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10 races with racename like desmond cup, country= IE,

Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
Happy 80th Birthday Michael Desmond 525Cork9 FEB 20194GR A5480 / 525Tuckeys Prince28.85
Welcome Desmond Community Creche Newcastle West S3Limerick17 DEC 20167GR S3320 / 350Orange Will18.94
Desmond Eastwood Motors Lisburn S3/S4 335Drumbo Park26 FEB 201610GR S3306 / 335Shifting Wish18.68
'Welcome Desmond College Newcastle West' N3 525Limerick31 MAY 20132GR N3480 / 525Barrack Nono29.39
The Earl of Desmond Hotel 325Tralee9 SEP 20112GR S7297 / 325Homestead Dash18.14
Earl of Desmond 525Tralee21 AUG 201110OPEN480 / 525Bonnan Bui28.75
Desmond Motors Ltd. S8/S9 335Drumbo Park22 APR 20102GR S8306 / 335Graysfield Duke18.07
THE DESMOND DOHERTY SOLICITORS S1/S2 350Lifford14 MAR 20089GR S1320 / 350Brief Sensation19.26
The Desmond & Associates StakesCork15 NOV 20079GR A3480 / 525Beau Elite29.31
THE DESMOND COWAN-SHARON & STEVEN SMITH 525Mullingar25 AUG 200710GR A2480 / 525Hollie Meghan29.98