue40.74
English Champion Stakes 00 UKRomford21 JUL 20000GROUP1575 / 629Palace Issue35.44
ENGLISH DERBY 2000 FINALWimbledon3 JUN 20000GROUP1480 / 525Rapid Ranger28.71
English OAKS FINAL 1999Wimbledon26 NOV 19990GROUP1480 / 525Spring Time28.97
English St Leger 99Wimbledon9 NOV 199950GROUP1660 / 722Dilemmas Lad40.56
English Champion Stakes 99 UKRomford21 JUL 199950GROUP1575 / 629Touchwood Gent35.81
English Derby 99 FINWimbledon26 JUN 19990GROUP1480 / 525Chart King28.67
English OAKS FINAL 1998Wimbledon12 NOV 19980GROUP1480 / 525Sarah Dee28.82
English St Leger 98Wembley6 NOV 199850GROUP1655 / 716Droopys Pacino39.67
English Champion Stakes 98 UKRomford17 JUL 199850GROUP1575 / 629Pottos Storm35.12
English Derby 98 FINWimbledon27 JUN 199850GROUP1480 / 525Toms the Best28.75
English OAKS FINAL 1997Wimbledon13 DEC 19970GROUP1480 / 525Flashy Get28.75
English St Leger 97Wembley14 NOV 199750GROUP1655 / 716Tralee Crazy39.41
English Champion Stakes 97 UKRomford18 JUL 199750GROUP1575 / 629Elderberry Chick34.86
English Derby 97 FINWimbledon28 JUN 19970GROUP1480 / 525Some Picture28.23
English St Leger 96Wembley1 NOV 199650GROUP1655 / 716Spring Rose39.29
English Oaks 96 UKWimbledon1 NOV 19960GROUP1480 / 525Annies Bullet28.76
English Champion Stakes 96 UKRomford1 JUL 199650GROUP1575 / 629Lady Ellie35.19
English Derby 96 FINWimbledon29 JUN 19960GROUP1480 / 525Shanless Slippy28.66
English St Leger 95Wembley1 NOV 199550GROUP1655 / 716Kens Dilemma39.80
English Oaks 95 UKWimbledon1 NOV 199550GROUP1480 / 525Sadlers Return28.76
English Champion Stakes 95 UKRomford21 JUL 199550GROUP1575 / 629Westmead Merlin35.20
English Derby 95 FINWimbledon24 JUN 19950GROUP1480 / 525Moaning Lad28.66
English St Leger 94Wembley1 NOV 199450GROUP1655 / 716Ballarue Minx39.65
English Oaks 94 UKWimbledon1 NOV 19940GROUP1480 / 525Westmead Chick28.60
English Champion Stakes 94 UKRomford1 JUL 199450GROUP1575 / 629Heres Seanie35.22
English Derby 94 FINWimbledon30 JUN 19940GROUP1480 / 525Moral Standards *28.59
English St Leger 93Wembley1 NOV 199350GROUP1655 / 716Galleydown Boy40.06
English Oaks 93 UKWimbledon1 NOV 199350GROUP1480 / 525Pearls Girl28.55
English Champion Stakes 93 UKRomford1 JUL 19930GROUP1575 / 629Westmead Suprise *36.05
English Derby 93 FINWimbledon30 JUN 199350GROUP1480 / 525Ringa Hustle28.62
English St Leger 92Wembley1 NOV 199250GROUP1655 / 716Airmount Flash39.81
English Oaks 92 UKWimbledon1 NOV 199250GROUP1480 / 525Skelligs Smurf29.71
English Champion Stakes 92 UKRomford1 JUL 199250GROUP1575 / 629Chic Mona35.58
English Derby 92 FINWimbledon30 JUN 19920GROUP1480 / 525Farloe Melody *28.88
English St Leger 91Wembley1 NOV 199150GROUP1655 / 716Temps Perdu40.18
English Oaks 91 UKWimbledon1 NOV 199150GROUP1480 / 525Simple Trend29.06
English Champion Stakes 91 UKRomford1 JUL 199150GROUP1575 / 629Sail Over35.28
English Derby 91 FINWimbledon30 JUN 19910GROUP1480 / 525Ballinderry Ash28.78
English St Leger 90Wembley1 NOV 19900GROUP1655 / 716Match Point39.92
English Oaks 90 UKWimbledon1 NOV 199050GROUP1480 / 525Liberal Girl28.95
English Champion Stakes 90 UKRomford1 JUL 199050GROUP1575 / 629Sail Over36.06
English Derby 90 FINWimbledon30 JUN 19900GROUP1480 / 525Slippy Blue28.70
English St Leger 89Wembley17 NOV 19890GROUP1655 / 716Manx Marajax39.87
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