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114 races with racename like easter cup, country= IE, and class=4 or better
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
The 2022 BRESBET Easter Cup 550 FinalShelbourne Park19 MAR 20228GROUP1503 / 550Susie Sapphire29.48
The 2021 Ladbrokes Easter Cup 550 FinalShelbourne Park13 MAR 202111GROUP1503 / 550Knocknaboul Syd30.08
The 2020 Ladbrokes Easter Cup Open 550 FinalShelbourne Park14 MAR 20209GROUP1503 / 550Wolfe29.89
The 2019 Ladbrokes Easter Cup 550 FinalShelbourne Park9 MAR 20199GROUP1503 / 550Clona Blaze29.37
The 2018 Ladbrokes Easter Cup 550 FinalShelbourne Park10 MAR 20188GROUP1503 / 550Colarhouse Gerry29.56
2016 Ladbrokes Easter Cup FinalShelbourne Park19 MAR 20169GR AA0503 / 550Jaytee Jet29.45
The Dandelion Bar and Nightclub Easter Cup FinalShelbourne Park21 MAR 201510GROUP1503 / 550Sidarian Blaze29.52
Dandelion Bar & Nightclub Easter Cup Consolation 5Shelbourne Park12 APR 20149GR AA0503 / 550Riptide Movement29.84
Dandelion Bar & Nightclub Easter Cup 550 FinalShelbourne Park12 APR 201410GROUP1503 / 550Skywalker Farloe29.63
College Causeway/Killahan Phanter Easter Cup 550 FShelbourne Park13 APR 201310GROUP1503 / 550North Bound29.46
The Easter Unraced 525 FinalEnniscorthy1 APR 20135OPEN480 / 525Skyview Blue29.14
College Causeway Killahan Phanter Easter Cup FinalShelbourne Park14 APR 201210GROUP1503 / 550Tyrur Big Mike29.73
College Causeway/Killahan Phanter Easter Cup FinalShelbourne Park16 APR 20119GROUP1503 / 550Makeshift29.59
Easter Cup Final 2010Shelbourne Park17 APR 201010GROUP1503 / 550Thurlesbeg Joker29.55
2009 E 120,000 BCR Print Easter Cup FinalShelbourne Park18 APR 20098GROUP1503 / 550Droopys Noel29.91
2009 E 120,000 BCR Print Easter Cup Semi-FinalShelbourne Park11 APR 20098OPEN503 / 550Advantage Johnny29.90
2009 E 120,000 BCR Print Easter Cup Semi-FinalShelbourne Park11 APR 20099OPEN503 / 550Ballymac Under29.97
E 120,000 BCR Press Easter Cup Qualifer Open 550Shelbourne Park21 MAR 200911OPEN503 / 550Rosminion29.92
E 120,000 BCR Press Easter Cup Qualifer Open 550Shelbourne Park14 MAR 200911OPEN503 / 550Faypoint Man29.85
E 85,000 BCR Print Management Easter Cup FinalShelbourne Park19 APR 20088GROUP1503 / 550Tyrur Kenny29.91
E 80,000 Donal Reilly Easter Cup Open 525 FinalShelbourne Park21 APR 20079GROUP1480 / 525Ardkill Jamie28.30
E 80,000 DONAL REILLY EASTER CUP ConsolationShelbourne Park8 APR 20069OPEN480 / 525Dustin Fox28.62
E 80,000 DONAL REILLY EASTER CUP FINALShelbourne Park8 APR 200610GROUP1480 / 525Ahane Lad *28.21
80,000 DONAL REILLY EASTER CUP Semi 1Shelbourne Park1 APR 20069GROUP3480 / 525Ahane Lad *28.42
80,000 DONAL REILLY EASTER CUP Semi 2Shelbourne Park1 APR 200610GROUP3480 / 525Roisins Dessie28.48
80,000 DONAL REILLY EASTER CUP Quarter 1Shelbourne Park25 MAR 20067FEATURE480 / 525Yeah Man28.59
80,000 DONAL REILLY EASTER CUP Quarter 2Shelbourne Park25 MAR 20068FEATURE480 / 525Ahane Lad *28.70
80,000 DONAL REILLY EASTER CUP Quarter 3Shelbourne Park25 MAR 20069FEATURE480 / 525Tyrur Kitten28.80
80,000 DONAL REILLY EASTER CUP Quarter 4Shelbourne Park25 MAR 200610FEATURE480 / 525Dead Set28.61
Easter Cup Consolation 2005Shelbourne Park9 APR 20057OPEN480 / 525Drummer Boy28.60
Easter Cup Final 2005Shelbourne Park9 APR 20058GROUP1480 / 525Mineola Farloe28.39
Easter Cup Final 2004Shelbourne Park10 APR 20048GROUP1480 / 525Premier Fantasy28.08
Easter Cup SemiShelbourne Park3 APR 20046OPEN480 / 525Premier Fantasy28.32
Easter Cup SemiShelbourne Park3 APR 20047OPEN480 / 525Indian Ruler28.57
80.000 Droopys Vieri Easter Cup FinalShelbourne Park12 APR 20039GROUP1480 / 525Mobhi Gamble28.47
Droopys Vieri Easter Cup 1st SemiShelbourne Park5 APR 20030OPEN480 / 525Ten Men *28.60
Droopys Vieri Easter Cup 2nd SemiShelbourne Park5 APR 20030OPEN480 / 525Clover Hare28.52
Easter Cup 2002 FinalShelbourne Park13 APR 20020FEATURE480 / 525Late Late Show28.74
Easter Cup Final 2001Shelbourne Park12 MAY 20018GROUP1480 / 525Late Late Show28.60
Easter Cup 00 FIN IRShelbourne Park1 APR 20000GROUP1480 / 525Mr Bozz28.94
Easter Cup 00 IR SF1Shelbourne Park25 MAR 20000OPEN480 / 525Scaldy Sarah28.86
Easter Cup 00 IR SF2Shelbourne Park25 MAR 20000OPEN480 / 525Tearaway Prince28.82
Easter Cup 99 IRShelbourne Park3 APR 19990GROUP1480 / 525Chart King28.40
Easter Cup 98 IRShelbourne Park4 APR 199850GROUP1480 / 525Mr Pickwick28.91
Easter Cup 97 IRShelbourne Park5 APR 199750GROUP1480 / 525Park Jewel29.27
Easter Cup 96 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 199650GROUP1480 / 525Ballyduag Manx29.23
Easter Cup 95 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 199550GROUP1480 / 525Lacken Prince29.38
Easter Cup 94 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 19940GROUP1480 / 525Valais Express29.13
Easter Cup 93 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 199350GROUP1480 / 525Jacks Well29.54
Easter Cup 92 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 199250GROUP1480 / 525Farloe Melody *28.95
Easter Cup 91 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 199150GROUP1480 / 525Farloe Melody *29.53
Easter Cup 90 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 199050GROUP1480 / 525Lassana Champ29.34
Easter Cup 89 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 198950GROUP1480 / 525Annagh Bar29.61
Easter Cup 88 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 198850GROUP1480 / 525Joannes Nine29.65
Easter Cup 87 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 198750GROUP1480 / 525Spartafitz29.36
Easter Cup 86 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 198650GROUP1480 / 525Baby Doll29.37
Easter Cup 85 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 198550GROUP1480 / 525Oran Express29.67
Easter Cup 84 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 198450GROUP1480 / 525Spartacus29.22
Easter Cup 83 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 198350GROUP1480 / 525Wicklow Sands29.64
Easter Cup 82 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 198250GROUP1480 / 525Speedy Wonder29.40
Easter Cup 81 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 198150GROUP1480 / 525Murrays Mixture *29.15
Easter Cup 80 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 198050GROUP1480 / 525Indian Joe29.16
Easter Cup 79 IRShelbourne Park21 APR 19790GROUP1480 / 525Shady Bunch29.42
Easter Cup 78 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 197850GROUP1480 / 525Rokeel Light29.50
Easter Cup 77 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 197750GROUP1480 / 525Weight In First29.58
Easter Cup 76 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 19760GROUP1480 / 525Cindys Spec29.20
Easter Cup 75 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 197550GROUP1480 / 525Tantallons Flyer *29.60
Easter Cup 74 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 197450GROUP1480 / 525Aquaduct Rosey29.52
Easter Cup 73 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 197350GROUP1480 / 525Newpark Arkle29.40
Easter Cup 72 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 197250GROUP1480 / 525Catsrock Daisy29.01
Easter Cup 71 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 197150GROUP1480 / 525Postal Vote29.36
Easter Cup 70 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 197050GROUP1480 / 525Monalee Gambler29.52
Easter Cup 69 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 196950GROUP1480 / 525Move Gas30.29
Easter Cup 68 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 196850GROUP1480 / 525Itsamint29.63
Easter Cup 67 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 19670GROUP2480 / 525Tinys Tidy Town29.59
Easter Cup 66 IRShelbourne Park7 MAY 19660GROUP2480 / 525Clomoney Grand29.50
Easter Cup 65 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 196550GROUP1480 / 525The Grand Time29.50
Easter Cup 64 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 196450GROUP1480 / 525Ballet Dante30.27
Easter Cup 63 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 196350GROUP1480 / 525Gen. Courtnowski29.98
Easter Cup 62 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 196250GROUP1480 / 525The Grand Canal29.93
Easter Cup 61 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 196150GROUP1480 / 525Tiny's Trousseau29.66
Easter Cup 60 IRShelbourne Park APR 19600GROUP1480 / 525Springvalley Grand29.92
Easter Cup 59 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 195950GROUP1480 / 525War Dance29.76
Easter Cup 58 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 195850GROUP1480 / 525Sharavogue29.96
Easter Cup 57 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 195750GROUP1480 / 525Doon Marshall30.41
Easter Cup 56 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 195650GROUP1480 / 525Baytown Dell29.67
Easter Cup 55 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 195550GROUP1480 / 525Spanish Battleship29.72
Easter Cup 54 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 195450GROUP1480 / 525Spanish Battleship30.17
Easter Cup 53 IR not runShelbourne Park1 APR 195350GROUP1480 / 5250.00
Easter Cup 52 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 195250GROUP1480 / 525Wee Chap30.12
Easter Cup 51 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 195150GROUP1480 / 525Clogher Mcgrath30.03
Easter Cup 50 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 195050GROUP1480 / 525Sandown Champion29.85
Easter Cup 49 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 19490GROUP1480 / 525Flashy Prince29.85
Easter Cup 48 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 194850GROUP1480 / 525Castle Coman29.90
Easter Cup 47 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 194750GROUP1480 / 525Patsys Record30.15
Easter Cup 46 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 194650GROUP1480 / 525Astra30.40
Easter Cup 45 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 194550GROUP1480 / 525Astra29.86
Easter Cup 44 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 194450GROUP1480 / 525Empor Lassie30.35
Easter Cup 43 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 194350GROUP1480 / 525Monarch of the Glen30.43
Easter Cup 42 IRShelbourne Park1 APR 194250GROUP1480 / 525Wayside Clover30.39
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