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81 races with racename like breeders produce stakes, country= IE, and class=4 or better

Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
The Gain Feeds Breeders Club 550Shelbourne Park28 DEC 201311GR AA0503 / 550Hawaii Kinsale29.80
Red Mills Breeders Cup 350yShelbourne Park11 JUN 20051OPEN320 / 350Ballymac Returns18.67
Red Mills Breeders Cup 525yShelbourne Park11 JUN 20055OPEN480 / 525Noelles Magico28.82
Red Mills Breeders Cup750yShelbourne Park11 JUN 20057OPEN686 / 750Hi Queen Closure42.03
Redmills Breeders Cup 350 Stake FinalShelbourne Park15 MAY 20042OPEN320 / 350Fridays Guest19.06
Redmills Breeders Cup 525 Stake FinalShelbourne Park15 MAY 20044OPEN480 / 525Geordie Legend28.86
Redmills Breeders Cup 750 Stake FinalShelbourne Park15 MAY 20048OPEN686 / 750Forest Ghost42.29
Breeders Produce Stakes 2003 FinalClonmel4 MAY 20038GROUP1480 / 525Clashduff Fun28.79
Red Mills Breeders Cup 750 FinalShelbourne Park18 MAY 20020OPEN686 / 750Lastpenny Lady42.09
Red Mills Breeders Cup 525 FinalShelbourne Park18 MAY 20020OPEN480 / 525Axle Grease28.99
Red Mills Breeders Cup 350 FinalShelbourne Park18 MAY 20020OPEN320 / 350Newline Rose18.97
Breeders Produce Stakes 02 FinalThurles28 APR 20020GROUP1480 / 525Give and Go29.19
Red Mills Breeders Cup 2001 320mShelbourne Park10 NOV 20014OPEN320 / 350Newline Rose18.94
Red Mills Breeders Cup 2001 480mShelbourne Park10 NOV 20017OPEN480 / 525Major Result28.94
Red Mills Breeders Cup 2001 686mShelbourne Park10 NOV 20019OPEN686 / 750Making Merry41.97
Breeders Produce Stakes Final 2001Thurles27 MAY 20017GROUP1480 / 525Droopys Kewell28.95
Red Mills Breeders Cup 360y 00 IRShelbourne Park27 MAY 20000FEATURE329 / 360Rockspring Peer19.16
Red Mills Breeders Cup 525y 00 IRShelbourne Park27 MAY 20000FEATURE480 / 525Scaldy Sarah29.16
Red Mills Breeders Cup 750y 00 IRShelbourne Park27 MAY 20000FEATURE686 / 750Dryland Treasure42.60
Breeders Produce Stakes 00 IRThurles30 APR 20000GROUP1480 / 525Moyne Rebel28.70
Red Mills Breeders CupShelbourne Park12 JUN 19990GROUP2480 / 525Quare Princess29.04
Breeders Produce Stakes 99 IRThurles9 MAY 19990GROUP1480 / 525Borna Survivor29.15
The Stud Dog Owners +Breeders Cup 98Thurles18 JUL 199850FEATURE480 / 525Grey Shot29.41
Red Mills Breeders Cup 360y 98 IRShelbourne Park13 JUN 19980FEATURE329 / 360Patterdale Cathy19.52
Red Mills Breeders Cup 525y 98 IRShelbourne Park13 JUN 19980FEATURE480 / 525Cashen Sleeper29.04
Red Mills Breeders Cup 750y 98 IRShelbourne Park13 JUN 19980FEATURE686 / 750Aries Rose42.24
Breeders Produce Stakes 98 IRClonmel30 APR 19980GROUP1480 / 525Maestro Mike28.84
Breeders Cup BitchShelbourne Park2 AUG 199750FEATURE480 / 525Borna Best29.04
Breeders Produce Stakes 97 IRClonmel1 APR 19970GROUP1480 / 525Clashaphuca *28.68
Breeders Produce Stakes 96 IRClonmel2 MAY 199650GROUP1480 / 525Shanless Slippy29.24
Breeders Produce Stakes 96 IR SFClonmel APR 19960FEATURE480 / 525Shanless Slippy99.00
Breeders Produce Stakes 95 IRClonmel1 APR 19950GROUP1480 / 525Airmount Coal29.31
Breeders Produce Stakes 94 IRClonmel28 APR 19940GROUP1480 / 525Come On Ranger28.82
Breeders Produce Stakes 93 IRClonmel1 APR 199350GROUP1480 / 525Rhincrew Sean28.64
Breeders Produce Stakes 92 IRClonmel1 APR 199250GROUP1480 / 525Glenmoira29.21
Breeders Produce Stakes 91 IRClonmel1 APR 199150GROUP1480 / 525Live Contender28.90
Breeders Produce Stakes 90 IRClonmel1 APR 199050GROUP1480 / 525Adraville Bridge29.14
Breeders Produce Stakes 89 IRClonmel1 APR 198950GROUP1480 / 525Arrancourt Duke28.46
Breeders Produce Stakes 88 IRClonmel1 APR 198850GROUP1480 / 525Dangerous Bridge28.94
Breeders Produce Stakes 87 IRClonmel1 APR 198750GROUP1480 / 525Droopys Jaguar29.44
Breeders Produce Stakes 86 IRClonmel1 APR 19860GROUP1480 / 525Dillydontdalley29.52
Breeders Produce Stakes 85 IRClonmel1 APR 198550GROUP1480 / 525Kansas Rebel29.58
Breeders Produce Stakes 84 IRClonmel1 APR 198450GROUP1480 / 525Spring Play29.28
Breeders Produce Stakes 83 IRClonmel1 APR 198350GROUP1480 / 525Game Ball29.26
Breeders Produce Stakes 82 IRClonmel1 APR 198250GROUP1480 / 525Badge of Hickory0.00
Breeders Produce Stakes 81 IRClonmel1 APR 198150GROUP1480 / 525Calandra Champ29.66
Breeders Produce Stakes 80 IRClonmel1 APR 198050GROUP1480 / 525Flying Marble30.02
Breeders Produce Stakes 79 IRClonmel1 APR 197950GROUP1480 / 525Hume Highway30.16
Breeders Produce Stakes 78 IRClonmel1 APR 197850GROUP1480 / 525Always Kelly30.34
Breeders Produce Stakes 77 IRClonmel1 APR 197750GROUP1480 / 525Greenane Decca29.68
Breeders Produce Stakes 76 IRClonmel1 APR 197650GROUP1480 / 525Cill Dubh Darkey29.64
Breeders Produce Stakes 75 IRClonmel1 APR 197550GROUP1480 / 525Kaiser Bill29.64
Breeders Produce Stakes 74 IRClonmel1 APR 197450GROUP1480 / 525Quote Me29.64
Breeders Produce Stakes 73 IRClonmel1 APR 197350GROUP1480 / 525Big Kuda29.98
Breeders Produce Stakes 72 IRClonmel1 APR 197250GROUP1480 / 525Rathokelly Gem30.05
Breeders Produce Stakes 71 IRClonmel1 APR 197150GROUP1480 / 525Westpark Anti*30.18
Breeders Produce Stakes 70 IRClonmel1 APR 197050GROUP1480 / 525Gentle Lady29.90
Breeders Produce Stakes 69 IRClonmel1 APR 196950GROUP1480 / 525Right O' Myross*29.90
Breeders Produce Stakes 68 IRClonmel1 APR 196850GROUP1480 / 525Sallys Chance29.85
Breeders Produce Stakes 67 IRClonmel18 MAY 19670GROUP1480 / 525Whiteleas Gift29.90
Breeders Produce Stakes 66 IRClonmel1 APR 196650GROUP1480 / 525Happy Thadie29.70
Breeders Produce Stakes 65 IRClonmel1 APR 196550GROUP1480 / 525Kileden Guest29.76
Breeders Produce Stakes 64 IRClonmel13 APR 19640GROUP1480 / 525Mothel Chief29.70
Breeders Produce Stakes 63 IRClonmel1 APR 196350GROUP1480 / 525Piper Apache29.85
Breeders Produce Stakes 62 IRClonmel1 APR 196250GROUP1480 / 525Rattle the Key29.45
Breeders Produce Stakes 61 IRClonmel1 APR 196150GROUP1480 / 525Kileden General29.55
Breeders Produce Stakes 60 IRClonmel APR 19600GROUP1480 / 525Springvalley Grand29.95
Breeders Produce Stakes 59 IRClonmel1 APR 195950GROUP1480 / 525Toast the Champ29.95
Breeders Produce Stakes 58 IRClonmel1 APR 195850GROUP1480 / 525Summerhill Reject30.20
Breeders Produce Stakes 57 IRClonmel1 APR 19570GROUP1480 / 525The Grand Fire29.45
Breeders Produce Stakes 49 IRClonmel1 APR 194950GROUP1480 / 525Esso Major30.15
Breeders Produce Stakes 48 IRClonmel1 APR 194850GROUP1480 / 525Something Short29.90
Breeders Produce Stakes 47 IRClonmel1 APR 194750GROUP1480 / 525Priceless Border29.54
Breeders Produce Stakes 46 IRClonmel1 APR 194650GROUP1480 / 525Crissie Tanist30.40
Breeders Produce Stakes 45 IRClonmel1 APR 194550GROUP1480 / 525Victory Star30.45
Breeders Produce Stakes 44 IRClonmel1 APR 194450GROUP1480 / 525Lottys Gay Boy30.35
Breeders Produce Stakes 43 IRClonmel1 APR 194350GROUP1480 / 525Britannias Son30.30
Breeders Produce Stakes 42 IR not runClonmel1 APR 194250GROUP1480 / 5250.00
Breeders Produce Stakes 41 IRClonmel1 APR 194150GROUP1480 / 525Botleys Best29.95
Breeders Produce Stakes 40 IRClonmel1 APR 194050GROUP1480 / 525Landys Style30.30
Breeders Produce Stakes 39 IRClonmel1 APR 19390GROUP1480 / 525Sporting Fancy30.20