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120 races with racename like blue riband, country= UK, and class=4 or better
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
BLUE RIBAND FINAL 2024Towcester21 JAN 20247GROUP1500 / 547Signet Goofy29.39
BLUE RIBAND SEMI FINAL 1Towcester14 JAN 20243GR OR1.500 / 547Chelms Sonny29.25
BLUE RIBAND SEMI FINAL 2Towcester14 JAN 20244GR OR1.500 / 547Romeo Command28.87
BLUE RIBAND SEMI FINAL 3Towcester14 JAN 20245GR OR1.500 / 547Signet Goofy29.42
BLUE RIBAND - Heat 1Towcester7 JAN 20241GR OR1.500 / 547Ower Mystery29.77
BLUE RIBAND - Heat 2Towcester7 JAN 20242GR OR1.500 / 547Swift Iconic29.56
BLUE RIBAND - Heat 3Towcester7 JAN 20243GR OR1.500 / 547Signet Goofy29.62
BLUE RIBAND - Heat 4Towcester7 JAN 20244GR OR1.500 / 547Savana Shay29.14
BLUE RIBAND - Heat 5Towcester7 JAN 20245GR OR1.500 / 547Newinn Syd29.38
BLUE RIBAND - Heat 6Towcester7 JAN 20246GR OR1.500 / 547Romeo Command28.91
Back British Breeding Blue Tick George @ WestfieldKinsley7 MAY 20236OPEN462 / 505Glenview Pat27.39
THE PREMARKET PETS BLUE RIBAND - FINALTowcester30 JAN 20228GROUP1500 / 547Ivy Hill Skyhigh29.91
The TRC Health + Hygiene Blue Riband (Final) - LivTowcester6 FEB 20217GROUP1500 / 547Kilara Lion29.73
THE BLUE SQUARE TV TROPHY FINALCentral Park4 MAY 201110GROUP1893 / 977Knockies Hannah57.30
THE BETFAIR BLUE RIBAND FINALHall Green19 APR 20119GROUP2480 / 525Express Shuttle28.42
THE STAN JAMES BLUE RIBAND FINALHall Green13 APR 20109GROUP1480 / 525Eye Onthe Storm28.02
BLUE SQUARE DERBY INVITATIONWimbledon30 MAY 20095GROUP3480 / 525Cabra Boss28.86
BLUE SQUARE 668 STAYERSWimbledon30 MAY 20096GROUP3668 / 731Brimardon Helen41.38
BLUE SQUARE DERBY PLATE FINALWimbledon30 MAY 20097GROUP3480 / 525Head Iton Ellis28.90
BLUE SQUARE INVITATIONWimbledon30 MAY 20098GROUP3480 / 525Lenson Express29.11
BLUE SQUARE CHAMPION HURDLEWimbledon30 MAY 20099GROUP2460 / 503Platinumlancelot28.24
BLUE SQUARE DORANDO MARATHONWimbledon30 MAY 200910GROUP3872 / 954Bubbly Eagle55.43
BLUE SQUARE GREYHOUND DERBY SEMI FINAL 1Wimbledon23 MAY 20099GROUP3480 / 525Ballymac Ruso28.47
BLUE SQUARE GREYHOUND DERBY SEMI FINAL 2Wimbledon23 MAY 200910GROUP3480 / 525Glenard Sunrise28.77
BLUE SQUARE LADIESWimbledon19 MAY 20092FEATURE460 / 503Plan27.69
BLUE SQUARE MARATHONWimbledon19 MAY 20093FEATURE872 / 954Barnfield Brooke55.07
BLUE SQUARE 460 SENIORSWimbledon19 MAY 20094FEATURE460 / 503Cobra Striking27.68
BLUE SQUARE 688 STAYERSWimbledon19 MAY 20095FEATURE688 / 752Brimardon Star42.43
BLUE SQUARE GREYHOUND DERBY 1st Quarter FinalWimbledon19 MAY 20096FEATURE480 / 525Wise Thought28.69
BLUE SQUARE GREYHOUND DERBY 2nd Quarter FinalWimbledon19 MAY 20097FEATURE480 / 525Bubbly Maestro28.53
BLUE SQUARE GREYHOUND DERBY 3rd Quarter FinalWimbledon19 MAY 20098FEATURE480 / 525Ballymac Ruso28.51
BLUE SQUARE GREYHOUND DERBY 4th Quarter FinalWimbledon19 MAY 20099FEATURE480 / 525Glenard Sunrise28.77
THE WILLIAMHILL.COM BLUE RIBAND FINALHall Green21 APR 20099GROUP1480 / 525Blonde Fern 28.06
The Blue Square Mobile StandardSwindon19 FEB 20092FEATURE480 / 525Eye Onthe Brave29.08
The Blue Square Casino 509 PuppySwindon19 FEB 20094OPEN509 / 557Razzmatazz30.84
The Blue Square Telebet 0800 587 0200 StayersSwindon19 FEB 20095FEATURE685 / 749Glittering Aries41.61
Blue Square Sponsor The Greyhound Derby StandardSwindon19 FEB 20096FEATURE480 / 525Silverduf Jet29.21
The Blue Square MarathonSwindon19 FEB 20097FEATURE737 / 806Wise Maldini45.29
The Blue Square Poker 509erSwindon19 FEB 20098FEATURE509 / 557Full Bloom30.16
The Blue Square Arc FinalSwindon19 FEB 20099GROUP1480 / 525Corrig Vieri28.92
BLUE SQUARE DERBY INVITATIONWimbledon31 MAY 20085GROUP3480 / 525Toosey Blue28.89
FREE BET WITH BLUE SQUARE STAYERSWimbledon31 MAY 20086GROUP3668 / 731Bubbly Rambo41.41
BLUE SQUARE DERBY PLATE FINALWimbledon31 MAY 20087GROUP3480 / 525Ninja Jamie 28.92
BLUE SQUARE LADIESWimbledon31 MAY 20088GROUP3460 / 503Scintillas Ruby27.57
BLUE SQUARE CHAMPION HURDLE FINALWimbledon31 MAY 20089GROUP2460 / 503Morell Warrior28.26
BLUE SQUARE DORANDO MARATHONWimbledon31 MAY 200810GROUP3872 / 954Swift Jade54.99
BLUE SQUARE GREYHOUND DERBY 1st SEMI FINALWimbledon24 MAY 20088GROUP3480 / 525Tyrur Laurel28.55
BLUE SQUARE GREYHOUND DERBY 2nd SEMI FINALWimbledon24 MAY 20089GROUP3480 / 525Loyal Honcho28.65
BLUE SQUARE 460 LADIESWimbledon20 MAY 20082FEATURE460 / 503Droopys Mate27.51
BLUE SQUARE 460 PUPPYWimbledon20 MAY 20083FEATURE460 / 503Me Buddy27.85
BLUE SQUARE MARATHONWimbledon20 MAY 20084FEATURE872 / 954Swift Jade54.60
BLUE SQUARE 688 STAYERSWimbledon20 MAY 20085FEATURE688 / 752Fargo Swift42.66
BLUE SQUARE GREYHOUND DERBY 1ST QTR FINALWimbledon20 MAY 20086FEATURE480 / 525Tyrur Laurel28.67
BLUE SQUARE GREYHOUND DERBY 2ND QTR FINALWimbledon20 MAY 20087FEATURE480 / 525Loyal Honcho28.83
BLUE SQUARE GREYHOUND DERBY 3RD QTR FINALWimbledon20 MAY 20088FEATURE480 / 525Toosey Blue28.63
BLUE SQUARE GREYHOUND DERBY 4TH QTR FINALWimbledon20 MAY 20089FEATURE480 / 525Kryptonite28.80
THE WILLIAM HILL BLUE RIBAND FINALHall Green22 APR 20089GROUP1480 / 525Farloe Reason28.24
BLUE SQUARE LADIES 480 FINALCoventry20 FEB 200810FEATURE480 / 525United Air29.84
BLUE SQUARE MAIDEN 480 FINALCoventry8 NOV 20072GROUP2480 / 525Pool Room Jack29.70
BLUE SQUARE SPRINT FINALCoventry8 NOV 20073GROUP2280 / 306Craan Fleece17.07
BLUE SQUARE 625 FINALCoventry8 NOV 20075GROUP3625 / 684Two Nicks39.43
BLUE SQUARE INVITATIONCoventry8 NOV 20076FEATURE480 / 525Iceman Ross29.60
BLUE SQUARE 880 MARATHON FINALCoventry8 NOV 20077GROUP3880 / 962Head Iton Jordan57.36
BLUE SQUARE 480 CUP FINALCoventry8 NOV 20079GROUP1480 / 525Barnfield On Air29.08
BLUE SQUARE SENIORS 680 CUP FINALCoventry24 OCT 200711FEATURE680 / 744Princessmonalulu43.42
BLUE SQUARE SENIORS 480 CUP FINALCoventry24 OCT 200712FEATURE480 / 525Zigzag Dutchman29.70
BLUE TUNA OPEN RACE.COM 480 CUP FINALCoventry16 SEP 20078FEATURE480 / 525Tahiti Pearl29.42
BLUE SQUARE 480 2,500 TO THE WINNER CHALLENGE FINCoventry22 AUG 200710GROUP2480 / 525Coventry Bees29.62
BLUE SQUARE 480 MAIDEN CUP FINALCoventry29 JUL 20077FEATURE480 / 525Ridgeworth Sam29.65
www.bluesquare.com BLUE DOG TROPHYWimbledon7 JUL 20073GROUP3460 / 503Lilywhite Paddy27.78
BET WITH BLUE SQUARE ON 0800 587 0400 STAYERSWimbledon7 JUL 20074GROUP3688 / 752Romford Car Two42.29
BLUE SQUARE DERBY INVITATIONWimbledon7 JUL 20075GROUP3480 / 525Zigzag Dutchy28.92
FREE 25 BET WITH BLUE SQUARE STAYERSWimbledon7 JUL 20076GROUP3668 / 731Cuil Magic41.02
BLUE SQUARE DERBY PLATEWimbledon7 JUL 20077GROUP3480 / 525Highbury Lao28.75
BLUE SQUARE ANGLO IRISH BREEDING CHALLENGEWimbledon7 JUL 20078GROUP2480 / 525Savana Highlands28.48
BLUE SQUARE CHAMPION HURDLE FINALWimbledon7 JUL 20079GROUP2460 / 503Newlawn Berts27.96
BLUE SQUARE DORANDOWimbledon7 JUL 200710GROUP3872 / 954Spiridon Louis54.22
BLUE SQUARE PREMIER BRITISH BREDWimbledon7 JUL 200712GROUP3460 / 503Blonde Buster27.48
BLUE SQUARE MAXI MARATHONWimbledon7 JUL 200714GROUP31080 / 1181Somer Lovin69.64
BLUE SQUARE GREYHOUND DERBY 1ST SEMI FINALWimbledon30 JUN 20079GROUP3480 / 525Ullid Conor28.90
BLUE SQUARE GREYHOUND DERBY 2ND SEMI FINALWimbledon30 JUN 200710GROUP3480 / 525Dilemmas Flight28.74
BLUE SQUARE LADIESWimbledon26 JUN 20072FEATURE460 / 503Jims Havana27.93
BLUE SQUARE GREYHOUND DERBY QUARTER FINALS Heat 1Wimbledon26 JUN 20076FEATURE480 / 525Dilemmas Flight28.68
BLUE SQUARE GREYHOUND DERBY QUARTER FINALS Heat 2Wimbledon26 JUN 20077FEATURE480 / 525Farloe Premier28.52
BLUE SQUARE GREYHOUND DERBY QUARTER FINALS Heat 4Wimbledon26 JUN 20079FEATURE480 / 525Loyal Honcho28.46
THE BLUE SQUARE 480 INVITATIONCoventry2 MAY 20077FEATURE480 / 525Caulry Fast Trap29.34
THE BLUE SQUARE 480 BITCHES CUP - FINALCoventry2 MAY 20079FEATURE480 / 525Shreya Tiger29.89
THE WILLIAM HILL BLUE RIBAND FINALHall Green1 MAY 20079GROUP1480 / 525Iceman Vader28.29
THE BLUE SQUARE 0800 587 0400 MarathonWimbledon9 JAN 20075OPEN872 / 954Countrywidecapel55.83
BLUE SQUARE 880 INVITATIONCoventry24 SEP 20069GR IV880 / 962Rosshill View56.94
THE WILLIAM HILL BLUE RIBAND FINALHall Green21 MAR 20069GROUP1480 / 525Westmead Joe28.58
THE 2005 WILLIAM HILL BLUE RIBAND FINALHall Green17 MAY 20059OPEN480 / 525Tuttles Ronaldo28.26
THE JR SHARMAN REMEMBER 'BLUE SKIES' TROPHYCoventry22 JAN 20057GR D2280 / 306Fionntra Freda17.29
BLUE GOONER AT STUD TROPHYCoventry22 JAN 200512GR A1480 / 525Honcho Doty30.10
THE WILLIAM HILL BLUE RIBAND FINALHall Green27 APR 20049OPEN480 / 525Droopys Oasis28.28
The William Hill Blue Riband FinalHall Green6 MAY 20039OPEN480 / 525Farloe Verdict28.09
THE WILLIAM HILL BLUE RIBAND FINALHall Green23 APR 200210FEATURE480 / 525Hollinwood Wiz28.45
Blue Riband 2001Hall Green25 APR 20010GROUP2480 / 525Vintage Cleaner28.80
The Blue Riband 2001 FinalHall Green24 APR 200110FEATURE480 / 525Hollinwood Chief28.51
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