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108 races with racename like bar one international, any country, and class=4 or better
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
SPORTZ BAR 2023 SCION ROSEHatrick8 DEC 20231GROUP1520 / 569Federal Infrared29.79
THE TERESA AND MARTIN WING DASH TO THE BAR STAKESTowcester22 OCT 20237OPEN500 / 547Fabulous Sonique29.21
The 2023 Bar One Racing Irish Laurels FinalCork14 OCT 20236GROUP1480 / 525High Trend28.31
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Open 400 FinalDundalk15 AUG 20239GROUP1366 / 400Carrick Aldo20.80
FITZ SPORTS BAR SPRINTAddington12 MAY 20230FEATURE295 / 323Levi Bale16.91
2022 Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup FinalDundalk15 AUG 20229GROUP1366 / 400Hawkfield Ozark20.89
2021 THE FITZ SPORTS BAR GALAXYAddington11 NOV 20210GROUP1295 / 323Bigtime Cooper17.05
2021 Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup FinalDundalk15 AUG 20218GROUP1366 / 400Good Cody20.86
THE FITZ BAR CANTERBURY FUTURITYAddington5 AUG 20211GROUP1520 / 569La Rochelle30.44
FITZ SPORTS BAR NZ BREEDS STAKEAddington4 FEB 20210GROUP1520 / 569Big Time Kaylee30.16
FITZ SPORTS BAR NZ GALAXYAddington12 NOV 20200GROUP1295 / 323Trojan Hoarse16.85
FITZ SPORTS BAR 2020 NZ OAKSAddington27 AUG 20200GROUP1520 / 569Big Time Elsa30.36
FITZ SPORTS BAR GALAXYAddington14 NOV 20190GROUP1295 / 323Buddy Boom17.17
THE FITZ SPORTS BAR 2018 GALAXYAddington15 NOV 20180GROUP1295 / 323Sir Duggie17.05
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Open 400 FinalDundalk15 AUG 20188GROUP2366 / 400Ardnasool Jet21.07
THE FITZ SPORTS BAR NZ OAKSAddington26 APR 20180GROUP1520 / 569Cawbourne Taber30.52
2017 THE FITZ SPORTS BAR GALAXYAddington16 NOV 20170GROUP1295 / 323Swimming Goat17.16
ROBBIE'S BAR & GRILL 2016 NZ OAKSAddington21 APR 20160GROUP1520 / 569Opawa Shackley29.93
ROBBIE'S BAR & BISTRO NZ STAYERS CUPAddington3 JUL 20150GROUP1732 / 801Shandell43.40
ROBBIE'S BAR & BISTRO 2015 NZ OAKS FINALAddington23 APR 20150GROUP1520 / 569Aeroplane Ritzy30.54
The Dandelion Bar and Nightclub Easter Cup FinalShelbourne Park21 MAR 201510GROUP1503 / 550Sidarian Blaze29.52
BILL'S BAR & BISTRO 2015 CANTERBURY FUTURITYAddington7 FEB 20150GROUP2520 / 569Gold Vipa30.44
The Gasworks Bar A3 525 FinalShelbourne Park15 OCT 20147GR A3480 / 525Thrill Me28.72
The Dandelion Bar & Nightclub Getting out 575Shelbourne Park7 JUN 201412GR AA0526 / 575Greenwell Hulk30.85
Dandelion Bar & Nightclub Getting Out 525Shelbourne Park31 MAY 201412OPEN480 / 525Tungsten Shaw28.50
Dandelion Bar and Nightclub Getting Out Open BitchShelbourne Park17 MAY 201412GR AA0480 / 525Coolavanny Pandy28.63
ROBBIE'S BAR & BISTRO 2014 New Zealand OaksAddington24 APR 20140GROUP1520 / 569Royal Runner30.51
Dandelion Bar & Nightclub Easter Cup Consolation 5Shelbourne Park12 APR 20149GR AA0503 / 550Riptide Movement29.84
Dandelion Bar & Nightclub Easter Cup 550 FinalShelbourne Park12 APR 201410GROUP1503 / 550Skywalker Farloe29.63
Dandelion Bar and Nightclub After Racing Party A0 Shelbourne Park12 APR 201412OPEN480 / 525Star Ace28.74
Dandelion Bar & Nightclub E 1000 to the Winner OpeShelbourne Park5 APR 201412GR DD0686 / 750Racenight Jenny41.86
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Open 400 FinalDundalk18 AUG 20138FEATURE366 / 400Razldazl Rioga21.27
The Enniscorthy Track Bar Unraced 525 FinalEnniscorthy6 MAY 20135OPEN480 / 525Kenwood Royal29.49
Robbie's Bar & Bistro New Zealand OaksAddington25 APR 20130GROUP1520 / 569Fancy Jill30.53
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Open 400 FinalDundalk19 AUG 20128FEATURE366 / 400Cambushmore21.01
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Open 400 FinalDundalk14 AUG 20118GROUP1366 / 400Shoemakers Lad21.10
Lcn Saloon Bar Gold Collar FinalLaunceston29 NOV 20100FEATURE515 / 563Dang Shen30.07
Bridie Langtons,Grocery & Bar Derby 525 FinalKilkenny17 SEP 20108GROUP2480 / 525Moral Duty29.08
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup FinalDundalk15 AUG 20107GROUP1366 / 400Sheepwalk Mac21.08
Robbie's Bar & Bistro NZ St Leger FinalAddington8 JUL 20100GROUP2520 / 569Little Mother30.05
Bill's Bar & Bistro Galaxy SprintAddington12 NOV 20097GROUP2295 / 323Hifi Allegro17.33
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Consolation 400Dundalk15 AUG 20096FEATURE366 / 400Carlows Pride21.17
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup FinalDundalk15 AUG 20098GROUP1366 / 400Inny Blue21.15
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Semi-FinalDundalk7 AUG 20096OPEN366 / 400Aho Tony21.08
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Semi-FinalDundalk7 AUG 20097OPEN366 / 400Shaneboy Nadal21.44
The Classic Bar StakesCork14 NOV 20088GR A1526 / 575Black Apollo31.37
Marble City Bar & Langton House Derby. FinalKilkenny12 SEP 20088GROUP2480 / 525Show King28.76
Bar One Racing Your No1 Bookmaker Open 400Dundalk15 AUG 20084OPEN366 / 400Risky Smasher21.42
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Consolation 400Dundalk15 AUG 20087OPEN366 / 400Johnny Gatillo21.28
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Open 400 FinalDundalk15 AUG 20088GROUP1366 / 400Allmightyjack21.08
Bar One Racing Telebetting Service Open 620Dundalk15 AUG 200813OPEN567 / 620Geneva Style34.19
The Alley Bar StakesCork13 DEC 20078OPEN480 / 525Cyclers Lark28.54
DEVLINS BAR OPEN 525Lifford7 OCT 200710GROUP2480 / 525Express Ego28.55
Marble City Bar & Langton House Derby FinalKilkenny14 SEP 20078GROUP2480 / 525Sarah Said So28.80
THE TRAPPERS BAR NOVICE 750 FinalLifford25 AUG 200710FEATURE686 / 750Berties Bondi41.90
The Bar One Open 620 FinalDundalk15 AUG 20076FEATURE567 / 620Bogside Jake34.00
The Bar One Sprint Consolation Final FinalDundalk15 AUG 20078FEATURE366 / 400Toms Zorro21.40
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup FinalDundalk15 AUG 20079GROUP1366 / 400Johnny Gatillo21.26
The Bar One Open 900 FinalDundalk15 AUG 200711FEATURE823 / 900Shelbourne Holly50.24
McCAULEYS BOOKMAKERS & LOUNGE BAR IN SPAIN MARATHOPeterborough10 APR 20078OPEN790 / 864Spankee Moved49.94
The Gallops Bar A5 Novice 670 FinalDundalk3 MAR 20077FEATURE613 / 670Tidal Blue37.44
Marble City Bar&Langton House Derby In ConjunctioKilkenny22 SEP 20067GROUP2480 / 525Aries Son28.89
The Bar One Racing Irish Sprint PlateDundalk15 AUG 20065OPEN366 / 400Kims Girl21.56
The Bar One Racing Irish Sprint CupDundalk15 AUG 20067OPEN366 / 400Smart Teddy21.31
The 2006 Bar One Racing Irish Sprint CupDundalk15 AUG 20068GROUP1366 / 400Express Comet21.11
Bar One Racing Sprint Cup Semi 2Dundalk5 AUG 20069FEATURE366 / 400Staley Vegas21.53
Bar One Racing Sprint Cup Semi 1Dundalk5 AUG 200610FEATURE366 / 400Express Comet21.28
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Quarter 1Dundalk28 JUL 20068FEATURE366 / 400Jacksheaboy21.30
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Quarter 3Dundalk28 JUL 20069FEATURE366 / 400Staley Vegas21.38
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Quarter 4Dundalk28 JUL 200610FEATURE366 / 400Droopys Leon21.23
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Quarter 2Dundalk28 JUL 200611FEATURE366 / 400Mulcair Jo21.40
The Josie O'Neill's Bar (Ballyneale) &Clonmel5 JUN 20064OPEN480 / 525Skywalker Duke29.15
THE BISHOPSTOWN BAR STAKECork9 FEB 20068FEATURE480 / 525Charity Jack28.68
THE MARBLE CITY BAR & LANGTON HOUSE DERBY.Kilkenny9 SEP 20057GROUP2480 / 525Boherduff Light28.76
Bar One Final - Irish SprintDundalk15 AUG 20048OPEN375 / 410Sycamore Dan21.56
The Bar One Irish Sprint CupDundalk17 JUL 20048STAKE375 / 410Lowtown Supreme21.94
Bar One International 99 IRDundalk1 AUG 199950GROUP1480 / 525Borna Survivor0.00
Bar One International 98 IRDundalk15 AUG 199850GROUP1480 / 525Sineads Rocket29.20
Bar One International 97 IRDundalk15 AUG 199750GROUP1480 / 525Dynamic Fair *29.48
Bar One International 96 IRDundalk15 AUG 199650GROUP1480 / 525Dynamic Fair *29.14
Bar One International 95 IRDundalk1 AUG 199550GROUP1480 / 525Westmead Merlin29.50
Bar One International 94 IRDundalk1 AUG 199450GROUP1480 / 525Ayr Flyer29.46
Bar One International 93 IRDundalk1 AUG 199350GROUP1480 / 525Lisglass Lass29.18
Bar One International 92 IRDundalk1 AUG 199250GROUP1480 / 525Farloe Melody *29.36
Bar One International 91 IRDundalk1 AUG 199150GROUP1480 / 525Farloe Melody *29.74
Bar One International 90 IRDundalk1 AUG 199050GROUP1480 / 525Adraville Bridge29.52
Bar One International 89 IRDundalk1 AUG 198950GROUP1480 / 525Fair Hill Boy29.38
Bar One International 88 IRDundalk1 AUG 198850GROUP1480 / 525Hit the Lid29.28
Bar One International 87 IRDundalk1 AUG 198750GROUP1480 / 525Rapid Mover29.54
Bar One International 86 IRDundalk1 AUG 198650GROUP1480 / 525Mollifrend Lucky29.60
Bar One International 85 IRDundalk1 AUG 198550GROUP1480 / 525Shanagarry Duke29.74
Bar One International 84 IRDundalk1 AUG 198450GROUP1480 / 525Rugged Mick29.34
Bar One International 83 IRDundalk1 AUG 198350GROUP1480 / 525Quick Suzy29.94
Bar One International 82 IRDundalk1 AUG 198250GROUP1480 / 525Summerhill Flash29.46
Bar One International 81 IRDundalk1 AUG 198150GROUP1480 / 525Cooladine Super29.72
Bar One International 80 IRDundalk1 AUG 198050GROUP1480 / 525Jelly Crock29.80
Bar One International 79 IRDundalk1 AUG 197950GROUP1480 / 525Nameless Pixie29.82
Bar One International 78 IRDundalk1 AUG 197850GROUP1480 / 525Hunday Dook29.76
Bar One International 77 IRDundalk1 AUG 197750GROUP1480 / 525Brush Tim29.72
Bar One International 76 IRDundalk1 AUG 197650GROUP1480 / 525Mutts Silver29.80
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